Siren drama [trivia and manga comparisons]

Just thought of sharing some manga strips with the drama version. I have to say they follow quite a lot of the scenes closely and that makes it all the more amusing to see them come to life.

I’ll just show a few here.

The opening scene where Satomi first met Kara.


The karaoke scene where both Satomi and Yuki compete with each other.

strip1-tileYuki’s judo practice

sl_v01044-tileThey even made sure Sakura-chuo police station mascot is properly there lol


Kara’s teddy bear scene

8-tileKara and Nohana

Siren EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_01.16.32_[2015.10.27_01-horzKara starts stalking both Satomi and Yuki


Moving on to


Nanao has been training Jujitsu for her role as Tachibana Kara. It is a Japanese martial art for close combat using small weapons or without. That choking move was demonstrated when she killed Nohana’s rival.


Matsuzaka Tori also did all the action scenes himself. As for Kimura Fumino, she’s been training judo as her character has black belt in the manga.

There’s also been a hot topic online right after the airing of first episode. Japanese netizens were mostly happy with the pairing of both Matsuzaka Tori and Kimura Fumino as a couple in the show that a piece of news actually came up. I thought it’s amusing and at the same time, I can’t deny that fact that they both look pretty good together.

Basically they praised the chemistry they both had.

Matsuzaka Tori and Kimura Fumino are too cute as a couple.

Would be nice if they’re really dating.

If they date each other in the future, they’ll be my favourite couple.

I want them to maintain this chemistry till the drama finishes and get married.

I want them both to get married as it is already.



Besides that, I’m just gonna share some more screenshots of a FujiTV program a while ago where they promote the new dramas. In the show, each drama’s cast will look for appropriate food/dessert for the next drama slot and so on, like a passing game until they come one full circle.


They’re just so cute together~


This pairing is already my favorite for the season.



4 thoughts on “Siren drama [trivia and manga comparisons]

  1. i love this pairing they have great chemistry together!
    by the way do you perhaps know where can i get a clip of that show where they promoted the drama together? or at least the name of the program?

  2. Thank for sharing this trivia. The drama seems solemnly following the manga.
    and I really love the Chemistry between Tori-Fumi too. I like how Tori being so protective toward Fumi *squeal*
    Totally ship them now 😀

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