Trivia: Differences -Siren manga vs drama

POTENTIAL SPOILERS for those who haven’t watched Siren ep 1-5.

In this post, I will sum up some of the things they changed in the drama version compared to manga. I was initially worried that they might change a lot of things but surprisingly, they’ve been following the manga quite closely, at least, all the major, crucial parts as well as most of the lines.

1) One major change however is the character Chibideka or Hayami. He basically doesn’t exist in the manga, Chief Ando has a subordinate but only appeared once in a while. Even Chief Ando doesn’t appear as much in the manga. (They’re obviously adding this character as a rival for Yuki. Not sure how far will this character go in the later episodes but I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid. He was personally quite annoying in the first few eps and getting on my nerves.)

2) Yuki isn’t mentioned to be adopted (if I recall correctly) and she most certainly has 2 elder brothers in the manga. Proof below.


3) Satomi’s mother appeared briefly in the manga, phoned Satomi and asked whether he’s really planning to marry Yuki or not. She went on to ask whether Yuki plans to continue work after marrying. Satomi told her it’s fine since he doesn’t mind. Then his mother went on to complain how Yuki didn’t eat the food she served them when they first met.That was because she served them octopus and Yuki hates octopus and avoids them like plague. Plus she gave them tea when she herself is drinking beer, tea doesn’t go well with octopus XD

(She never appeared anymore after this single scene in the beginning so no wonder they omitted it.)


4) Yuki doesn’t stay with Satomi as much in the manga. She spends more time at her dorm, which is why Tachibana Kara chose to stay opposite her dorm. Watari’s house is opposite Yuki’s dorm. This is changed in the drama since they made Yuki stay with Satomi most of the time. (This change is fine since it doesn’t really affect the entire plot, plus we get to see more Satomi+Yuki interactions!).

5) Tsukimoto’s death scene – Kara left him dead on bed with Tazawa Maya and disguised as double suicide. This is different in the drama where she hid Tsukimoto’s body in a huge luggage and god knows where she transferred him to.


6) After killing Tsukimoto, Kara realized one of her teeth was chipped and true enough, Satomi found it at Tsukimoto Clinic. He had it analyzed but it never revealed anything much so no wonder they chose to omit this too.



7) Ai and Rena. The drama version swapped their positions. In the manga, it is Ai-chan who works at the cabaret while Rena helps Satomi with his ‘trespassing’ business xD Not sure why they changed it though.


That’s all I can think of for now. Will see whether they change anything in the later episodes. One thing I’m quite anxious about is how will they execute the climax. Plus, in the next episode trailer, I saw something which wasn’t in the manga. Not gonna spoil anything yet but I’ll mention it next week.


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