Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto ep1 [first impression]

In a nutshell, this is just like any other shoujo. If you’re familiar with shoujo anime/manga, then you’ve probably come across the plot. Getsu9 returns to what it does best with romance, in other word, unoriginal run-of-the-mill story. Bear in mind, this of course, just based on what I see in the first episode, whether or not it will deviate from this stereotypical plot (which I really hope so but remains unlikely), we’ll just have to wait and see. If you’re a fan of shoujo, then this is for you because it’s got almost everything you want from a shoujo plot.

Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto EP01 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_13.06_[2016.07.15_14.31.08]


The location is nice. There’s a lovely beach, quaint countryside and an eye-catching restaurant. Yummy food. I like the environment, all very attractive with good summer vibe. The house they live in is also quite charming. All in all, it looks pleasing to the eyes.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s also filled with ikemen so more eye-candies for you lot who likes to see guys (or Kiritani). These 3 brothers, they’re styled just like ikemens you find in manga/anime. Miura Shohei in his ruffled hair (though I would very much like to give him a haircut). Kento with a more normal looking hairstyle but the one who gets to bare his chest (has he been working out?) and make girls go crazy. Then there’s the youngest who’s more carefree and goes about doing his own thing. Lastly, there’s pretty lead female surrounded by these ikemens.

(Mind you, I’m not saying the characters is part of the GOOD here, more like them being EYE-CANDIES, meaning, if you don’t mind cheesy, overused plot and as long as you get to see ikemen and pretty girl, then you’ve found the right drama.)


Like I’ve mentioned, the plot is nothing new in the realm of shoujo. It’s all quite predictable. Let me guess.

Pretty girl falls in love with the sensible oldest brother (he was her first love anyway) and he seems like the nicest guy among the three at the moment. Pretty girl hates middle brother who is a constant jerk to her but soon this jerk shows his other gentle side and she falls in love with him. Younger brother plot might come in either with a triangle love plot or in this case, all 3 brothers fall in love with pretty girl. So now, pretty girl has to decide. It’s not rocket science. She’s gonna pick the jerk because almost every girl picks the jerk in most shoujo plot. In the middle there’ll be lots of misunderstandings, rivalry and jealousy. But it still ends the same way.

(Lol just summarizing the entire plot in a paragraph but let’s hope the screenwriters give us something new in an otherwise, you’ve seen it all type of getsu9)

Rivals spotted!

 Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto EP01 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_39.00_[2016.07.15_15.10.43]

So far, I think the cast are doing a good job for their roles (at least, better than Koinaka’s Fukushi Sota/Tsubasa Honda). I’m not familiar with Kiritani Mirei’s works but I guess she’s okay here. The thing is, I don’t have much to say at the moment because what I see in her character is typical clumsy female lead who suddenly finds herself surrounded by ikemen. Her reactions are nothing very new too, with exaggerations here and there. Some parts are cheesy and I can’t stop rolling my eyes. I think you get it. Some of the comedy scenes feels forced and like they’re being shoehorned.

Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto EP01 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_49.27_[2016.07.15_15.16.16]

But there’s one thing I wanna point out. SHE’S TOO THIN! Her arms in particular freak me out a little. Manager-san, please feed her. As for Kento Yamazaki, I’ve only seen him in Orange (I see potential in him because of that one scene towards the end that shows how tormented he is and I feel his pain). He’s playing a jerk here so IDK, so far, he’s been quite annoying and looking at the bright side, it means he’s doing a good job? Nomura Shuhei, in yet another getsu9 (remember Koinaka). I want to see him try a different role, something more serious, something more diverse than these typical ones. I’ve nothing to say about the rest.

Potentially high to be dropped but I’m giving this a 3-episode rule because it looks slightly better than Koinaka.

Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto EP01 720p HDTV x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_21.14_[2016.07.15_15.20.16]


7 thoughts on “Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto ep1 [first impression]

  1. thank you wait ting for this you just save my 50 min life time.
    i dont know what are they(tv staff) thinking use soooooo typical shoujo manga story
    whit most typical shoujo manga actor are they think all the audience are shoujo?
    and it not like try never try it and all really try it and went really bad

    from the rating i don’t think Getsu9 have very bright future
    maybe they can pump Getsu9 life if they crazy enough for hero 3 with abe and mat-chan
    or Galileo 3 but it just too crazy and stupid for me.

  2. It seems like Getsu9 offerings are going downhill every year. Now it’s like the time slot to push dramas with supposedly good-looking people who can’t act for toffee. Sigh.

  3. Mirei has lost a lot of weight, but she looks a bit better now then a while ago.
    She used to look so good but I don’t know why she started to loose weight, pressure maybe.
    Mirei used to do smaller supporting roles and more modelling until she “graduated”
    I guess not that Meisa is not the moneymaker and Maki’s pregnant Mirei is Sweet Powers #1 moneymaker.

  4. I like Kiritani Mirei and Yamazaki Kento a lot, so I guess I am watching this. Maybe not very original, but it seems to be quite decent so far. And the summer vibe is a plus. This year I am far away from the beach and I am missing it sooo much 😥

  5. I agree with your review here… It’s cliche all over the places…
    But, I still watch it anyway since it’s really enjoyable, flullfy and light-watch.
    The chemistry between Mirei and Kento is also strong since Heroine Shikaku.

    • I think the same as you,arfebrina. Cliché and all but easy to watch. And Mirei’s arms have always made me slightly unconfortable.I don’t like to criticize someone’s body but since the first time I saw her,it always bothered me a little.

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