N no Tame ni ep9 + finale [Overall impression]

** Upon a request from one of the readers to review the final two episodes of N no Tame ni, which I was reviewing/recapping but never got around to complete it even though I finished the show back in 2014, here’s what I think overall about the drama and the finale’s revelations. It does feel nostalgic to re-watch the final few eps and reminded me once again why I like it a lot.

Episode 9 + Finale Impression

Let’s see, I read my own thoughts in this particular post, about a year ago, and I made the wrong assumption regarding Naruse. Turned out he didn’t set fire on his own house/restaurant but it was his father’s doing. I feel sorry for Natsue because she was the only witness to that horrifying event and she kept it all to herself. Despite suffering for years unable to talk, she still held tightly to the secret. Naruse’s father was the culprit but I can understand why he did what he did. He felt like a loser and a useless parent for not being able to mend their broken family, a wife who left him and his son with a bankrupt restaurant.

N no Tame ni ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_09.23_[2016.01.09_10.38.39]

One of my favorite scenes in this show!

The result from his action though caused his son’s and Natsue’s lives to change forever, which is overall a pity. However, he was already dead anyway in the present time and it’s time to just move on. It’s good that the cop finally knew the truth about the fire and Naruse was also freed from the doubts and suspicions.

Moving onto the finale, oh man…what a mess. I mean it in a good way of course. To think how carefully they planned the whole thing and for it go wrong during crucial moments! I just feel sorry for all the characters, except the DV husband. It resonates very well with the title of the drama itself. For the sake of N. Every character was thinking of somebody in their mind and their actions were for the sake of that someone. The plan began because Nishizaki wanted to rescue the victim of DV, Naoko. Nozomi was thinking of Ando and Naruse was trying to lend a help for Nozomi. Then amidst all these, there’s also a huge misunderstanding causing Ando to do what he did (locking that front door). He was hurt and normally, I’d be turned off when a character turns sour and ends up doing evil things just because of being heartbroken but I still can’t blame Ando (maybe in this case, I’m biased towards him already XD).

N no Tame ni ep10 finale (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_21.45_[2016.01.09_21.57.25]

The climax

Naoko ended killing her husband and committed suicide. I don’t think I agree with what Nishizaki did after that. He didn’t need to take all the blame when he didn’t physically hurt anybody at all. But for a guy with such a huge sin behind his past (he did afterall let her mother die in the fire) so this was some sort of an atonement. Perhaps it’s the only way he will be able to live on without feeling guilty.

N no Tame ni ep10 finale (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_09.26_[2016.01.09_21.24.06]

As a result, Nozomi had to carry the secret with her too and that event affected all their lives afterwards. Naruse and Ando were kept in the dark about the truth and Nozomi asked Naruse to keep quiet about the front door’s lock because she knew it was Ando. Argh….I don’t think I can even do so much for the sake of others if I’m put in such situation.

 N no Tame ni ep10 finale (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_03.33_[2016.01.09_20.56.32]

My OTP in this show has not let me down so I’m happy but it’s still heartbreaking to think Nozomi only had a year left to live. I’m glad though she made up with her mother and the show is good in tying all the loose ends. It makes the show satisfying (but I’m still slightly crushed that the happy ending is not meant to be for my ship).

Overall, N no Tame ni is one of my favorite dramas in 2014. It’s carefully plotted with very realistic characters. Without a doubt, this drama is quite underrated and more people should watch it imho. It has almost everything. A mystery, dark secrets, family issues, domestic violence, suspense, friendship and romance. The cast was excellent, I couldn’t find any fault with anybody and that’s rare. The standouts for me personally were Eikura Nana who has never impressed me before but this is probably her finest work so far, Kubota Masataka who was also kind of new to me, but amazed me with his portrayal as kind hearted but tortured Naruse and last but not least, Koide Keisuke was also superb, his expressions when he was angry, sad, tormented, all of those emotions were executed very well which surprised me too. To a lesser extent, I’m happy to discover Kaku Kento too. Not forgetting, the awesome theme song by Leo Ieiri (who seems to have a knack for creating very fitting songs in dramas, the most recent one is Koinaka’s, too bad, I didn’t enjoy that drama). All in all, this is a highly recommended drama.

N no Tame ni ep10 finale (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_45.38_[2016.01.09_22.11.02]

Just have to be satisfied with this.


2 thoughts on “N no Tame ni ep9 + finale [Overall impression]

  1. KItaaaaa!! I can’t believe it’s here 🙂 I’m sorry it took me so long to read this (been in a slump, been through some sort of social withdrawal, both real and virtual) but all I can say is I can’t thank you enough for entertaining my request. I love you, kekeke 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

    On making the wrong assumption that Naruse had set fire on his family restaurant, well I did that too. I think the writing and execution were done impeccably, leading viewers to believe so. Though in the back of my mind I thought it was possible to be other's doing (Naruse's father's), it was just not something I'd ever seriously considered until it was laid bare.

    On DV and Naoko, I can't help but think they were really meant for each other. I mean, both were a little wrong in their heads. I thought DV was just plain abusive but then I saw his vulnerability (I can't find a better-suiting word to describe it) that he genuinely had fears of Naoko leaving him.
    Naoko especially confused me, the moment she hit DV, I thought her intention was to save Nishizaki. I thought, "she had cared for Nishizaki after all", but no, she did that because "I'm the only on who can stop my husband". Despite having become an abuse victim, she seemed to steadfastly genuinely love DV. How? Why? I can't even.

    On Nishizaki: Though I'm sure he did care for Naoko, I don't know how deep his feelings for her were. In the beginning of the series he'd mentioned "a woman who means the world and without her the world means nothing". I'm not sure if it's really about Naoko or if he was just spouting that to chase away the persistent cop. But ultimately, I believe he did what he did to atone. Though it was stupid, I agree taking the blame probably was his only way to atone and thus, forgive himself in order to live on.

    On Ando: At first, I thought it was 100% honest mistake. Like, he's 100% innocent. I mean, he had no idea on what would happen. Then I thought, "Wait, Ando's smart enough to know something was off and he had sensed something bad *could* happen in DV-Naoko's apartment. And if it did, locked door would mean no one could escape. Yet, he still decided to lock the door anyway". He wasn't so innocent after all. My heart breaks a little for him, though. It's just he was so desperate for Nozomi to depend on him and till the end she never did. That's why I think it's a pity Ando never got to know first hand how much Nozomi cared for him. But when he met Naruse, Naruse did say Nozomi's N whom she wanted to protect on the day of the incident was Ando, so I suppose Ando understood (a little consolation?) :p

    On MY FAVE OTP of these couple of months: I'm just happy for them 🙂
    I don't really agree happy ending wasn't meant for them because to me, they did have a happy ending, at least in the series when they hugged (haha, I'm too shallow). She may only have 1year to live but they can fill her remaining days being happy over simple things, being close to her family, being back in their hometown, where their lives came full circle. Death is always devastating and I probably shouldn't say this but Nozomi can fulfill Naruse's wish to "die later than the person he marries", all the while Nozomi reminded him to take care of his teeth and at times nagging at him for not cleaning up their puppy's pee properly.

    The first time I watched the ending I was left wondering some things:
    – IF Nozomi hadn't fallen ill, considering her N was Ando, would she have chosen to be with him?
    – Was it fair for Naruse that Nozomi had had a change of heart while he hadn't? (such an idealist unrealistic romanticist, ain't I?)

    I know talking "What Ifs" is pointless but I did anyway and concluded: If Nozomi hadn't fallen ill, I think she would have remained single. I'm sure she had always cared for both guys but she wouldn't have had 'enough' reasons to be back with Naruse in their hometown. Neither could've she ever been honest with Ando to save her entire life (I agree with you, Ando was too prim and proper for both of them to end up together).

    That in actuality Nozomi chose to be with Naruse in the end, whether or not it's fair, I suppose I just have to be satisfied with the fact that THE-ever-independent-Nozomi once and again asked for help Only to Naruse. It in itself describes what and how much he meant to her. When Nishizaki asked her definition of ultimate love, she said it's 'sharing crime'. If I assume it never changes, then her ultimate love couldn't be anyone else but Naruse (it could change, though). Anyway, I'd like to think that they eventually did get married and if it's Naruse, Nozomi would be able/ willing to be honest. Or even if she chose not to come clean about the whole incident, Naruse would still understand, love and accept her for what she was and she would know he would, as always.

    Overall I extremely enjoyed the series and am sure will get back to re- and re-watch it in the future. I also enjoyed your review and will get back to re- and re-read it whenever I miss your comments 🙂

    I'm sorry for my awkward word choices and phrasing xD
    and thank you once again for reviewing this pure awesomeness 😉

    How do you suppose Nozomi and Naruse address each other after they get married? I imagine Naruse will at first keep making mistake and call her "Sugishita" when she already takes his surname (Kyaa!!) while with ease she calls him "ShinjI" 🙂 It'll take some time before Naruse finally calls her, "Nozomi-chan" (Kyaaa!! I just … mmmph.. Pardon my fangirling :D) — And even though two Nozomi Andos in the same house would sound cute too if she were with Ando, I will always settle with Shinji Naruse and Nozomi Naruse. Always 🙂

    • wow, such a long comment.
      I like your interpretation. I don’t think it’s a “love” between Nozomi and Naruse it feel like “comrade”, while on the other hand it’s a “love” between Nozomi and Ando. But I also believe, in real live “comrade” has higher chance to work more than “love”.
      It will be so unhealthy in Nozomi-Ando’s case where they may love each other but Nozomi will keep everything to herself and Ando keep believing that Nozomi will not need help. As in Nozomi-Naruse, there’s deep understanding between them so in this case they’ll lick each other wound.

      PS: is it just me, but while watching this dorama I keep seeing Ueno Juri, Nishikado Ryo, and Taka (One OK Rock) in these three characters.

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