Siren manga vs drama (ep8) + potential spoiler

You’ve been warned. There will be spoilers at the end of this post. I’ll put up a warning before that comes so until then, if you’ve watched up to episode 8, you can safely read this upper part.

Since ep8 was already shown and next week’s the finale, I guess it’s alright to discuss some of the changes made so far to the drama version as compared to the original material.

Let’s see…Yuki was confined far longer in the drama version than in the manga. She was said to be kidnapped for 1 month in the drama, but in the manga I think at most a week because Satomi wasn’t unconscious for so long. I wonder if there’s a reason for her to be confined for 1 month (it might have something to do with Tsukimoto being alive when he was supposed to be dead in the manga version). All these details might be related to the changes for the finale later, who knows.

 At the villa, unlike the drama, Kara actually disguised as Yuki (short hair etc) and planned to kill Satomi, Yuki and Rena. She wanted to make it look as if Yuki found Satomi cheating on her at the villa, killed both Rena and Satomi out of jealousy and committed suicide. But her plan failed after Satomi managed to pull off her wig and revealed her identity. **notice the video camera at the top right of the manga?**



Similarly in the manga, Satomi encountered some traps as well and fought with Kara etc…

Siren ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_36.30_[2015.12.11_17.37-tile

Everything after that was also quite similar in the manga including the part where Satomi called Ai-chan’s phone and heard it vibrating inside the cabinet etc all the way till Satomi managed to electrocute Kara.



Siren ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_41.41_[2015.12.11_17.39.12]

During Yuki’s rescue though, in the manga, she was still conscious (but weak nonetheless after losing some blood etc and dehydrated) and Satomi  wrapped her injuries.


Drama version made things more dramatic. Since Yuki’s been confined for 1 month, she was weaker and couldn’t drink the water Satomi gave her from the bottle. So out of desperation, Satomi fed her through mouth-to-mouth. *Though I wonder in reality how that really works LOL*

Siren ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_43.02_[2015.12.11_18.22-tile

Still, I can never hate the inclusion of this scene because watching Yuki’s frail condition and Satomi’s desperation to save her, followed by how grateful he was when she regained some consciousness. Those tears!

And yes, any kind of kiss between my favorite OTP this season is a plus and I don’t care even if it’s technically to save a life XD

So things from here changed completely from the manga. Kara did escape even after being tied up by Satomi, but she didn’t attack them with a hatchet. Let’s take a look at the drama version first.

Satomi probably forgot he had a gun slipped on his waist out of sudden panic and could only think of protecting Yuki…I mean, the part where he shielded her with his own body before Kara flung the hatchet…that was…awww

But Yuki managed to save their lives by taking the gun and shot Kara. After that, we were shown all three passing out on the floor. The fire seen after that never happened in the manga too.

Siren ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_43.42_[2015.12.11_18.34-tile

Manga version

After coming out of the basement, Satomi and Yuki realized Kara wasn’t around anymore so Satomi took out his gun as preparation as Kara could be anywhere. But they found both Rena and Ai instead (they’re still in the house).


But Kara prepared a trap, she put some kind of electrocuter inside a room. When they heard some suspicious noise from the room, Satomi went to check it out and once he touched the knob, he and both Rena + Ai were electrocuted all at once. They passed out right away.



This left Yuki alone and Kara appeared to settle her.


So this is where Yuki/Kara confrontation began. Kara’s legs were shown to have some kind of weird injuries as side-effects of all the cosmetic surgery she’s done (remember Satomi found painkiller pills in her apartment?)

Still she pursued Yuki out into the woods.


Yuki told her that she was just having delusions and she’ll never obtain things by murdering and such…like how Kara believed she would.


I saw the trailer for the finale in the drama and Satomi was saying the lines which should be Yuki’s so all I can guess for now is that they’ve probably shifted the confrontation between Yuki and Kara to Satomi’s in the drama. I was hoping for them to keep this for Yuki since she needs to redeem some pride as a cop and the person who should understand Kara the most is Yuki in my honest opinion as she spent the entire time listening to Kara’s past during her confinement. So, the person who should make Kara come to her own senses is Yuki.

As such, the scenes below might have some conversation that will appear in the finale next week so if you don’t want to be spoiled any further, do not proceed. Although actually, this isn’t the end yet. After this there’s still another confrontation between Yuki and Kara.

Remember in episode 7 where Satomi was seen investigating about Kara’s past/hometown? Those scenes should also belong to Yuki. It happened after this part below. Basically, the entire investigation of Kara’s past was done by Yuki and her new colleague in First Division. I will add some of the manga at the end of this for anyone who’s curious but if not, then do not proceed beyond this.


“You still don’t get it!”
“The person you want to kill the most is yourself!”



“I want to kill…myself?” – Kara

“The person you really wanted to erase is yourself! But you can’t!” – Yuki


”That suppression led you to commit murder!”

Obtaining something can just be interpreted as your own self-indulgence!”

“Even the cosmetic surgery…”
“Shut up!”

“You keep on doing cosmetic surgery only because you wanted to kill yourself!”


After this, Kara yelled in pain and it seemed that the side-effects from her cosmetic surgery started to make her weaker…in addition after Yuki kicked some sense into her, she started to become slightly unstable…

She was caught after this.


After she was caught by the police, Kara remained silent the entire time even when interrogated. Yuki started checking Kara’s background because Kara never told her, her real name and identity you see. Since she’s not the real Tachibana Kara, Yuki wanted to find her real identity and also some clues to link her to the past murders she had committed.

She finally figured out Tachibana Kara’s name.


She also began checking around the bridge. They found the real Tachibana Kara’s corpse.



The name Sachi was never mentioned until the final (2nd confrontation) between Yuki and Kara (see below). After the cops managed to find evidence linking Kara to the past murders (especially the real Tachibana Kara), they could finally proceed with the prosecution. However, one day Kara escaped. She still wanted to meet Yuki and somehow managed to plot an escape. She caught Yuki once again.


There’s only one thing I want to know. When someone who has a different impulse than the rest, what should that person do? Is that person not allowed to live? – Kara

You robbed others’ lives and messed up not only the victims’ life plans but also their bereaved families. If only we have met much earlier, before all this happened. Don’t give up until the end…Sachi-san. I’m also… here.

If you face your sins, you can change. – Yuki


Hearing that, Kara tried to commit suicide…


Well she didn’t die. Satomi and another cop managed to arrive on time and helped Yuki pull her up.

So basically, this is how the manga version ended. Kara was probably sentenced after that but it wasn’t mentioned. What about both Satomi and Yuki? Well life probably turned back to normal again for them, the manga never showed them getting married or anything. Up to our own imaginations XD


The drama finale version hinted on Yuki’s death so I’m not sure how it’ll end. The manga has a happy ending but not necessarily in the drama. Anything can happen to be honest, with the addition of that new boxer girl (who never existed in the manga) and Tsukimoto being alive. What role does he have that they have to keep him alive? Is it to do cosmetic surgery on that new boxer girl so she looked like Kara?

Is this ‘Kara’ the boxer girl who now looked just like her? Is that why they prolonged the confinement period of Yuki (instead of a week to a whole month?)

Looks like Kara is going to use this boxer girl to replace her dead body in the finale, making the cops believe she’s dead from the fire.


However the finale is going to be, I hope it is satisfying enough. Personally, I’m satisfied with how the manga ends. All 3 main characters are well developed. At first glance, it seemed that Kara and Satomi are the bigger roles as there was a lot of focus on both of them but I’m glad Yuki was the one to finally confront Kara and though it doesn’t involve much action, it’s the conversation between them that I find somewhat bittersweet. Sure you can just fight Kara and defeat her, or kill her, but I think making her realize her own mistakes/sins/delusions is a more appropriate way to end this. That said, Yuki’s character is sort of dumbed down in the drama in order to make Satomi the hero, which he is, but at some point, Yuki needs to stand up for herself too and not rely on Satomi forever. I still go kyaaa~ whenever Satomi being so protective over Yuki but there’s no way he can be there for her every single time. So Yuki realized her mistakes in the manga and appeared more mature after the whole incident. Whether or not Kara understood Yuki’s words in their final encounter, I’m not sure but in some ways, I think she did.


5 thoughts on “Siren manga vs drama (ep8) + potential spoiler

  1. “BUT WHY DID YOU SPOIL IT???!111” (srsly, aren’t people annoying when they bitch about something that you have clearly marked as a spoiler, or it is common sense that it contains spoilers? I remember once a guy complained about spoilers in an anime recap of mine years ago; like dude, you are reading a recap, it’s supposed to be spoilerish..)

    With that (unecessarily lol) said, I came here to be spoiled (I couldn’t hold myself afterall lol) and I got mine. It’s good to see that the manga has a happy ending, but I can see that there have been many differences in the latest episodes compared to the drama; I thought they would follow it quite faithfully, so I’m not sure we’re heading for a happy ending in the live action.
    One thing that kept popping on my thoughts, while I was re-watching the latest episode in order to recap it, is how huge the focus was on Satomi’s feelings for Yuki; the usual narrative structure will “demand” a compensation from Yuki next episode, and I’m afraid that she might actually die to save Satomi; that would suck obviously, but if they execute it well and dramatically, I wouldn’t rage (much..!) – at the same time, I want PoPo couple to have their happy ending so yeah, dilemmas lol

    Thanks for taking the time to upload photos of the manga, it’s nice to see how the original content played out; also huge thanks for subbing Siren and for always delivering the subs in such a timely manner!

  2. I started watching Siren and I didn’t actually feel much for the characters at first. It took quite a few episodes/murders for the climax to finally take place in ep 7. I’ve never seen the manga but it is quite obvious the main character has shifted to become Satomi. I think that Fumino Kimura isn’t able to shine in this drama unlike Mother. I’ve actually watched her in Stone Cocoon too and felt that her performance is slightly similar here too. Hopefully the finale lets Yuki redeem herself and not just be the damsel in distress. I completely adore Satomi but oh dear, girl has to get up and fight for herself.

  3. Thanks for the translation.. I like the manga ending more, even tho it’s a bit ridiculous how Kara escaped the last time..
    The manga makes me like Yuki more while Yuki in the drama is errr………do almost nothing after kidnapped..
    btw, you read the manga in japanese? wow! are you japanese?

    • I’m not Japanese, I’m learning the language so I can read most of it (while looking up difficult kanji). While I give the screenwriter some credit for coming up with the new ending, I’m disappointed they didn’t do anything to redeem Yuki, I mean, at least give her something worthwhile to do instead of making her damsel in distress.

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