Perfume -Flash (Chihayafuru live-action theme song)

If there’s one live-action that I’ve been anticipating for a while, it’s Chihayafuru. Not sure if anyone’s seen the anime or read the manga but I really enjoyed the anime. Watched all 2 seasons of it. I knew next to nothing about karuta and I thought for sure it was going to be boring watching people play some cards. But this anime is not only engaging but it draws you in effortlessly. Lovely character design, intriguing plot, funny and heart-warming.

Seriously, these people play karuta like their lives are at stake, you know. I’ve never seen karuta in real life but I think it’s as exciting as depicted, the speed they reach to get the cards and technique etc.

Anyways, Perfume is providing the theme song for the live-action. I like what I’m hearing already. I think Perfume is getting it right this time. Cast include Suzu Hirose, Shuhei Nomura, Mackenyu and Mayu Matsuoka. I’m still skeptical about Suzu Hirose being cast as Chihaya because while the others already look and feel like the roles they’re playing, Suzu Hirose just doesn’t. Now this is indeed a bit worrying because Chihaya is the true lead here.

She needs to be able to carry the movie on her own (sure, the others are important too) but the fact remains that Chihaya is a huge part of this show. It’s largely centered around her. I’ve not seen the full potential of Suzu Hirose (I do know she’s pretty popular in Japan). I have reservations about her taking the role of Chihaya because it’s not a straightforward character. Well, she is straightforward and speaks her mind (most of the time especially when it comes to karuta) but the character itself is a complex mix of various emotions, which I’m not sure if we’re going to get that from her. I’m going to give her the benefit of doubt of course until I watch the actual movie.


She’s also one of my all-time favorite anime characters. She’s like your regular girl but there’s just something charming about her on first glance, pretty and all but once you delve deeper, you realize she’s a klutz, quirky, slightly awkward and doesn’t care what others truly think of her. She can just lay splayed on the floor when she’s exhausted or something and nothing’s going to stop her from doing so. Despite that, she’s got a gentle heart, almost like an innocent child, but most of all, it’s her HUGE PASSION FOR KARUTA that nobody can beat, not even Arata or Shinobu who are both more skillful than her.


Fortunately, this particular scene is very Chihaya-like. Excited and full of innocent triumph when she succeeds.

Another one. Hopefully, she’s going to shine and bring lovable Chihaya to life.


As for the others like Taichi, Arata and Shinobu, they’re looking real good already from the short footage. Mackenyu really looks like Arata from the anime! Like he just popped out of it, like how Ueno Juri is the human version of animated Nodame. You get the gist.


Mackenyu is cute

Initially, I was slightly disappointed Mayu Matsuoka was given this role but on hindsight, I think she’s going to rock Shinobu in this. I’m biased but from what I’ve seen she can do, Shinobu is not going to be challenging for her (I think).

badass shinobu

Mayu Matsuoka will (surely) deliver


The showdown

Now there are also some hints of romance. Not gonna spoil anything here. My OTP for this show is actually Taichi x Chihaya but to be honest, I think Arata is such a good guy to pass too.


Who else is excited?


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