Kuroi 10-nin no Onna ep1-2 [review]

** You can get the subtitles here. Thanks to natka!

The Fall season kicked off really well for me. This gem! Maybe I should thank Bakarhythm for bringing this comical spin of adultery/affairs for us. He’s the man behind Sutekina Sen Taxi and no wonder this sparkles with such familiar tone. Only he increased the level of humor a few notches for this one. Now, I tend to avoid extramarital affairs/love triangle type of dramas because I always end with distaste for the genre. Maybe they’re a bit too melodramatic, or too sensual till it comes off as pretentious. Most of the time, they also take themselves too seriously especially when they painfully try to justify their actions (during which I can’t help rolling my eyes).

Perhaps the reason I got hooked immediately with this show is due to the casual manner of talking about a subject considered taboo. (Disclaimer: I’m not supporting extramarital affairs). I like how the screenwriter choose to tackle the sensitive issue. He takes the comical route and it works brilliantly here. So if you’re looking for something to laugh at, a show that doesn’t take itself seriously (I hope this stays) with pretty good acting, then try this.

(episode recap below)


Meet Kanda Kumi (Narumi Riko) who’s a TV station receptionist. She begins an affair with Kaze Matsukichi (Funakoshi Eiichiro), a drama producer when he effortlessly flirts with her. Yes, Kumi is just 24 years old and you’re wondering what the hell does she see in an old ojisan like Kaze. Well, beats me too! I’m as clueless as you folks lol Maybe it’s the way Kaze makes her laugh or smile. Kumi did admit that she has a tendency for older men. Doesn’t it feel like dating your father though?


One day, she gets a call from this woman and she freaks out, thinking this is the moment when the wife chastises the lover for being the third party.


After a series of misunderstandings, to her surprise (and this entire scene is goddamn hilarious!), Yukino Kayo (Mizuno Miki) explains almost blithely that she’s Kaze’s lover too. So they’re on the same side as she casually sips her latte. Mizuno Miki is flawless in her role here. She just nails it!


Afterwards, Kumi gets mad at her for giving her unnecessary heart attack and let’s just say, a lot of bickering ensues ^%%$*^%&*%%#*)Z$^%@  UNTIL THE INFAMOUS WATER SPLASHING SCENE THAT WOMEN LIKE TO DO.

Poor Kayo. She gets splashed twice too when another woman, Yagami Miu arrives to join in the fun. She’s an assistant producer at Kaze’s workplace. And yes, she’s also a lover.



Weirdly enough, even after all the verbal abuse and water-splashing/shaming, the older ladies settle down as if nothing happened. Kumi whose reaction is most natural (I say that because her reaction is closest to what I think most of us would show) and probably, innocent (spare her, because she’s got the least experience with affairs compared to the others), starts wondering how she got into this horseshit in the first place. You can literally feel the mechanics in her brain start spinning, trying to fathom what just happened. Especially when they tell her that Kaze has 9 lovers in total.


Some sort of lovers meeting?

Basically, both Kayo and Miu start gathering information on Kaze’s lovers, trying to find out the rest. So far, they’ve identified another actress, Aiba Shino (Triendl Reina) and screenwriter Natsuki.

The thing is, these women don’t even understand why they fell in love with Kaze but I like how they don’t dwell on it too much, mostly just brushing it off. We get inner monologue from both Kumi and Shino, so fun to listen to (I don’t know why only the two of them but they do share one thing in common: the young ones).

In episode 2, Kumi attends a goukon while Shino gets swayed by this ikemen (pic below). You can see the contrast between two generations. The younger ones are still open to other relationship, seeking other options, while the older women mainly just lament about their position over alcohol.


A guy from the goukon asks Kumi to be his girlfriend suddenly and Kumi agrees (after contemplating the pros/cons in her mind).


And we have the older ladies with their alcohol…

Why does Kayo always get the splashed with everything, except water? lmao


Just when you think everything’s gonna go smooth for Kumi (as she found a reason to dump Kaze with her new boyfriend), all hell breaks lose again. Love this show for the twists (even if they’re kinda predictable but still so funny!)
Let’s just say, Kumi doesn’t seem to have good luck with men. She’s again…the lover LMAO


Gotta love her messages with her friends.


So the question is

Kumi gets a message from Miu who asks whether she wants to meet Kaze’s wife. There’s also a joke about killing Kaze at the end of the pilot so we’ll see how far these lovers will go to take revenge.


Until the next episode!


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