Siren promotion/variety shows

They appeared in several shows to promote Siren. Just thought of sharing some screencaps here.

Besides the FujiTV’s food show which was shown previously here, they were also in Viking!, Nepurigu Quiz show and Mezamashi morning news.

Mezamashi TV/ Jankenpon

Let’s begin with NEPURIGU Quiz Show. I’m not really sure of the format for this since this is actually the first time I watch it, only because Siren team was invited. But basically, there are two groups – Drama Team VS Neptune Team. The winning team will get 100 thousand yen as prize. So a lot of money is at stake here.

Siren Team comprises of Tori, Fumino, Kitayama and both comedians Ken Horiuchi and Taizo Harada.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_00.10_[2015.11.02_01.12.52]


ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_00.18_[2015.11.02_01.13.10]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_00.22_[2015.11.02_01.13.17]First as introduction, they ask whether Tori and Fumino whether they’re smart in studying or not, since this is a quiz show that will challenge their kanji, vocabulary and general knowledge.

Apparently both Tori and Fumino confessed that they’re not really that smart lol

Horiuchi then said that he felt disappointed despite the fact that they look like they’re good in studying XD

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_01.06_[2015.11.02_01.16.59]Kitayama was on the show before and he hoped to do his best this time.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_01.31_[2015.11.02_01.20.17]

Then both Kitayama and Harada decided to do something mischievous. Watch them trying to hide the guy’s underwear and then exposing it LMAO

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_01.50_[2015.11.02_01.20.47]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_01.53_[2015.11.02_01.20.55]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_01.56_[2015.11.02_01.21.01]Before the first game begun, Horiuchi asked Fumino to do her signature ‘Ikuze Tohoku’/ 「行く、東北 」slogan. It’s actually a CM Fumino is doing in collaboration with JR to promote Tohoku area.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_02.33_[2015.11.02_01.30.19]

It came out of nowhere so Fumino burst into laughter but she did it anyway.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_02.37_[2015.11.02_01.31.32]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_02.43_[2015.11.02_01.31.41]

This is just an example of the CM poster. There are video CMs too which can be found easily on youtube.


The first segment is basically very straightforward. It’s only whether you choose Up or Down.

First question:
From 2004 onwards, have the housewives in Japan increased or decreased?

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_03.20_[2015.11.02_01.32.16]Look at them doing the same pose XD

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_03.42_[2015.11.02_01.37.23]2nd question:

How about the usage of mineral water?

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_03.59_[2015.11.02_01.47.39]

Harada was the only one who got it wrong.

3rd question:
The number of women smoking in Japan?

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_04.49_[2015.11.02_01.38.58]

Again, Harada’s the only different from the others. He thought the number of women smoking has increased because of increasing working women and the stress.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_04.54_[2015.11.02_01.39.12]Horiuchi blamed him and Harada got mad so he went over to fight him. Tori and Kitayama tried to pull Harada back while Fumino was like “I’m not getting involved with this boy fight” haha (just my own assumption)

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_05.34_[2015.11.02_01.50.39]

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_05.36_[2015.11.02_01.50.47]

So after things settled down, they continued.

4th question:

The number of cinemas?

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_06.07_[2015.11.02_01.53.34]Horiuchi got mad again lol
Tori tried to explain that he heard a lot of news saying how cinemas are having it tough and being shut down so he chose Down instead.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_06.22_[2015.11.02_01.54.52] ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_06.32_[2015.11.02_01.55.05]

Last question:

The number of primary school kids having tooth decay.

Their poses are cute ~

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_07.01_[2015.11.02_01.58.34]

Tori got it wrong! He put Up haha

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_07.41_[2015.11.02_01.59.06]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_07.51_[2015.11.02_01.59.22]

Apparently Horiuchi is the only one who gets every question correct. He said that ever since he joined this show, he had never gotten a wrong answer for this segment. That’s pretty amazing.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_14.46_[2015.11.02_02.03.27]

Second segment – I’m not sure how this really works but looks like they need to write kanji for the clues in katakana given.

Tori was nervous and Fumino was like trying to encourage him.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_14.49_[2015.11.02_02.03.32]But he couldn’t get past the first question.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_15.48_[2015.11.02_02.04.08]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_15.55_[2015.11.02_02.04.19]Fumino said this is the first time she saw him in such a nervous state. So the next person to take over was her.

She basically breezed through quite a lot of the questions until she reached a tough one.

 ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_16.41_[2015.11.02_02.08.29]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_19.04_[2015.11.02_02.11.41]Then the rest took over with a few more till the one that they all couldn’t get correctly.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_22.42_[2015.11.02_02.14.09]Next segment is where all 5 of them needed to answer the questions by turn.

First question:
Name all the 10 types of mushroom.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_32.53_[2015.11.02_02.16.33]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_32.56_[2015.11.02_02.16.39]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_33.10_[2015.11.02_02.16.57]ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_33.35_[2015.11.02_02.17.17]

Speaking of food, Horiuchi commented that Fumino’s good in cooking. But then Fumino said she doesn’t cook western food at all. Guess she’s more of the Japanese traditional cuisine girl. Her instagram is full of home-cooked meals by the way.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_33.59_[2015.11.02_02.19.04]Next question, they needed to fill in the blanks by using the word ‘mimi’ or ‘ear’.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_34.41_[2015.11.02_02.24.44]

They managed to push through to the final segment. If they win this with perfect score, they’ll win 100 thousand yen.

They were asked to select a person who will be given the responsibility to choose the answer for the group if they ever come upon a difficult choice.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_42.02_[2015.11.02_02.28.28]

Obviously, this role should be given to Tori since he’s the lead of Siren but he was being humble and judging from his nervousness previously, he said he wanted Fumino to take charge since she has higher number of correct reply percentage.

However the members encouraged him to take lead. So he agreed. Don’t give up Tori!

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_42.06_[2015.11.02_02.28.36]

So this how the game works. They need to choose one side where the answer is and gather at that side. Because if they chose correctly, the box thingy they’re riding on will slide that way. If they choose wrongly they will stumble to the opposite side.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_42.35_[2015.11.02_02.32.42]

I find this so sweet. Actually, the Japanese fans noticed this too and pointed it out.
Tori was seen offering his arm to support Fumino if they ever got the wrong answer coz then they’ll  sway to the other side.

Tori’s such a gentleman XDD

2Kitayama making funny moves.

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_44.01_[2015.11.02_02.39.34]

Till the last question, they were contemplating and so Tori needed to make the big decision.

Which is more in Japan – dam or windmill?

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_44.46_[2015.11.02_02.41.21]

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_44.50_[2015.11.02_02.41.28]

He chose DAM!
He was really KAKKOII when he shouted DAMU lol seriously!

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_44.52_[2015.11.02_02.41.43]THEY WON!!!

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_45.13_[2015.11.02_02.47.48]

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_45.27_[2015.11.02_02.43.13]


Kitayama mentioned how Tori was really kakkoi when he shouted Dam!

ネプリーグ 松坂桃李 20151019.mp4_snapshot_45.30_[2015.11.02_02.43.24]

That was a perfect win. At first Tori messed up the first segment and was kind nervous but in the end, he pulled the team through! Team Siren was great. Their interaction with each other and they’re so supportive of their members. Nice teamwork.

Okay let’s move on to another show.


Basically they go to different shops and see if the cooks can finish preparing the meals within 3 minutes. I’m not sure what’s the purpose of the show really lol but it’s quite interesting to see how fast they can cook the food and whatnot.

I can’t find better quality of this show so forgive the blurry screencaps.

In the beginning, the hosts asked both of them how or what do they talk about on the location?

Tori was like “Hmm what do we talk about? What do you think…?”

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.01.49_[2015.11.02_03.00.40] Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.02.08_[2015.11.02_03.04.02]

Fumino also wondered together with him as to how their working relationship is like

In the end when they couldn’t give a proper answer, the hosts were like

“Maybe you guys don’t talk much, do you?”


So the first shop they went to will prepare omelet rice. Tori said he and his sisters used to cook in rotation in their house so he had experience cooking omelet rice too.

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.03.41_[2015.11.02_03.07.15]

He mentioned when he cooked omelet rice in their house, the egg was the crucial part. It depends on his sisters’ mood because if the egg was too hard, they’d complain lolz

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.03.45_[2015.11.02_03.07.23]

The usual HOT! reaction haha

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.06.32_[2015.11.02_03.08.34] Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.06.53_[2015.11.02_03.08.51]

Tori picked up leftover rice that was stuck on his arm and ate it LOL

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.08.41_[2015.11.02_03.11-tileThe hosts mentioned a rumor that Tori likes to be alone. So Tori explained that he’s the type that doesn’t have the courage to invite people out. Then the host said the other guy is also the same. When he goes to work elsewhere, he’d stay in the hotel room alone. Then Fumino exclaimed that she’s the same too. She gave an example that she would buy food at the convenient store and go back to her room and eat. Tori adds that he’d watch DVD in his room too.

Then the host joked that all 3 of them should go for a trip one day and everyone stays in their own room do their own thing lol

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.09.31_[2015.11.02_03.13-tileThey went to the second shop which serves beef croquette.

They were then asked to draw impressions on cows.

Tori’s drawing. Quite good!

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.17.31_[2015.11.02_00.49.42]

But what impressed me more was Fumino’s lol

She said she was contemplating on how to draw cows then she saw one of the host’s side facial structure and got an idea.

She’s pretty good in drawing.

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.18.10_[2015.11.02_00.49.56]

They were asked how do they spend their day-offs.

Tori said he often visits Tsutaya at Shibuya. He likes the top floor where there’s a manga corner. Fumino’s reply cracked me up. She said, “At home.” So the hosts were like “Don’t you go anywhere though?” So she said if she has planned for a trip then she’ll go, for example to Hokkaido alone.

Viking! 2015.10.20.mp4_snapshot_00.19.21_[2015.11.02_03.31-tileThat was fun to watch XD

Next is just a short Mezamashi segment.

The hosts got some interesting bits from the staffs so they’re going to talk about them.
First, Tori actually goes to the studio without bringing a bag, basically empty handed.

めざましTV 木村文乃松坂桃李生出演!!ドラマ舞台裏!.mp4_snapshot_03.08_[2015.11.02_01.01.21]めざましTV 木村文乃松坂桃李生出演!!ドラマ舞台裏!.mp4_snapshot_03.12_[2015.11.02_01.01.29]He then explains that it’s not exactly empty handed. He brings a vinyl bag where he puts the script or something.

I was thinking…why not a proper bag lolz

Then he said at one point, people thought the vinyl bag was used to throw rubbish and he found rubbish inside lmao

Time for a proper bag, Tori.

めざましTV 木村文乃松坂桃李生出演!!ドラマ舞台裏!.mp4_snapshot_03.53_[2015.11.02_01.02.21]

Fumino has started kickboxing after training for judo in the drama. Also, the staffs mentioned that despite being an actress, she comes to the studio wearing rather rough clothings.

めざましTV 木村文乃松坂桃李生出演!!ドラマ舞台裏!.mp4_snapshot_03.58_[2015.11.02_01.02.32]When asked to comment on it, Tori said yes, it was pretty rough and loose kind of clothings but he said isn’t it okay? Afterall, they’re going to change straight away into their character clothes anyway haha…true that. It’s called practicality XD

めざましTV 木村文乃松坂桃李生出演!!ドラマ舞台裏!.mp4_snapshot_04.36_[2015.11.02_03.45.51]

Then they mentioned about the parka they received during their birthday celebrations from the staffs. Tori said when Fumino said she’ll wear it, he was embarrassed about it. Fumino then said she’s appreciating the staffs’ thought haha

めざましTV 木村文乃松坂桃李生出演!!ドラマ舞台裏!.mp4_snapshot_04.48_[2015.11.02_03.46.23]

That’s all! Whew…that took quite a while to sum up.

めざましTV 木村文乃松坂桃李生出演!!ドラマ舞台裏!.mp4_snapshot_05.10_[2015.11.02_03.48.49]


7 thoughts on “Siren promotion/variety shows

  1. thank you for the very lengthy summary!
    i really appreciate your effort as i watched them without understanding anything lol.
    and really like to read your drama reviews especially the Siren entries. keep up the good work and thank you again! :))

  2. Here’s the Nepurigu show

    Mezamashi TV:

    Jankenpon segment:


  3. I really enjoyed these summaries! Thanks for writing these up and putting screenshots!

    I’m starting to really enjoy the dynamic between Tori and Fumino. I’ve always had a good feeling about Fumino ever since I found out about her. However, I used to not like Tori for some reason haha, but now he seems really likeable. He seems like a cute person. Fumino is cute too and she seems down to earth. And she looks so pretty; I really like her asymmetric bangs.

    I’m probably gonna watch the shows you just mentioned since you’ve so kindly provided links!

  4. You’re welcome! Glad the summary helped for those who don’t understand.

    I really like the chemistry between Tori and Fumino too. They’re adorbs both in the drama and varieties. I started being a fan of Fumino since her drama Mother Game this spring and so glad she’s getting main roles this year. It’s about time lol I think she’s down to earth too judging from the interviews I’ve seen. She was asked once what does she think is most important being an actor/actress and she replied “Being humble.” I do find her ‘otaku’ side a bit funny coz she has this obsession with traditional Japanese bowls/plates and she could go on and on about it like a real otaku xD But her appreciation of the art details is really fascinating. Speaking of her bangs, it’s quite a topic among Japanese saying it’s cute and I’ve seen them posting pics of their new haircut.

    Tori wasn’t really under my radar because I didn’t see much of his stuffs before this but I’m beginning to like him now. Definitely on my watch list from here on. He’s doing great in Siren so far.

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