Siren ep4+5 [impression/review]

** Been quite busy subbing that I barely have time to watch other ongoing dramas and do reviews. But subbing shows that I enjoy is fun so I don’t mind.

Just gonna do a summary of my thoughts for the last 2 episodes of Siren. No recap though, no time at all for that nowadays.

Whatever happened to our once very stable and lovely couple from the first few episodes?! Both Satomi and Yuki started out as the ideal couple whose chemistry would send these warm fuzziness all over whenever they interact with each other, especially the more intimate scenes.


Yet, this couple we thought will never even be swayed by a tornado is beginning to break down to pieces ever since mysterious girl, Tachibana Kara appeared and mischievously squirmed her way in between them. Who would’ve thought their relationship of 2 years is this fragile?

But a lot of factors play into these and most of them are attributed to Kara’s extreme craftiness in assuring her goals are achieved, no matter what it takes. First, she needs to gain Yuki’s trust by making herself useful to her. Second, she deliberately revealed to Yuki one of those things most women will never admit to anyone, that is, her doing cosmetic surgery. In that way, she already showed how much she trusts their friendship to go around revealing personal things like that to Yuki. Then, when Satomi starts sniffing around like a dog sensing a suspicious scent and ending up doubting Kara, Kara knew she has to settle Satomi first before her ultimate goal, Yuki.

So what better way to do that other than making Yuki doubt Satomi’s loyalty?

In this case, personally, I think both Satomi and Yuki are to be blamed. Let’s talk about Yuki first since most viewers will pin most of the blame on her. She is the more gullible of the two and even though she has a strong sense of justice, her criminal radar is just way off. Kara is like a blind spot for her and the deeper she gets herself into their friendship, the more she’ll never come to suspect Kara being guilty of anything. Kara’s always acting all goody and playing the victim card in front of her. It’s easier to blame Yuki in this case because as a cop, she should’ve been at least doubtful towards Kara even once. When it comes to Kara however, it’s as if her cop instincts and everything else went down the drain and it’s just frustrating. But let’s try and put ourselves in Yuki’s position for a bit. We as viewers know exactly what is going on behind everything. We’re shown Kara’s activities, Satomi’s police groundwork and Yuki being, just like what she told Satomi in episode 5’s ending during the quarrel, she was the only one being left outside the loop. She’s always been kept in the dark. She definitely has no idea that Kara had anything to do with Tsukimoto because Satomi never told anyone about that piece of information, except himself and the two girls who has now become Team Satomi. Why can’t Team Satomi consist of both him and Yuki though? They could’ve made a great couple team because we’re already shown how effective they are in the beginning.


See, Yuki cannot be blamed 100% for this inevitable fallout between the two. Satomi, look at what he’s gotten himself into. True enough, he’s a great cop for having strong intuition and definitely the one who should be promoted to First Division and not Yuki. He’s just slightly unlucky in that department of getting praises and all. Heck, he’s literally the best cop in the whole department and deserves better treatment than being ridiculed each time he questions something. As a boyfriend, he’s loving and truly cared for Yuki but this is also where he’s not doing the right thing. The right thing to do when you sense that your own girlfriend is in danger is to warn her about it. Which he did in the first 2 episodes when he told Yuki not to become too close with Kara but he never truly explained why to Yuki and he didn’t have evidence to prove anything back then. But ever since he knew about Tsukimoto-Kara relationship, he should have sat down and discuss things properly and slowly with Yuki.


This is what he should have done. Yuki has her stubborn, childish sides but I don’t think she’ll simply ignore whatever Satomi has to say to her if they really sit down together once and for all and have a serious talk. In fact, in episode 5’s quarrel, didn’t she ask Satomi directly what he was doing at the hotel with Kara and what kind of strategy was he planning. That to me should’ve been the part where Satomi reveals everything to her. Every single thing he’s done so far which includes – doing undercover at Full Moon club, lying to her indirectly that he was reading books on his day offs when he was actually doing surveillance, tailing Kara around multiple times but failed each time, getting assistance from two girls to do things he can’t around Kara, everything that leads up to that deadly elevator scene.


But no, Satomi kept quiet and brushed it off by saying Yuki already made up her mind about it so there was no point of telling her more. Okay, I can understand Satomi’s feelings, he’s being framed of doing something he didn’t and he probably still has this tiny bit of ego in him, definitely not as huge as Yuki’s lol. Remember senior Chitose asked her why she didn’t just ask Satomi directly whether he’s cheating or not. Yuki replied “If all we have to do is ask, then there’s no need for cops.” Meaning she is either thinking there’s no use asking him or just probably trying to avoid confrontation with Satomi. But she finally gave in and posed that question “What are you doing with Kara at the hotel?”…which is a huge step for someone like her to finally ask that question every girl fears might not give the kind of reply she hopes for.

My favorite pairing is falling apart and I know it will come to this but still…this is sad. I want the old cheerful stable couple from first episode to return.

Let’s talk about how friggin cunning Kara is! Like I mentioned previously, she might as well be THE VILLAIN OF THE SEASON already and I’m not even exaggerating. It’s been a while since I’ve come across such a powerful villain that leaves lingering fear every single episode. I remember reading the manga and everytime she does something totally unexpected when you think Satomi has the upperhand, then Kara did something and he’s back to square one…I just needed to take a breather before continuing because it was that chilling.


In episode 4, how she managed to lure Satomi to the hotel’s elevator and kept him there till Yuki arrives is superb. This entire sequence, I thought was genius already in the manga but to see them execute this scene in perfection here is just…I literally almost wanted to scream when the door opened and Satomi turned to see Yuki standing outside, watching him doing this kabe-don on Kara. But the decisive blow Kara did was the part where she rubbed her mouth anxiously like Satomi just friggin kissed her! And yes, it goes without saying she managed to plant that idea in naïve Yuki’s mind.

Oh dear, Satomi’s always put in this situation where he’s the one to be blamed.


We’re not done with Kara yet. In episode 5, this particular scene where she took the ruler out to measure the curtain’s opening width, that was amazing…like how could she even think about that! Satomi was careful enough to make sure everything looked perfectly the way it was when they trespassed the apartment and left a gap at the curtain. Who would’ve thought a mere 5 cm can throw everything off? Kara you’re too terrifying!!! Everytime Satomi thinks he’s getting close to Kara’s tail, Kara will always be one, no, two or three steps ahead of him. Knowing Satomi probably found where her apartment is, she decided to sneak into his and planted a listening device. That was eerie to be honest and obviously, she knew that both Satomi and Yuki started digging the liquor store’s son’s murder and linked her to him. The worst part of all is she got to hear the entire quarrel between them too.


Based on next episode’s preview, Kara will use Watari to do something about Satomi. At the same time, she’ll probably frame Satomi further and this will cause Yuki to break up with him. The breakup however, never happened in the manga version just fyi. They’re obviously dramatizing this fallout in the live-action.



12 thoughts on “Siren ep4+5 [impression/review]

  1. You’re right about both Satomi and Yuki are to blame. They marketed this drama as partners and a couple in the beginning. It’s weird they are not working in pairs to bring down Kara.

    You’ve probably seen me cursing about Yuki and later Satomi for not telling Yuki about his suspicions so I wouldn’t elaborate.

    I’m guessing the fight between Satomi and Yuki in Episode 5 weren’t staged to fool Kara (and the audience)? Darn. I was hoping for that to happen.

    • Sadly, that fight wasn’t a fake and it happened in the manga too. Several times but each and every time, Satomi kept quiet about it even though Yuki demands to know what exactly is going on, at this point, I can’t really blame Yuki for being suspicious of Satomi. Funny how when I was reading the manga, I kept thinking Satomi’s such a great and protective boyfriend (which he is) but having watched the drama version, I ended being more frustrated.

      Well, the series is basically about Satomi trying to save his girlfriend from Kara so it’s predictable to have Yuki being victim here to be saved by the hero. But towards the end, there’s more Yuki+Satomi vs Kara and final confrontation is actually between Kara and Yuki (flashbacks and revelations of Kara’s motive). Satomi plays a huge role throughout the manga, Kara being the clever evil villain, Yuki for the first 3/4 is gullible and naive but the last 1/4 is where she’ll play a more active role imo (according to the manga). It’s inevitable for her to be trapped by Kara but I’m at least glad that she actually did something useful in the end and not depend on Satomi 100%. She’s also the one who investigates Kara’s past later on. This is only IF they didn’t change anything.

      • I can understand why you ended up being frustrated by Satomi’s actions in the drama whereas you had a positive opinion of him in the manga.

        That happens to me too. I guess having the same story played out in a drama, which is much closer to reality, forces you to be more realistic about stuff, because we know from real life experiences that the situation could be handled much better.

        Compared to reading a manga where I tend to focus on how swoon worthy Satomi is to be so protective of his girlfriend. Hah.

  2. I’m so angry and frustated with this final episodes specially chapter 6. God why the protagonist are so stupid, I rolled my eyes in the entire episode. The developing of characters are a joke. I don’t know if this improves or become worse.
    Anyway I’ll always be thankful for your recaps and for subbing.

    • I know right? Actually they shouldn’t have included the whole hotel scene and breakup. This entire sequence wasn’t even in the manga. They never broke up and just had a cold war between them two until Yuki was confined by Kara at the villa. I felt they changed the plot hoping to add more drama and suspense but it just makes both protagonist look dumber than original version. Of course, Kara gains merit here for being super smart but I think they’ve established that enough. It’s time for the protagonists to shine. I have qualms about the live-action which I will compile in a new post soon, maybe after I watch ep7 to see the changes they made.

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