Siren ep3 [recap/review]

How far will you go to protect your loved one?

For Satomi, the answer is plain and simple. He trusts his own cop’s instincts although it may have brought him more wrath than success. But this time, it’s not just about a particular case. His own girlfriend is at stake and he can just feel danger lurking. Knowing that nobody will believe his instincts without solid evidence, he sets out on his own to find one to prove everybody wrong, especially Yuki since she’s shoving his suspicions about Kara aside.


In last week’s episode, Kara tested Yuki during the random slasher case. Yuki felt  guilty for not being able to actually save Kara because she was the one who blocked the knife and that only gave some leeway for Yuki to shove it away. Satomi warned her commitment towards her friendship with Kara and told her not to get too close with her. Yuki understood Satomi’s concern but she was still not convinced Kara is as bad as Satomi thinks. In the end Yuki returned to her dorm, leaving a dejected Satomi.

Satomi began to follow Tsukimoto to find out more. Tsukimoto entered a building with high security so Satomi had to stop there. He needed to find out what the building is and plan ahead.


Meanwhile, Yuki had judo practice with Chitose senpai. She was still bothered by the previous case and reminded herself to be stronger.


Kara flashed back to the slash case where Yuki shouted to the perp to atone for his sins. In her mind, she wants the sense of justice Inokuma has too.

Siren EP03 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_03.44_[2015.11.06_23.52.05]

Back at the station, Hayami overheard Chief Ando recommending Inokuma and Satomi to someone from the HQ (I assume) even though his own name was mentioned too. Jealousy brewed inside of him and he knew Satomi was hiding something. He then lent Satomi a branded watch which was bugged. That way, he could hear and know what Satomi had up in his sleeves.

Satomi asked for Chitose’s help in regards to the building Tsukimoto entered the other day. Apparently, it’s a private club for VIP and rumored to have prostitution. Community Safety Division’s also marking the club. Satomi wondered if Tsukimoto is a customer there. He asked Chitose not to tell Yuki about this and he will hand in a proper report if he gets anything out of this. Satomi begged Chitose to ask a favor from her informer to gain him a way in. Chitose demanded for yakiniku and sushi. This senpai will do anything for food XD

eSatomi prepared all the branded stuffs he needed to enter the club. They were obviously expensive and he had to use his own money. That night, Yuki who had been staying at her dorm ever since the argument, stopped by his apartment. She was jogging and Satomi joined her.


Yuki apologized for the other day and Satomi said sorry too for not conveying what he wanted to say properly. He was just worried about Yuki. So yeah, they made up pretty easily. I like how Satomi held Yuki’s hand and then asked whether she’s staying over for the night haha

2So the day had come for Satomi’s appointment. He was asked to choose the kind of courses ranging from 6 hours and above and age of the girls he wanted. He chose 6 hours and age around 20s. When asked to choose between single and double, he thought it meant the room size so he chose double.

4But the double turned out to mean the number of girls. So he got two girls instead of one lol


Ai and Rena.

The girls flirted with him in the hotel and asked whether he wanna enter the bath with them. He made an excuse that he had a principle not to do it on the first day of meeting.

Siren EP03 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv_snapshot_14.44_[2015.11.06_04.25.35]971

But afterwards, the girls said they rarely get a handsome guy like him and started making moves again. Satomi reached his limit and rushed to the washroom. He couldn’t handle two girls at once so he asked one of them to go buy taiyaki for him at Asakusa.


Afterwards, things calmed down a little. Ai asked whether he’s thinking of his girlfriend or not, to which Satomi said no since she’s expensive. She then said that even now she had to spend quite a lot on cosmetic surgery etc. She also revealed that there were younger girls available in the prostitution (meaning child prostitution). Satomi then asked whether the cosmetic clinic they go was Tsukimoto Clinic or not. She said yes and said he must knew the owner then.


Satomi then realized that Tsukimoto was not a customer but the owner of this club.

Meanwhile, Yuki and Kara were playing squash again. Yuki apologized for the blunder during the slash case to which Kara said it was alright since she wasn’t hurt anywhere. However Yuki didn’t feel any better so Kara asked her to treat her to a meal soon as an apology.

1-horzKara started scheming something. She wanted to enforce justice just like Yuki and she already had somebody in mind.


That night Yuki asked him where he went to. He said to watch movie and hurried into his room before she saw his change of clothes. Yuki caught the smell of perfume.

13Satomi wrote his findings in the report. He hoped Chitose senpai would consider launching an investigation into the club. That way, he could also dig deeper into Kara and Tsukimoto’s relationship.

14The next morning, Satomi wanted to hand in the report to Chitose but she wasn’t around. So Hayami offered to pass it to her. Satomi gave him back the watch. Hayami looked through the report and knew what Satomi was up to.


Satomi and Yuki went to Tsukimoto Clinic to return Taka Nohana’s clinical record. Satomi took the opportunity to ask him where he was on the day Taka Nohana died. Tsukimoto said he was at the clinic whole day. Then Satomi asked where he was during the night he met him at the karaoke. Yuki felt strange why Satomi asked that. Tsukimoto said he couldn’t recall.

4-horzKara knew Satomi had gone to Tsukimoto Clinic (remember she planted a bug on the car). She’s probably worried now that the more they dig into Tsukimoto, her relationship with him will be exposed.


At Tsukimoto Clinic, Kara brought a young girl to meet Tsukimoto. She heard that he doesn’t need parents’ permission to do cosmetic surgery. Later that night, Tsukimoto and Kara talked about their partnership. So we know Kara had been scouting young girls for Tsukimoto. Apparently, he liked them young. The younger the better. He told Kara that his hobby was necessary for him to have peace. Kara said she’s beginning to understand.


Tsukimoto flew into a sudden rage and disbelief that there’s no way Kara could understand his feelings. His loneliness and the need for a powerful cure (probably means child prostitution). He also said women just want to be prettier, fix this and that, but in the end, they don’t even know the true meaning of beauty.

It’s merely youth.

No wonder he’s a lolicon/ pedophile.


The next day, Chitose told Satomi a good news. They’ve decided to look into the club. So Satomi was pretty satisfied and couldn’t wait to catch Tsukimoto. Later that night, Yuki told him she was also asked to join in the operation. He asked whether she heard about the details. He didn’t want Yuki to know the real reason he was looking into Tsukimoto. Yuki said she hadn’t heard the details but she was already starting to grow suspicious of Satomi’s recent activities.


The next morning, Hayami showed a video footage to Chief Ando. It seemed that one of their higher ups at the HQ was actually a member of the club. This could ruin the image of the police if they were to go on with the operation and this gets exposed later so Chief Ando ordered the operation to be stopped. Satomi couldn’t believe this but he couldn’t do anything.


Kara carried out her justice duties. Her victim this time is Tsukimoto. It was revealed during their confrontation that many years ago, Kara had witnessed him killing a girl, accidentally when he had too much fun. Since then, it remained a secret between them both as he never asked Kara a single penny for the surgeries he did for her and he also never forced her to become a prostitute at his club. He thought Kara is now blackmailing him.


Little did he know, Kara had an entirely different objective.


She just wanted to understand the meaning of justice. She wanted to feel for herself what Inokuma Yuki had felt.

After she killed him, she heard someone running away outside. It was the young girl she scouted the other day. She saw what Kara had done.

She needed to be taken care of.


The police arrived at the crime scene and saw the dead girl on the bed. Tsukimoto was nowhere to be found. He was then suspected to attempt a murder on the girl. Satomi tried to find Kara’s clinical records but Kara had already taken hers and disposed it.


Later Yuki rushed to tell Satomi that the girl is still alive.
So there’s still hope to find out the truth.



Tachibana Kara might as well be the villain of the season already. For obvious reasons, she’s beginning to steal the show from both main leads. The amount of focus on her character is immense and it’s such a rare thing for a villain in a cop drama. I’m not complaining since Nanao is doing one hell of a great job as Tachibana Kara. I hope she will pull it through till the end. Despite the amount of screentime, we still don’t know a lot about her, probably just scratching the surface except she most likely has some mental issue. She’s obsessed with this ‘sense of justice’ and she wants to be like Inokuma Yuki. In this episode, she carried out a specific plan just to imitate Yuki but she failed to feel this ‘sense of justice’. Add to the fact that she made a blunder for the first time and had to rid off an extra person. That probably changed some of her plans, for example…if the girl didn’t show up, then Tsukimoto could’ve been left dead there. But she decided to make the crime scene look as if Tsukimoto attempted to kill the girl he was having fun with and fled.

She’s always a step or several steps ahead of Satomi and the cops. She knew she had to cut off the ties with Tsukimoto as soon as possible especially with Satomi sniffing around relentlessly. Her aim was accomplished in this episode. The questions at hand are – Where and how did she dispose Tsukimoto’s body? Will the girl live long enough to tell the cops the truth? What does it mean when Kara said

“As planned, I will kill you first. And then…I will be perfect.”

I think we all know her ultimate aim will be to kill Yuki. But she couldn’t yet with Satomi lingering around like a magnet.

Satomi on the other hand is fueled by none other than his intuitions and protection towards his girlfriend that he doesn’t mind spending those yens and risk losing Yuki’s trust (the fact that she’s already starting to suspect Satomi doing something odd behind her). It was funny watching him being super uncomfortable surrounded by the girls. In the preview for the next episode, looks like he’s going to stalk Kara a lot. He’s getting desperate to find out her secrets and what she wants with Yuki.

And speaking of Yuki, she’s a good cop but her criminal radar is way off when it comes to Kara. She still doesn’t think there was anything wrong with her. How will Kara take advantage of her trust in the next episode?

That kade don haha



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