[Announcement] Siren drama subbing

I’ve decided to pick this drama up for the season. I had a great time working on Ishi no Mayu previously. Initially, I wasn’t planning to do any subbing this season because I might get busy soon with my ‘real life stuffs’ but I think I can still handle an episode per week (hopefully).

I’m already about 70% done with the first episode. I hope to release the subtitle within the next 2 days once I get the proper file (thanks to jdramacity for providing them) and do final quality check ^^

Siren ep1.mp4_snapshot_00.04.48_[2015.10.21_18.38.56]


6 thoughts on “[Announcement] Siren drama subbing

  1. I saw the first episode on tv and really liked it but I didn’t understand everything so it is so nice of you to sub it!Thank you for tjis and good luck since the first episode is a long one!Do you know how much episode there will be and if they will all be that long?It seemed unusual so I thought that it may be a drama in 5 episodes but I can’t find concrete info on this.

    • Yeah, the first episode really took longer than expected since it’s 1hr 35 mins ^^;;
      About the number of episodes, I’m going to guess between 9-10 eps. They covered quite a lot of the manga (about 1 1/2 vols) already in the pilot itself and the manga has altogether 7 volumes. No news yet on how many eps so far.

    • Oh only the first episode is a 2-hour special (more accurately 1hr 35mins). The rest will only be about 45 mins (regular length) ^^

      • Thank you for the info and the subs! I didn’t know it came from a manga! I am surprised that the first episode was that long but since it was a good episode,I am not complaining!

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