Juhan Shuttai ep9-10 finale [review]

Episode 9

They finally gave us an Iokibe episode! Been waiting so long for this, they probably wanted to save it for last (it’s not the finale but almost ^^) Anyways, please don’t mind me spamming this post with LOTS of Odagiri Joe.

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_27.23_[2016.06.17_13.33.33]

The episode focused on the relationship between Iokibe with his present mangaka who he’s in charge of, together with Kurosawa and a glimpse of his past with another mangaka. At that time, the Chief Editor didn’t agree with the serialization of Iokibe’s manga and when that mangaka decided to move to another rival company, Emperor, Iokibe didn’t stop him. That’s because he knew the manga had potential and would be better off than getting stuck in Vibes.

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_08.18_[2016.06.17_12.32.43]

Then now, one of his mangakas, Takahata is being headhunted by Emperor and finding that out caused a stir in his heart. He’s contemplating between telling Kurosawa about it or keeping it to himself. He tries to discuss with Takahata but to no avail because of what Takahata said. He tells Iokibe that he hasn’t been drawing what he wanted in Vibes and thought of venturing into something new. Hearing that, I think Iokibe is reminded of the previous mangaka who he let go.

Then when Takahata is oddly prompt this time around without any delay, Iokibe decides to tell Kurosawa everything when she finds out by accident about Takahata’s meeting with Emperor’s editor.

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_19.29_[2016.06.17_12.44.36]

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_20.47_[2016.06.17_12.49.31]

The worst part of all is when that previous mangaka doesn’t understand Iokibe’s good intention. I thought the scene at the shop where Emperor’s editor tells him what the mangaka said, really hurtful. Here he is, thinking he’s done his part for the sake of that mangaka but when he still complained about him abandoning him back then, that pain!

Omg, Iokibe! I feel you! I feel you!

“You’re always rational and that’s sad.” – his wife told him

(By the way, am I the only one surprised that he was once married?!)

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_27.55_[2016.06.17_13.35.18]

So the glasses is to control his true feelings? LOL

He ran! He finally ran!

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_35.03_[2016.06.17_14.15.45]

I felt this entire episode is really good. It’s got a steady buildup and a glimpse into Iokibe’s personal thoughts right up till the climax when he realizes what he must do. It’s as if he’s been living with a wall around him and he stayed rational all the time, weighing between pros and cons all his life before making any decision. But this time, it hit him right in the heart and he let it all out. It’s okay to break off that wall once in a while and liberate yourself, Iokibe!

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_35.29_[2016.06.17_14.14.41]

Just an extra screencap lmao

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_02.29_[2016.06.17_12.20.00]

How I feel every single Monday

Episode 10 finale

The finale focused on the newcomer Nakata and Kurosawa’s struggles. He is first introduced in episode 4 together with another female mangaka, Agarie (who unfortunately left already). Compared to Agarie who has talent in drawing, Nakata struggles with his drawing but he has an interesting plot.

Juhan Shuttai! ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_31.54_[2016.06.17_14.04.44]

Despite the hardship, he continues to train himself and keeps drawing. At the end of episode 9, he finally gets a serialization but trouble begins to loom. Due to lack of communication skills, his assistants start leaving one by one. He has to draw everything himself and deprived of sleep.


Kurosawa, being his editor, has to be firm with him and kicks some sense into him. Nakata remains stubborn and refuses to hold the autograph session even though it would have helped boost his popularity.

But after listening to some life advice from Mikurayama Sensei, Nakata slowly opens up. After seeing Kurosawa’s aim written on her desk, Nakata decides to do his best for the person who gave him this chance, that is Kurosawa. He agrees to do the autograph session.



I love the smell of a new book too XD



Lmao at Mikurayama sensei’s sudden announcement making everyone thought he is going to retire. Instead, he declares war with the young bunch and wants to start afresh with a new manga.


Overall, a feel-good drama about the manga world with valuable life lessons. Basically, it’s already one of the better ones this year. If there’s a second season, I’ll definitely be watching. Highly recommended!






One thought on “Juhan Shuttai ep9-10 finale [review]

  1. Wiiiiiii Juhan Shuttai -I could’s resist to comment XD- ^^ totally loved it -marathoned it in 2 days XD-
    Kokoro is super cute & Koizumi is ❤
    I too hope they make a second season, because it kind of ended at a pretty interesting point and I need more of this beautifull dorama

    Thanks for the reviews ^__^

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