Kazoku no Katachi ep1+2 [review]

Are you a loner and single? Do you love alone time and feel the need for that constantly?
Do you dread to join parties or goukons or just the very thought of having to mingle with people makes you shudder? And yet, there are people rushing you to get married and build a family because it’s the norm in society. But your mindset differs from the norm and you like to deviate. You appreciate your single life and don’t feel the need to find a partner because you’re satisfied with spending the rest of your life, by yourself. To some extent, you care a lot for yourself. To others, you might seem slightly selfish but you don’t find anything wrong with that. You’re just enjoying your life and isn’t that the purpose of living anyway?

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If your life is similar to the situations described above, then Kazoku no Katachi is perfect for you. I’m quite a loner myself to be honest and parties/crowd is just really not my thing. But I do appreciate spending time with some of my most precious friends and family. So I’m not as chronic as the main character in this drama, Daisuke (Shingo Katori) because he just downright despises it. He has an outlook on life which is probably the minority because well, obviously, the norm is to get married when you reach certain age and have kids, right? He’s 39 going on 40, single, lives alone, not available because he doesn’t see the meaning in building relationships. He isn’t close with his father too and the biggest nightmare happens when his father appears out of the blue, with another younger kid and claims he’s the step brother. So yes, you can now imagine how horrified he is.

He even has a special den/loft where he keeps his precious alcoholic beverages and sports bike. He takes healthy lifestyle seriously, drinks smoothies in the morning, makes his own pickles and works out often at the gym. It’s the picture-perfect life for a single person like him until the father comes and sort of messes up his routine. He works at a stationery company and has a particular customer who constantly emails them to file complains. He’s certain this complainer is an ugly woman with too much free time to spare.

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So this brings us to another character, Hanako, played by Ueno Juri. Hanako is also single but she’s married once and divorced just about a year. Little is known about the real reason behind the divorce. She’s a career woman and lives directly above Daisuke so they bump into each other quite often. They aren’t particularly fond of each other, there’s this love hate relationship between them as well but mostly, they’re really just neighbours and can’t care less about one another. They just seem to run into each other a lot and even more when their parents become friends, despite their indifference towards the other.

Kazoku no Katachi EP02 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_15.44_[2016.02.02_15.56.28]

My life basically

This show is actually quite entertaining mostly because I can sort of relate to the characters. I’m totally hooked from first episode already. People just don’t get minorities like us, you see! Daisuke has flaws, he’s a bit mean, he’s unsociable but he’s not evil. At least he doesn’t rob or kill people right? So what if he likes to be alone with nobody bothering him? What’s wrong with that? So yes, I get him because sometimes, I feel the same way.

Kazoku no Katachi EP02 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.20_[2016.02.02_16.07.13]

Admiring his muscles apparently

Perhaps, the only thing I feel he needs to change is the way he treats his father. His father might be a hindrance and I understand Daisuke’s annoyance when he comes without being invited and messes up his life. Still, he’s Daisuke’s father and the least a son can do for his parent is to provide him a place to stay. I just think the way he treats his father is a little bit too harsh in some instances.

Kazoku no Katachi EP02 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_14.06_[2016.02.02_17.08.23]

Hanako’s mother also appears suddenly and starts staying with her. The weird thing is, she’s not the least worried about Hanako’s dad being left alone (which brings me to suspect they might be separated or something happens but Hanako’s mother is keeping quiet about it). Hanako loves her single life at the moment but she’s not annoyed by her mother’s appearance to the extent of Daisuke’s.

Kazoku no Katachi ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_05.18_[2016.02.02_16.44.17]

Naruhodo Girl

The show is a good mix of family drama, slice of life and comedy. Not sure whether romance will ever come in later because I think a lot of us are wondering if Daisuke and Hanako will ever hook up later in the show lolz. I like the comedy inserted every now and then, although it’s not blatantly offered but some of the characters just crack me up. For example, in episode 1, Hanako has a junior who makes a newbie mistake so Hanako is lecturing her about it. Then she goes ‘Naruhodo’ or ‘ I see…’ which is just totally LMAO. I’m not a fan of Kiko Mizuhara but she nails her ‘dumb blonde’ character here. She’s not exactly dumb but she’s too carefree about her job and everything else that even though she’s being lectured by her superior/senior, she doesn’t see the damage she’s done. But when she does get it, she cries and decides to quit her job. Hanako’s expression during that scene is really pin-point! I just LOLed throughout that particular scene. Since then, I’ve nicknamed Kiko’s character as the Naruhodo Girl.

Kazoku no Katachi ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_44.29_[2016.02.02_17.10.58]

Then the weird part is when Hanako’s superior asks her to apologize to Naruhodo Girl and coerce her to come back. So Hanako reluctantly meets up with her and apologizes but then Naruhodo girl goes on to say how she’d like to get married to rich guy and live happily ever after. This pisses Hanako off and I feel the same way XD

Kazoku no Katachi ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_37.11_[2016.02.02_15.11.31]

Daisuke initially thought Hanako, the monster customer is ugly because he’s annoyed by her constant never ending claims. When he finally finds out how Hanako looks like, she isn’t as ugly as he thought she’d be. The entire scene leading to this revelation and how it ends is hilarious.

Kazoku no Katachi EP02 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_16.37_[2016.02.02_15.58.25]

When the older generation mingle, you get another outlook on life. For them, they want their children to get married and build families. Guess every parent want grandchildren? So they just can’t understand when their kids seem to worry more about savings and so on, instead of finding partners.

In episode 2, Daisuke is desperate to chase his father and step brother away from his apartment. So when the step brother’s uncle calls to inquire about his nephew, Daisuke is literally overjoyed. Now’s the chance to get rid of one of them! So he makes a secret plan to let this uncle take away Kota, the step bro, without his father’s knowledge because he knows he will never allow that. Kota is meek and quiet so he doesn’t say much. Finally, the day comes and the uncle comes to fetch him and Hanako happens to see it. She has an inkling this is kept from Daisuke’s father’s knowledge so she resents what Daisuke is doing. Despite how indifferent she is about Daisuke, for some odd reason, she finds Daisuke’s action inappropriate. At the party, Daisuke’s father introduces someone with family and he goes on to say how happy they look with cute kids and all up to one point when he mentions how building a family will make one more mature. So Daisuke becomes annoyed and scoffs at the remark. He says after having kids, you don’t even have time to truly mature, instead, time gets robbed and you can only keep worrying about the kids future etc…sending them to universities.

Kazoku no Katachi EP02 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_46.35_[2016.02.02_16.33.15]

Hearing this nearby, Hanako can’t help but cuts in saying that’s exactly why the society look at people who aren’t married differently. She said it’s people like Daisuke’s fault who is selfish and can’t read the atmosphere. Daisuke taunts that she’s the same as him anyway but Hanako reveals she’s at least, married once. Though it’s only for a year. Hearing how short the marriage is, Daisuke adds that she’s similar to him afterall. Someone who can’t live with another person and doesn’t like kids. But Hanako shoots back that she likes kids. So they argue further until Daisuke tells her to just quit trying to be the nice person who goes around saying kids are cute and all the pretenses until Hanako ends up slapping him.

Kazoku no Katachi EP02 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_47.14_[2016.02.02_16.35.10]

The funny part is, Daisuke’s father encourages her to keep slapping his son LOL.

Well….that was awkward. Poor Daisuke gets slapped in front of everyone.

Hanako pulls him away and confronts him about Kota. In the end, Daisuke considers about the issue again, because Kota’s uncle plans to send him to the orphanage. So at the end of the episode, Daisuke goes and bring him back by using the excuse that Kota has promised to make pickles for him.

Kazoku no Katachi EP02 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_52.20_[2016.02.02_17.19.30]

There’s also a brief appearance by Kei Tanaka who acts as Hanako’s ex-husband. Looks like he’s still not giving up on the marriage but Hanako doesn’t seem happy to see him. I’m really curious what causes her marriage to crumble.

I suspect Daisuke’s getting influenced by Hanako. He’s not satisfied with how the ring covers the words so he asks his colleague to reduce it by 1 mm LMAO.

The scene at the gym is funny too when Daisuke bumps into Hanako trying to do some lifting, in the most noob style.

And this is just downright hilarious!

Kazoku no Katachi ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_32.27_[2016.02.02_16.17.33]

So yes, this drama has got all the right mix and I like the characters so far. I think Shingo Katori nails his character and it seems like he’s having a fun time with it, despite him being annoyed most of the time. It’s also been a while since Ueno Juri’s last drama (Secret Message doesn’t count since it’s a collaboration) so Ouroboros is still her last drama in my book. I actually like her character here a lot too and those glasses are kinda cute.

I like this so far, definitely following.

Kazoku no Katachi ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_35.30_[2016.02.02_17.31.07]


4 thoughts on “Kazoku no Katachi ep1+2 [review]

  1. I like this drama too. I checked this out mostly because I love Ueno Juri but it turned out to be pretty good/interesting/relate-able. The reason I keep watching this drama is that I wanted to see how single life in one’s 30s and later might look like lol. I’m still in my early twenties but am not dating and I don’t mind being single. The quote that best describes my ‘philosophy’ is by the poet Warsan Shire “My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.” And because I think that way, I can’t really rule out entirely the possibility that I may not find a person who will fit that bill for a while, or at all. lol. So, I like how this drama sort of explores that. I also like how Hanako kind of challenges Daisuke’s way of thinking (like with his step bro) that it really may be selfish. Because maybe I’m kinda like Daisuke where I’ve lived alone for quite a while so it may be difficult to adjust to the idea of sharing space with another person. Is this TMI? haha hope not. Thanks for the review! I enjoyed reading it and am glad you like the show as well!

    • Glad to hear your perspective and thanks for sharing too. I’m approaching my 30s lolz so I can relate to these characters, especially Hanako’s and people around me keep asking ‘Have you got a boyfriend?” and all like, every year, it gets tiring. I’m not that desperate or looking for one either so I feel like, just let fate take the lead ^^;;

      Like you mentioned, that’s exactly why I find this drama relatable because I’ve found myself in similar situations and I get Daisuke’s or Hanako’s mindset.

  2. just finished this drama, and l like ‘Whaaaaat?!’

    10/10 drama. Love the stories!
    They should make more heartwarming yet comedic stories like this..

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