Watashi wo Hanasanaide ep4 [review]

There’s quite a lot of things to be discussed about this episode.

 Watashi wo Hanasanaide ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_02.33_[2016.02.08_23.48.28]

So they’ve moved to the Cottages and life goes on. Kyoko, Tomo and Miwa now stay with a bunch of other people like them. They quickly discover that they can become Carers for Donors and if they don’t want to, that will mean becoming Donors right away. This piece of information comes as a surprise to the three of them because they are never told back at their school.

Miwa becomes increasingly cunning and makes use of Tomo to fight her own loneliness as well as ‘showing off’ to Kyoko that she and Tomo are couples now. I’d like to just take a few moments to talk about the differences portrayed here than in the novel. Well, I’m only halfway through the book and reach the beginning of their life at the Cottages but I did sense they omit quite a lot of stuffs (they didn’t touch this part in the movie too). So in the novel, according to Kathy (Kyoko), back in Hailsham, they are already taught about sex. They’re told that even if they have sex, they won’t have children. Kathy has refrained from having sex with anyone in Hailsham because she thought of saving it for someone precious that means a lot for her. However, since people are having sex (to the point of it being quite common in Hailsham), she actually plans on having one-night stand with a boy but that eventually never happens. The novel actually spent quite a few pages elaborating on this particular subject and so I find it rather odd that they totally avoided this in the movie as well as in the drama (particularly in Hailsham). Of course, when they arrive at the Cottages, this is already common among couples there.

So this brings us to this episode. Miwa and Tomo have sex for the first time and it’s obvious Tomo is just doing it because Miwa wants to. Basically, he’s being controlled by her. When Kyoko finds out one night, this upsets her for some reason. Oh yes, I also feel the need to mention this. From my reading, I understand that Kathy (Kyoko) doesn’t harbor any romantic feeling towards Tomo like how she is shown in both drama and movie (at least not yet I suppose?). They do have a special bonding and they connect with one another but I don’t sense any romance budding between them at all, definitely nothing like how they are portrayed in the movie/drama. Kathy does begin to get frustrated and annoyed by Ruth’s ‘copycat’ and ‘showing offs’ as as a couple with Tommy when they start living at the Cottages. This is another perfect example of how they dramatize certain things and not following the original material accurately.

Watashi wo Hanasanaide ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_14.30_[2016.02.09_00.02.07]

Kyoko’s too serious. The guy, Kosuke is right. As Kyoko becomes more and more lonely and separates herself from the rest who are basically, enjoying life like normal people, she seeks solace in her own solitude. The trigger is after Tomo tells her to find new friends since they’ve come to a new place. Tomo being such an innocent guy, he thinks he’s doing Kyoko a favor by keeping a distance between him and her but for Kyoko, the only person she can honestly open up to is Tomo, especially after a rift happens between her and Miwa.

Watashi wo Hanasanaide ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_23.54_[2016.02.09_00.30.41]

The guy tells her that after becoming a Carer, they won’t have enough time for themselves and after the notice comes, they’ll move on to becoming Donors. So time at the Cottages is the only period when they can really do whatever they want.

Miwa is obviously made the antagonist in the show and her role is to annoy people. Kyoko is already annoyed by her advances towards Tomo and that bit of her trying too hard to show her love bite on the neck? lol Still, let’s try and see from her point of view. It’s pathetic no doubt and she’s trying to get along with the rest in the Cottages, pretending she knows everything and avoiding the cold truth that they’ll never live like normal people. But like the guy told Kyoko, they may look like fools denying themselves from the bleak future they will soon experience, they’re just trying to be happy. Miwa’s actions are questionable but obviously, it’s a part of her defense mechanism to pretend she’s normal. Kyoko on the other hand, she’s taking it too seriously. She knows it’s meaningless to pretend and so she just can not see eye to eye with how the rest live the way they do. Tomo, well…let’s just say he’s being sandwiched between these two women XD

Watashi wo Hanasanaide ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_29.30_[2016.02.09_00.48.40]

Thank you screenwriter for not wasting Manami’s character. She sends a letter to Kyoko and invites her to see White Mansion, where she’s staying now. Apparently, there’s a group of activists who are fighting for their freedom and Manami is trying to make Kyoko join them. Kyoko thinks there is meaning to their life despite having to donate their organs because they get to save lives. So she refuses to join Manami.

Back at the Cottages, she finds Tomo picking up Miwa’s treasures from the rubbish. She has thrown them away and Tomo thinks she might regret it so he’s taking them back. Kyoko helps him and they have a quiet talk for a bit. Tomo tells her there are other good places she can go to if she wants. Suddenly, Kyoko blurts out whether Tomo would like to join her. Hmm…I bet Tomo would’ve agreed if not for the abrupt intrusion and he leaves after Kyoko apologizes for what she said.

After Tomo leaves, Kyoko sits alone for dinner but she can’t bear the thought of living like this alone so she ends up at Kosuke’s room who has shown interest in her from the beginning. Expected much?

Watashi wo Hanasanaide ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_42.03_[2016.02.09_01.05.49]

Present time, Miwa injures her leg and Kyoko thinks she’s just doing it on purpose to make her stay with her. But on hindsight, though Kyoko should be mad at her for all the things she’s done in the past, at the back of her mind, she doesn’t think there’s anyone else who would go to this extent for her.

This is the part which I feel is aligned with the novel. Looking back, Kathy in the present time is not mad at Ruth anymore because despite what they’ve been through, she did spend a lot of time with her (especially in Hailsham) and they don’t really have anyone else but each other. Their love-hate friendship is just really complex. The drama seems to have quite a lot of deviations as they bring in new elements to further develop the plot. I can’t say it’s keeping my curiosity piqued a lot but I will still keep watching, mainly for the cast.

By the way, have anyone wondered why they never try to escape? I don’t think the facility is still able to keep track of each and everyone after they moved from the school and integrating with society? Plus, are they still tracking them? Because Manami already figured out the tracking device under their shoes previously. I’m just curious (still halfway through the novel so it’ll probably be discussed soon in the book).


One thought on “Watashi wo Hanasanaide ep4 [review]

  1. That makes me wonder too, why didn’t they just escape? Manami already figures it out, why did she still join the white mansion. but probably because they don’t have any money lol…

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