Gisou no Fuufu ep1-4 [impression/review]

Gisou no Fuufu may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Personally it took me about 2 episodes to warm up to the characters. After that, I begin to really like the premise. The drama is basically what happens when you put together a lonely friendless middle aged single woman, a single gay male ex-classmate/ex-boyfriend and a super annoying mother-in-law. Add some more side ingredients for example a single mother who proposes to lonely friendless middle aged woman and a delivery guy who is set to save the world.

Gisou no Fuufu ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_01.39_[2015.11.08_23.31.55]

The amount of eccentricity in this drama is what makes it all the more entertaining but might also make some shy away from it. Initially, I’m having a hard time trying to like Amami Yuki’s character because of how expressionless she is. That said, I didn’t quite enjoy the first episode. But after episode 2, I find myself laughing out loud like nobody’s business (thank goodness my housemates are not around). Romance is not the main theme here because there’s absolutely no romantic feeling between the two leads. It’s leaning more towards comedy and the actions of these characters make the show interesting.

Gisou no Fuufu ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_19.17_[2015.11.08_22.20.57]

Amami Yuki plays the role of Hiro who is a complete bibliophile, just take a look at the amount of books in her apartment. Not to mention, those books were the very cause of the collapse of her apartment. Which is why she’s in desperate need of a new place and also to pay for the damage her books did.

Gisou no Fuufu ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_14.21_[2015.11.08_22.19.59]

So in comes Sawamura Ikki who acts as Chouji, the ex-classmate/ex-boyfriend of Hiro 25 years ago. He has now become a vice director of a kindergarten. He knows Hiro needs money desperately so he comes up with an idea which is win-win situation for both of them. He will lend Hiro the money and let her stay at his place, while Hiro just needs to pretend to be his wife, which later became a bigger lie when he told her mother it was a shotgun wedding (meaning Hiro is pregnant). The whole idea sounds preposterous to begin with but he has a solid reason to ask Hiro’s favor. His mother is old and has cancer. So he’d like to make her wish come true by marrying so she could have a peaceful mind.

A very reluctant Hiro finally accepted his offer and so begins the journey of more absurdity lol

Gisou no Fuufu ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_12.11_[2015.11.08_21.08-horz

I think the surprises that come in the first episode itself are none other than Chouji being a gay and the proposal by the single mother to Hiro. At the same time, the lingering eeriness (especially from the single mother) makes me slightly uncomfortable. I mean, holy cow that just came out of nowhere! That creeps the hell out of me! Hiro’s facial expression is just priceless and rightfully so.

Gisou no Fuufu ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_58.26_[2015.11.08_22.24-horz

Her inner monologues are a great addition in the drama too. You get to hear her thoughts which I find myself agreeing almost 100% with LOL and the fact that she’s trying hard to keep a straight face without bursting into anger or disbelief. That’s really the charming part of her character.

Oh by the way, I’m impressed she could carry them both.

Gisou no Fuufu ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_51.39_[2015.11.08_22.23.41]

Another thing is Chouji’s gayness. His body language and high pitched squeals when he gets excited is hilarious. Obviously that may not represent all of gay men in the world and he’s probably exaggerating it but that very exaggeration is what sells the show imo. There’s absolutely no NORMAL human being in this. Well, maybe that delivery guy because becoming an ally of justice doesn’t sound too far-fetched, not when compared to the other people in the show lmao.

Gisou no Fuufu ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_12.54_[2015.11.08_21.58-horz

I’ve just watched up to episode 4 so if some of you are still waiting for the subs (currently available until ep2, if I’m not mistaken), you may not want to read beyond this paragraph.

Hiro basically always finds herself in situations where she’s helping others more than herself even though she hates people to begin with.


It was revealed at the end of episode 3 that the mother-in-law was actually lying about her cancer. She was worried that her son, Chouji is gay so she made up the lie just to reassure herself that he is not gay.

No wonder she’s going to extra lengths just to make sure they’re really getting married.

Gisou no Fuufu ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_18.09_[2015.11.08_21.18.22]LMAO at Hiro’s face when she confessed to her about the lie.

Gisou no Fuufu ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_50.19_[2015.11.08_21.53-tile

All the sacrifices and lies were for naught!

But she still had to keep this a secret from Chouji as the mother asked her not to tell. Then, the delivery guy who Chouji likes, grows fond of Hiro and asks to be her disciple because she saved him previously during a fight.


Talk about subtle signals~

Gisou no Fuufu ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_07.34_[2015.11.08_23.21-tileJust look at Chouji and Hiro’s expression

Gisou no Fuufu ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_08.42_[2015.11.08_23.24-horz

So then at the end of episode 4, she finally told the mother-in-law that the pregnancy was a lie and she covered it up for Chouji by adding that SHE was the one lying to Chouji to make the marriage happen.

Then the mother-in-law got into a rage and said she was appalled by the lie and doesn’t want to see Hiro’s face for the time being. The heck?!



I’ll watch ep5 tomorrow lolz…for now, this show is worth keeping up with.

Gisou no Fuufu ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_46.22_[2015.11.09_00.16-horz

I’m curious how her supposedly friendship with the single mother work out from here as she’s the only one who Hiro seems to be able to share her worries/problems so far. Even if she lied that it’s another friend’s experience but the single mother seems to know Hiro’s talking about herself.

Gisou no Fuufu ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_26.38_[2015.11.08_23.47.11]


One thought on “Gisou no Fuufu ep1-4 [impression/review]

  1. you took words out of my mouth , this drama not everyone’s cup of tea but after watching first episode , totally hooked and found myself wanna know how things work for this weirdo couple , if i want describe it with one word would be very touching , Domo arigato for this amazing recap

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