[Announcement] Subbing for Kounodori

This is one of my favorite dramas of the season and since nobody’s taken it up so far, I decided to try subbing it. It really started out because I wanted to let my parents watch it so I thought “Why not try subbing the first episode and see?” And so I begun working on it couple of days ago. Had to look up quite a lot of medical terms too. Can’t guarantee they’re 100% correct though.

Anyways, I’ve posted the subs for episode 1 @ d-addicts. They’re timed to 720p versions though so I’m not sure whether they fit the 480p ones. I’ve been collecting 720p versions only.

Head to d-addicts thread

I can’t guarantee however that I will finish this project. As I’m working on Siren too this season, priority will be given to that. But if anyone wishes to take over in the future, please do so! You don’t have to start from scratch, you can pick up from where I stopped if you want. That being said, the subs for this show will be slower obviously.



4 thoughts on “[Announcement] Subbing for Kounodori

    • Before this year, my Japanese is still really weak but since I’ve been studying it more lately, I find that it’s getting easier to grasp (minus the technical nitty gritty stuffs) and I’m watching a lot more dramas recently, back on track in dramaland plus some of these shows are worth sharing with others. So I guess you can say that in a way, I want more people to watch shows that I like? lol It’s also thanks to the previous subbers that I can enjoy so many dramas, this is just another way of giving back to the community.

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