Gisou no Fuufu ep5 [review]

I find it very impressive how every single synopsis of this show failed to mention that there are LGTB characters in this drama. I thought it was already quite a surprise when it was revealed Chouji’s a gay and then we get another single mother who’s a lesbian.

In this episode, when I saw them sitting around the table like this. I can just draw arrows already lolz

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_18.29_[2015.11.09_20.59.27]Okay before we get to this, let’s just briefly recap several stuffs.

In the last episode, Chouji’s mother left angrily after hearing that Hiro is not pregnant. But then, the next morning, she was found lying outside the apartment. This mother-in-law is really taking things to a whole new level. I’ve seen strict and really obnoxious ones (don’t even have to look far, there’s one in Kekkonshiki) but this one is just totally unpredictable. She’s really annoying in a way where she keeps pestering Chouji about the marriage before this and now getting mad at Hiro for lying about the pregnancy. Has she forgotten that she lied about her cancer too? Well, luckily she doesn’t appear much in this episode so Hiro can take a breather from all the outrageous things she puts her up to.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_03.09_[2015.11.09_19.56.12]

Chouji confessed to delivery guy, Tamotsu the other night about his love for him. That gave Tamotsu a shock and so Chouji begged Hiro to save his ass by telling Tamotsu that the ‘love’ is just like an affection towards a kouhai.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_13.15_[2015.11.09_21.11.27]

Poor Hiro always gets hugged forcefully

As reluctant as Hiro is to get tangled by the mess, she still ends up explaining to Tamotsu (or rather lied for Chouji’s sake) about it so Tamotsu wouldn’t be afraid of meeting Chouji. After hearing that Hiro cleans up his mess, Chouji is delighted and plans a party.

He’s too excited about Tamotsu coming.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_15.04_[2015.11.09_20.17.25]And then he’s trying to peep naked Tamotsu in the shower before being caught by Hiro.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_17.03_[2015.11.09_21.12-horzSingle mother, Mizumori and her daughter are invited too. She knows about Hiro’s secret about her fake marriage with Chouji but she understands Hiro’s circumstances and will keep it between them both.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_15.50_[2015.11.09_21.10.45]

The next day, Hiro’s cousin, Ten-chan confesses to Hiro that he actually liked her since they were young. This obviously surprises Hiro.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_35.59_[2015.11.09_21.33-horz

Later Mizumori tells Hiro that she knows Hiro has begun to like Chouji again. She suggests her to just tell the truth and it doesn’t matter whether he’s gay or not.

I knew her cousin’s marriage isn’t a rosy as she makes it sound like. She spends most of the time at her mother’s house anyway.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_40.49_[2015.11.09_21.42.38]At the end of the episode, just when Hiro finds the courage to confess to Chouji about her feelings, Chouji stands up abruptly and thanks her for making him realize that he should confess his own feelings too. So off he goes to his crush Tamotsu.

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_49.34_[2015.11.09_21.51-horz

So this is what I think. Hiro and Chouji will never get together. He’s gay so it’s really one-sided love. The single mother will never build a family with Hiro too because she’s not into women. Chouji will never be with Tamotsu because he’s not into men. So seriously…I won’t be surprised if at the end of this show, everyone stays single but lives happily being who they are. As simple as that. Maybe we’re gonna get something like Last Friends lolz minus the DV guy.

At this point, I don’t get why Hiro even bother going on with the fake marriage. Chouji’s mother is not sick anyway. So there’s no reason anymore to continue this.

Preview for next episode

I can’t at this lol EHHHHH?!!!

Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_51.09_[2015.11.09_21.58.33] Gisou no Fuufu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_51.20_[2015.11.09_21.58.50]


7 thoughts on “Gisou no Fuufu ep5 [review]

    • I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who’s been watching this one! Anyway, I personally agree with avanpiper87 that everybody will stay on their one without any of them being an item at the end. (As much as I like Sawamura and Amami together; appearance-wise, height-wise, they look compatible) Chouji is as gay as one can be and he most likely will stay the same with his sexual orientation until the end (He’s only a hair’s breadth to ‘pounce’ the deliveryman LOL) yet I must say I’m a lil bit impressed that he is very concerned and sympathetic with Hiro’s current state of affairs (maybe he also feels guilty as he views him as the once who causes that and has been trying to knock some sense to her) Poor Hiro has been heartbroken all along and has turned to ice queen. Just hoping this one will have satisfactory closure.

      • I also hope that Hiro will have satisfactory ending..Hiro and Chouji will not end up together (i hope not) but pls give her a happy ending!I’m just curious how they will wrap up this series with LGTB main characters…as for the mother in law,i find myself laughing at her antics but I think she knew her son’s gay.

  1. One of recommended dorama for this season. Amami san did it again. She’s just perfect. She can turn her voice between Hiro and Hiro’s heart perfectly. Sawamura Ikki’s character even though little bit annoying, he did his job very well.
    At first, I think I will disapointed with this dorama. And I thing the poster is not too attractive. But when I watched first episode, this dorama make me curious with next episode. And now I’m waiting for episode 6…

  2. I don’t mind it if ALL the characters end up alone. Hiro’s brother, her sister (who’s probably getting a divorce), her aunt, her ex boyfriend Chouji, her boss (who got into a relationship with a “cunning” lady), her lesbian friend, her mother in law…LOL
    Yeah, this drama is about Hiro benefitting from people’s warmth in order to open up and heal from all those years of pain. This isn’t about her finding love, I’ve realized it too, it’s more realistic acyually as she would need to “fix” her issues first before having a lover. It’s like a therapy for her…living with a roommate who cares about her, making friends, involvng people in her daily life. Now she’s using her inner voice when she speaks…she’s much less in control and her walls went down a little.

  3. I’m so lost (due to the unavailability of subtitle). Can someone kindly enough enlighten me what’s going on the recent episodes? Has Chouji became straight again? Is he trying to coax Hiro to sleep with him? And what’s with the living arrangement? (Chouji with deliveryman and Hiro with Yuu and her mother?) so sorry with the surge of curiosity and multiple question. Have no idea where to ask about this show

    • Hi V,
      Sorry for this really late reply, I’ve only finished Gisou a couple of days ago. But since the subs is almost complete, only left finale, I guess you can watch it soon.


      Lolz let’s just say the ending is not really what I expected because I was anticipating the ending to be similar like Last Friends. It’s closer to what junny mentioned above though (except the absence of romance lolz).

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