Otoko Meshi ep 1-2 [review]

** Find the subtitles here.

Otoko Meshi is a 30 minute show where yakuza meets food. The drama opens with Yanagiba (Namase Katsuhisa), a yakuza leader and his underling, Hino Joji, eating what we would suspect as their last meal because there’s a solemn and serious tone while they finish their simple dish. Later, we see both of them engaged in a shootout with another gang.

Otoko Meshi ep01.mkv_snapshot_20.41_[2016.08.05_15.01.59]

This is where Wakamizu (Emoto Tokio), a university student hunting for job, gets caught up with the whole shooting. While Wakamizu tries to escape, Yanagiba ends up saving his life and shot (though later revealed that he is wearing a bulletproof vest). The enemies manage to run away when the cops start arriving.

Otoko Meishi ep01.mkv_snapshot_13.21_[2016.08.05_01.30.59]

Yanagiba and Joji decide to hide out in Wakamizu’s place when the cops arrive. Fearing for his life, Wakamizu obediently lets them in. There’s actually nothing much else going on in. Considering the amount of time and genre, I don’t expect much. However, I’m mostly entertained so far because Wakamizu is such a wuss and it’s fun to see him cower in fear whenever Jijo would threaten him or watch his every move. Well, the actor who plays Wakamizu has a face that is so on point, making him perfect as the character.

Otoko Meshi ep01.mkv_snapshot_17.23_[2016.08.05_14.53.23]

Yanagiba on the other hand is a man of few words and pays minute attention to his food. It makes one wonder why a yakuza knows so much about food and the art of preparing too. There has to be a backstory to explain this though so far, they haven’t revealed much about him. It can be just one of his quirks as a yakuza. I do find this interesting.

Making me hungry!

Otoko Meishi ep01.mkv_snapshot_09.05_[2016.08.05_01.24.08]

I like how they shoot the food preparation so far, with just enough explanation. Plus, the food are simple dishes, ones you can prepare with leftovers and minimal ingredients. Perfect for people who aren’t good cooks I suppose or living alone lol. Anyways, food sure looks delicious despite being simple.

The other cast, Wakamizu’s university friends have little screentime so far, there’s nothing much I can talk about them but I like otaku boy.

Otoko Meshi ep01.mkv_snapshot_08.37_[2016.08.05_01.37.18]

There’s another foodie drama, Gu Ra Me starring Gouriki Ayame which I may review after I watch ep2. The first episode seems okay but nothing special. It’s definitely better than her previous doctor drama, for sure, which is why I’m giving Gu Ra Me a 3-episode chance.


3 thoughts on “Otoko Meshi ep 1-2 [review]

  1. I know nobody will read this and I’m late to the scene,im not sure where to discuss this because not many people outside japan watch or interest with this show but,i havent watch jdrama for years because of lost interest and recently i try to check out latest jdrama and i found otoko meshi,the synopsis caught my interest so i give it a try and i love the show,i like the characters development between,ryota,hino and yanagiba,the last episode had me teary. I always wonder what happen to the “otaku boy” because he was never been mention or appear after that,and now i know. Definitely my personal favorite jdrama of this year.

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