Umi ni Furu ep1 [first impression]

Umi ni Furu harbors some striking similarities with the previous WOWOW drama Ishi no Mayu. One thing in common is that both lead characters are females who admire their deceased fathers and follow in their footsteps. While in Ishi no Mayu, Toko Kisaragi becomes a police, here, we have Miyuki Amagai (Kasumi Arimura) who is aiming to be a JAMSTEC pilot ( Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology). She was inspired when her father would use to tell her fascinating stories of the world underneath the sea.


Both leads also face some kind of gender inequality in their workplace. While it’s not very obvious in Ishi no Mayu, it’s voiced out blatantly in Umi ni Furu. Miyuki has a boss who looks down on her and doesn’t really allow her to do anything extra, pinning the excuse on the fact that she’s a rookie. Her colleague also mentioned how the manned submersible research ship 6K (Shinkai 6500) team environment is a men’s world.



Despite this, in order to promote JAMSTEC, she is chosen to be a candidate for a first female pilot dive into the sea. The person in charge of the press thinks that it’s a good opportunity to use Miyuki, a female who aspires to be a pilot like her father in the public’s eyes. In addition to that, they’re also trying to catch up to JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) as JAMSTEC is somehow inferior to them at the moment.


The one leading the team is Takamine, a brilliant researcher who initially thought Miyuki was joking when she told him she’s part of the 6K team. Miyuki is not wavered by how she’s being belittled even if the fact remains that she’s chosen as a symbol rather than real merit. I’d say she’s the opposite of Toko Kisaragi in this nature. She’s more confident with her abilities and doesn’t think twice before butting heads with those who look at her with disdain.

umi6Things don’t sail smoothly for them when this former researcher comes in to replace the head and decides to freeze researches he deems not necessary. Takamine’s research is also canceled in the process. However Miyuki’s dive will still continue as planned.

umi7Before the dive, she found a video recorder in her father’s locker. It’s actually a footage of his father’s final moments. She saw a glimpse of a mysterious giant creature and I’m not sure whose body, might be her father’s floating across the screen. So what exactly caused her father’s death?

I think this show is worth watching. Plus, the production value seems to be high. There are some breathtaking images of the ships and sea creatures. Beautiful.
No subtitle yet and I can’t find any raw available for dl. The one I watched is subbed in chinese.


5 thoughts on “Umi ni Furu ep1 [first impression]

  1. Arimura looks too childlike to be in the research team. I wonder why the production crew chose her. Her character is supposed to be a little older IMHO.

    • I didn’t read the novel it’s based on, have you read it? I didn’t know her character’s supposed to be older. Arimura doesn’t ‘wow’ me yet in the first episode as far as acting goes. I think I’m more interested in the plot for now.

      • Haven’t seen the novel, but everyone with common sense would’ve known no way a girl that young (and babyface lol) would venture and work there. Unless if the job she has now only requires high school diploma haha….

        On side note, I’m curious how this could develop. The monster looks indeed harmful.

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