Love Song’s singer-songwriters

I guess we all already know who Fukuyama Masaharu is so I’m not going to focus on him in this post but on the other two younger artists. One of them is the female lead, Fujiwara Sakura (her character is also Sakura in the drama) and the one acting as Haruno (lead singer in Kouhei’s band) is Niiyama Shiori.


Here’s Fujiwara Sakura’s official website and she’s born December 1995. At the tender age of 20, she’s already released 2 full length albums, 1 mini album and there’s an upcoming single which serves as the theme song for Love Song drama called soup in July. Known for her deep, rich alto vocal, it has been labeled ‘smokey voice’ and from an interview, she mentioned about having inferiority complex when she was younger because of it. However, her music teacher told her to embrace it instead and use it to her advantage. I guess that’s how she’s successfully developed her own unique vocal and in doing so, sets herself apart from her peers. Her musical genre is mainly jazz, folk, and acoustics. She seems to like using english lyrics too (though in her earlier songs, I find it bit more difficult to catch, but her recent pronunciation has improved).


If you’ve been watching Love Song, you’d know her character is someone with stuttering complex and shy when it comes to communicating with strangers. She finds solace in music and able to convey through music/by singing.


So, have a taste of her live singing. You can search more videos by googling  藤原さくら.


I think my favorite of hers is Just One Girl (Gakkou no Kaidan). Click here.

Now Niiyama Shiori may not appear as much in the drama but she’s also one artist not to be missed.


Here’s Niiyama Shiori’s official website (born February 1996). She’s also released 2 albums and her latest single was released in February. You can watch the video below. She has this very uh…innocent look? lol anyways, at first glance, she reminds me of Suzu Hirose, maybe it’s the hairstyle and facial structure. Sometimes in a different angle (especially the live videos below where she looks like Ai Hashimoto). Her voice is also kinda deep (though not the same as Sakura’s). Her genre is mainly pop/rock.


In Love Song, she plays the lead singer in Kouhei’s band who has passed away. She sings the song, Koi no Naka (which I really really like btw) that can be heard playing in the background in the drama.


This one below is my favorite of hers (from her 1st album, Shiori). You can search more videos by googling 新山詩織.


So there you go. These are talented singer-songwriters and I’m glad they’re slowly gaining exposure. Music-wise, I prefer Niiyama Shiori’s genre since I’m huge on pop/rock. I’m looking forward to see how both of them evolve from now, especially Sakura with her lead role in the getsu9 drama. Will it help to boost her popularity? Either way, I’m glad the drama’s taking a real artist to act because I really want to hear more of Sakura’s singing and of course, Niiyama Shiori’s even if Koi no Naka is the only song we’ll ever get to hear.


One thought on “Love Song’s singer-songwriters

  1. They both have a pretty good voice, though Fujiwara’s is a bit more distinctive due to the roughness effect. Thanks for the post and collecting the MVs!

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