Rip Van Winkle no Hanayome ep1 [first impression]

I was browsing doramax265 and found this drama. Apparently, there’s a movie and serial edition, same cast – Kuroki Haru and Ayano Go.

Nanami (Kuroki Haru) is a shy and soft-spoken part-time teacher who also works at a convenient store. If you’re watching Juhan Shuttai! this season, you would know that Kuroki Haru is playing a very enthusiastic and passionate character there, so Nanami is like a total opposite of Kurosawa. It slightly reminds me of her character in Tenno no Ryoriban (she was fabulous in that drama).

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.30_[2016.05.23_00.38.28]

In class, her students actually prepared a microphone for her with the excuse being, her voice is too soft and they can’t hear what she’s teaching. They’re obviously teasing her but instead of getting mad, she uses the mic, much to the students’ amusement.

One day, she meets an old friend by chance at the convenient store she’s working at. The friend invites her for dinner and girl talk ensues.

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_08.38_[2016.05.23_00.49.50]

Nanami’s surprised to find out her friend’s working at the cabaret and then when the talk moves on to AV, Nanami asks innocently, whether people actually really do have sex in porn videos or not. LMAO (can you see how innocent she is?). She has never watched porn too.

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_09.36_[2016.05.23_01.04.52]

So her friend shows her some beginner videos and she totally goes…

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_09.42_[2016.05.23_01.05.03]

The friend later confesses that she’s done porn videos before and worries about her parents finding out. Her boyfriend broke up with her after he knew.

After knowing a guy from SNS, both families meet for the first time. Nanami’s father is worried after seeing the guy’s mother hinting on wanting Nanami to stay home after getting married. You know, the typical mother-in-law (in Japan) it seems.

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_23.06_[2016.05.23_01.25.52]

The boyfriend is surprised to know how little relatives Nanami has and wonders if she can find more people for the wedding. After the mic incident at school, her duty period is cut short and she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to teach again. So she plans to quit.

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.23_[2016.05.23_01.28.26]

Someone tells her about a Mr.Fix It that can solve her problem – getting more people for her wedding.

Getting pranked again on her last day at school.

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_30.25_[2016.05.23_01.42.02]

She then meets Amuro (Ayano Go) whose company does whatever their customer asks of them, as long as they’re capable of doing.

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.42_[2016.05.23_01.44.23]

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.51_[2016.05.23_01.44.39]

She also teaches a student one to one, who’s some sort of a hikikomori I think (been 5 months she hasn’t gone to school). The student’s mother pleads Nanami not to quit and continue teaching her daughter. So Nanami agrees.

Hanayome EP01 HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_37.01_[2016.05.23_01.55.17]


At only about 40 minutes per episode, this is a pretty easy premier to watch. Even though there’s not much going on, I felt time passed by quite swiftly. The lead character may be plain and simple, she doesn’t stand out, she’s shy and quiet but I’m still curious how her life will turn out to be. You just know something’s gonna happen down the line for this seemingly non-eventful life so far. Ayano Go appears only about 5 minutes though but I guess he’ll have a more prominent role soon as Nanami asks for his help. Kuroki Haru is definitely an actress to watch out for in my opinion. After watching her stellar performance in Tenno no Ryoriban, I’m looking forward to her future works. She’s going great so far in Juhan Shuttai!, and now, this looks like a good one too. It shows her versatility.

Verdict: Continue watching


2 thoughts on “Rip Van Winkle no Hanayome ep1 [first impression]

  1. This drama sounds interesting and i really love Kuroki Haru. Sorry for asking this, did someone subbing this series? I just could find subtitle for its movie. Thank you in advance.

    • Unfortunately I don’t think subs are available for the drama version. For comparison, imo, the drama is a little bit more detailed (and lengthy) but overall, if you’ve watched the movie, you won’t miss much so you can just watch the movie version ^^

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