Siren ep2 [recap/review/trivia]

In this week’s episode, Satomi launches his own investigation on Kara as well as the newly introduced character, Tsukimoto who owns the cosmetic clinic Nohana made an appointment before she committed suicide. That’s not all, Kara herself takes the opportunity to test her target, Yuki in two occasions, which were some of the highlights of this episode.


First let’s talk about Satomi. He’s not as competitive as Yuki or Hayami in terms of wanting to get into First Division, in fact, he mentioned before that he doesn’t mind staying buddies with Yuki in the Mobile Unit. That being said, I won’t be surprised if Yuki gets into the First Division ahead of him because we’re already seeing hints in this episode. Yuki’s boss allows her to join in the interrogation despite the fact that Mobile Unit officers don’t often get that opportunity at all. Her senior also put in some good words and suggests Chief Ando to consider recommending Yuki. Despite the fact that his own girlfriend might get into First Division before him, Satomi doesn’t feel jealous at all but he’s glad for her. You know how sometimes men have ego and if their girlfriends are more successful than them, it leaves some bitterness.


Despite how laidback Satomi is in terms of career, he’s more driven by curiosity and has better intuition than his partner. It bugs him a lot more when his own girlfriend seems to be getting closer and friendlier with someone that doesn’t hit well with him. I find the part where he was drunk and sort of confessed about checking Yuki’s friends to make sure they’re not bad guys kinda cute. As the result of his stakeout, he discovers that Kara is connected to Tsukimoto. However, when he asks Tsukimoto whether he knows Tachibana Kara or not, Tsukimoto flatly denied. So he knows something fishy is going on.

He’s using his off days to do stakeouts. He lies to Yuki that he’s spending them reading (which is not entirely untrue lol) at coffee shops. But we’ll have to see how long he can use the same excuse.


Yuki on the other hand is getting closer to her dream that is First Division. From the flashbacks, we know she’s someone who has a strong sense of justice. I thought the scene at the shop is quite unnerving when Kara asks her whether she thinks there are any criminals there.

I literally wanted to scream at Yuki “She’s right in front of you!” lol

Of course, Yuki never suspects anything odd about Kara. There’s already a sense of trust between them because of how cleverly Kara crafts the entire plan, wiggling herself comfortably into Yuki’s world. Though when she first replied “I’m sure there are “ Kara looks slightly nervous.

Another highlight of the episode is during the random slashing.

I seriously laughed out when I saw that it was this actor in Mother Game together with Fumino. He acted as her ex-husband there lol. What a reunion LMAO!

Kara seizes this opportunity to test Yuki again. She wants to see how far she will go in a crisis like this. While she obviously can fight the slasher by herself as demonstrated earlier, when both Yuki and Satomi arrives, she tells him to continue because she wants to see something. That is kinda eerie to be honest.


The guy grabs her and Yuki becomes the negotiator. She then offers to change places with Kara. Anyone else stiffled a laughter when Kara was like “THAT’S ALL?” inside her own mind? She probably was thinking Yuki would do something more than offering herself as replacement.

Siren EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_37.29_[2015.10.30_04.27.48]

However before she can do anything beyond that, Hayami ruins the whole thing (or you can say otherwise) by pointing a gun at the bad guy. This prompts him to stab Kara but she blocks his knife (probably because she trains Jujitsu) and Yuki shoves him aside.

Siren EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_37.45_[2015.10.30_04.28.15]

This part is funny though. Poor Yuki under a pile of guys XD

Siren EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_38.12_[2015.10.30_04.29.09]

Yuki saw what Kara did and felt bad about the fact that it if was another normal girl, she’d have been stabbed. You can say Yuki’s overthinking this like how Satomi probably is about Kara, but this is where we get to see each of their own characteristics. Yuki doesn’t feel pleased at the fact that they managed to capture the slasher, instead guilty that she couldn’t have handled the situation better than this. Yuki takes her job seriously as a cop but unfortunately, in this case, she’s channeling her protectiveness to the wrong person.

Siren ep02 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_43.27_[2015.10.29_14.56.47]

At the end of the episode, are we starting to see a strain between Satomi and Yuki? Is this the first argument we see between this couple?

Siren EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_44.08_[2015.10.30_04.33.01]I have to say, Kara is truly one very conniving villain. I like how unpredictable she is. She’s already scheming something and we shall see it in the next episode. She seems to be abnormally captivated by Yuki’s sense of justice.

“Sense of justice. A feeling of anger towards criminals.”
“Inokuma is equipped with that since she was born.”

This sense of justice keeps repeating in these two episodes. Since I’ve read the manga, I try not to spoil it but there are already hints given. So in the next episode, we see a glimpse of Kara saying she shall enforce justice just like Inokuma. Who’s her next victim? Or victims?

Serious things aside, can we have more of these cute moments of both Satomi and Yuki please?

Siren EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_16.26_[2015.10.30_15.29.07]

I thought the first 5 minutes of the show is quite hilarious too…otaku Satomi.

Siren EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_05.17_[2015.10.30_16.28.23]

And the porn mag he was forced to buy at the adult shop when they were following a suspect.

Siren EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_06.51_[2015.10.30_16.29.45]


This is the section where I’ll share some manga/live-action comparisons.


Siren ep02 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_14.08_[2015.10.30_02.36-tile


The only difference during the slash scene above is that Hayami didn’t aim a gun at the bad guy in the manga. In fact, it was only both Satomi and Yuki at the scene. In the drama, Hayami was shown to provoke him into stabbing Kara.



2 thoughts on “Siren ep2 [recap/review/trivia]

  1. I really like this drama!The actors are great and otaku Satomi is still hot (well,for me anyway! XD). i like the relationship between Satomi and Yuki. They seem very at ease with eachother and honnest most of the time (Satomi didn’t really lie after all, about him spending time reading!) They are cute and their relationship seems real. The story is intriging and I can’t wait to know more about Kana and her interest in Yuki!

    • Detective/cop dramas are usually my cup of tea so it’s a given why I’m paying attention to this show but another major factor why I love this even more is due to the romance between the two leads. It’s so rare to see love suspense in Japanese cop dramas. Better still when the couple seem so real, comfy and adorable. No sign of awkwardness. Satomi’s such a protective boyfriend I really like his character. I’m sure you’ll like how the story progresses later, if they follow the manga closely without major changes, more exciting and suspenseful stuffs soon.
      This is really just the beginning ^^

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