Useful sites for Jdrama lovers

I’m going to list down a number of sites which I feel are very useful for Jdrama lovers because I get a lot of questions regarding where to find subtitles or where to watch dramas. Hope this helps!

Torrent site:

Direct downloads:

I don’t usually stream but sometimes when I’m impatient, I’d check out Dailymotion (type the name in Japanese), the dramas will usually be up a few hours after they air in Japan.

Maplestage is especially for those who know how to read chinese subs.

I know there are sites like dramacool etc and they’re useful but they steal subtitles from fellow subbers (which is not even the worst thing they did). They even remove the credits from the subtitles. I’ve been a victim so I know. As annoyed as I am, I can’t do anything about it. I’ve learned to ignore it.

Jdrama Fansub Map is a very useful site to see the status of dramas. For example, which ones are being subbed/picked and which aren’t. Links to the subtitles are also given.

This is not a thorough list but I think it’s good enough in general, they’re all I used to satisfy my cravings ^^



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