Kazoku no Katachi ep3 [recap/review]

Another entertaining episode and a slight tear-jerker.

Look at the drawers. Is he stocking up for the end of the world or something? Maybe they’re on sale and cheap so no harm buying lots since they’re necessities.

Guy has OCD too.

Oh and now we know he always brushes teeth for 2 minutes.

 His father, Yozo buys something and Daisuke is annoyed once again as he says there’s not enough space already in the apartment but he shuts up when the ‘thing’ is actually an altar for his deceased mother. Way to go, Daddy! You shut him up!

 Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_01.41_[2016.02.03_00.26.27]

 After that party where Hanako slapped Daisuke, his friend, Sasaki is now infatuated by Hanako. So he asks Daisuke to plan a goukon and invite Hanako.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_05.16_[2016.02.04_11.07.44]

I almost feel pity for him, I don’t know why I just do.

At the same time, Naruhodo Girl helps Hanako to evade her ex-busband who comes to the company to find her. So in return, Naruhodo Girl asks Hanako to set up a goukon as well.

 Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_06.56_[2016.02.04_11.09.44]

The funny thing is, Daisuke thinks for sure that Hanako will refuse the goukon right away but to his surprise, Hanako agrees immediately. He doesn’t know she’s really doing it only because she owes Naruhodo Girl so this opportunity is just right for her.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_09.07_[2016.02.04_13.15.46]

I like how curt Hanako is when she tells him straight she’s not planning to apologize for slapping him XD

Then the ex-husband appears in front of her apartment.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_10.41_[2016.02.04_11.29.13]

Are we watching some horror movie now?

So Hanako who’s desperate to run away from him, uses Daisuke as an excuse and tells him she’s living in this apartment with him now. Daisuke doesn’t like the lie she just makes up but Hanako refutes that it isn’t exactly a lie since they are both living in the apartment. True dat.

 Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_10.40_[2016.02.04_11.29.33]

The next morning, Daisuke wakes up to someone playing the piano. Apparently, Hanako’s mother brought the piano over to her apartment, much to Hanako’s annoyance.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.30_[2016.02.04_11.32.45]

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.44_[2016.02.04_13.18.37]

I half expected to see a reenactment of NODAME here, I mean, how can you NOT when you have a tousled hair Ueno Juri and a piano?!

But that’s not all, something smelly is floating in the air from below her apartment.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.55_[2016.02.04_11.33.20]

Yozo’s friend brought cow dunk as organic fertilizer for their plants. There’s always something new happening in these two families, mostly because of their parents and it’s a good way to explore how living with one another needs patience and understanding. For Daisuke and Hanako, this is just nightmare.

In addition, they’re also neighbors so we get to see how neighbors just need to cope with one another, sometimes we get noisy neighbors and most of the time, we just need to endure it.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_17.00_[2016.02.04_11.49.01]

Very smooth action by Hanako’s mother to give something for the noisy morning she caused ^^;;

So both Daisuke and Hanako bond again at the gym as they each complain about their parents XD

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_17.32_[2016.02.04_11.49.49]

One is going too slow and another going too fast.

Yozo has some bonding moments with Kota as he asks him whether he’s really ready to attend school. Kota’s prone to bullying since he’s super shy and quiet so we can understand why Yozo’s worried. However, Daisuke has been pushing him to make Kota attend school since he already promises the uncle.

There’s obviously nothing romantic going on between Daisuke’s father and Megumi (Kota’s mother). It’s quite obvious from previous episodes. He’s just pitying Kota and sort of takes him in as his child and Megumi’s probably all okay with it since she can barely take care of herself. Daisuke’s father doesn’t tell his son the truth most likely because Daisuke will go berserk like, “You’re telling me you’re taking care of a stranger’s son out of pity?!” lmao

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.36_[2016.02.04_13.40.02]

Daisuke tells Sasaki about Hanako’s ex-husband and Sasaki starts worrying about her thinking he might be a stalker. Daisuke brushes it away since the ex-husband doesn’t look like the type but Sasaki goes on and on about how the one of the major downfalls of marriages is domestic violence etc. So Daisuke now worries (a bit).

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_27.29_[2016.02.04_13.41.50]

Ex-husband asks for Hanako’s mother’s help to meet up with her. Hanako arrives thinking she’s having dinner with her mother only to realize ex-husband is there too. He tells her that he’s part of the new business project with her company so he’ll be meeting her quite often. If she doesn’t like it, he’ll ask for replacement. But Hanako says private and work is different so she’s fine with that. She then leaves quickly and warns him not to use her mother again for setup like this.

Later that night, Hanako drinks at Daisuke’s favorite bar much to Daisuke’s horror. He’s also trying to avoid meeting her. But since they’re heading towards the same apartment, Daisuke follows her from behind.

Hanako is drunk and Daisuke, reluctantly asks if she’s okay. Hanako tells him to leave her but Daisuke doesn’t feel like leaving her alone there.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_29.59_[2016.02.04_13.53.02]

This is the first time Daisuke sees a vulnerable Hanako in her depressed state so I can understand the surprise. He goes on to describe how DV is one of the major factors for divorce. Hanako tells him to lay off the ‘kind-hearted’ character and quit pretending to worry about strangers because it’s not suited for him. I see your defence mechanism working, gal. Daisuke replies he’s just worried…before she cuts him off again saying how she just wants to be left alone and because she is just like him too (a loner), she understands that. So it’s better to not get involved with each other’s problems because it’s troublesome.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.15_[2016.02.04_14.03.19]

Love this scene. We see for the first time Hanako’s shell is starting to break ever since her ex-husband makes an appearance. Daisuke is showing more of his gentle side (we’ve seen this with how he deals with Kota before) and this episode further develops that part when he can’t help but try to console Hanako (despite his reluctance of course).

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.32_[2016.02.04_14.04.04]

I like how fast this show transitions between melodrama and comedy, it’s almost like watching an anime or manga. In fact, the next scene is exactly like manga xD

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_32.40_[2016.02.04_14.10.42] Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_32.49_[2016.02.04_14.10.55]

And then they shift to heartwarming mode again. First time I teared up for this show. Should’ve seen the sign coming the moment Yozo moves the deceased wife’s altar to his apartment. So the reason why Yozo has changed over the 5 years is now explained. Before this, Yozo is a quiet and serious guy who cares only about working and bringing food to the table for this family. He doesn’t speak much at all with Daisuke and in his memory, all he sees is a distant father and a mother who cares for him. So Daisuke is disgusted when he sees this sudden huge change in Yozo who is once an estranged father and now becomes this really outgoing friendly guy.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_32.49_[2016.02.04_14.10.55] Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_33.52_[2016.02.04_14.14.11]

Actually, it is after the wife’s death and the letter that she leaves for him that changes him. In the letter, she says she has prepared a list of things to guide him on how to live by himself after she’s gone (because food is always prepared by her) and she wants him to contact his old buddies and start a new life. This is like an awakening for him and I suppose he sees the loneliness in Kota back in the hometown so he gets what Kota is going through.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_38.06_[2016.02.04_14.27.48] Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_38.31_[2016.02.04_14.28.02]

It’s good to see Daisuke finally realizing what changes his father’s personality. He still thinks his mother is a fool (in the good way) for worrying about his father till the very end despite how coldly he treats them all.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_40.32_[2016.02.04_14.28.15]

Do I see a red flag somewhere during this goukon? LMAO

Naruhodo Girl is attracted to Daisuke! He’s going to have his hands full if she ever makes advances towards him LOL

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.33_[2016.02.04_14.30.55] Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.08_[2016.02.04_14.33.01]

When Daisuke mentions how Hanako’s ex-husband, Kazuya is acting like a stalker, this pisses her off suddenly and she shoots him back, “What do you know about Kazuya?!”

Why is she being defensive about Kazuya? Just what happened between them two? I’m having some inkling that Kazuya’s not really the one at fault that causes their marriage to break down. Does it have something to do with Hanako liking children? Remember in the previous episode, she mentions she likes children and the way she stresses it to Daisuke is definitely not just something people would just say.

Kazoku no Katachi EP03 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.39_[2016.02.04_14.37.32]

This is probably my favorite so far in the season. It’s keeping me intrigued and never bores me.

I love the dynamics between Daisuke and Hanako. Their love-hate relationship with one another is entertaining, their constant mild bickering and sarcasm every time they meet. It’s weird if you think about how they were just strangers or new neighbors not long ago and despite how much they don’t want anything to do with each other, they keep bumping into each other all because they live nearby, so that’s fate there. It’s pulling them together, this red string. What I find even more intriguing is how they don’t even have romance in mind and they’re not what you would call ‘friends’ either but their communication and chemistry remains engaging and draws you into their characters.


6 thoughts on “Kazoku no Katachi ep3 [recap/review]

  1. Tamaki Hiroshi should have cameo’d as the piano tuner or something XD It should be a law somewhere that Tamaki and Ueno should cameo in each other’s dramas to continue the Nodame hijinks, hehehe.

    I just cannot see Juri and Katori together… in whatever universe.

    • I know right, they should have cast him somewhere in here and it’d have been perfect ^^ Btw, have you seen the new CM he has with Fumino, they’re cute in there. I hope they collaborate in drama/movie soon.

      I also can’t see romance budding between Katori and Ueno in this show, I hope they stay frenemies till the end XD

      • I saw the new CM, it’s pretty cute! And yes, I do hope Tamaki and Fumino get a chance to collaborate properly. They were in the film Subete wa kimi ni aeta kara, but didn’t have any scenes together.

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