Ofuku Shokan SP [review]

I’ve been having a slump the past season and I think it’s evident from the lack of reviews for the last 2 months or so. But I’m trying to gain some momentum since the Fall dramas are starting and maybe the new ones would spark my interest again. To be honest, Summer dramas felt a bit meh except for a few (which I’m still trying to finish).

Anyways, here’s a brief review of the SP starring Matsushita Nao and Ichihara Hayato. It’s a mystery/suspense with some romance. I won’t spoil the story but I think it’s an average whodunit with some predictable twists along the way. As with most SPs nowadays, this isn’t going to blow your mind so no need for high expectation.


Basically there are 3 childhood friends, Yasutaka, Junichi (Hayato) and Kazuki. Yasutaka was some sort of a bully who liked to play with people’s emotions. One day, he told Kazuki whose mother owned a bar, was having an affair with his father. This made Kazuki angry with the dirty remarks and started punching Yasutaka who laughed in between the punches. Mariko (Matsushita Nao) was their classmate who had a strong sense of justice and tried to break them up. Junichi, their friend just stood aside, watching because at that time, he thought the fight ain’t his business.


An incident happened afterward where Mariko and Kazuki got locked inside a warehouse and fire broke out. Junichi managed to save Mariko but Kazuki died. The police suspected arson because the warehouse was locked from the outside. Junichi pointed Yasutaka as the culprit and the day after, Yasutaka committed suicide. Mariko lost her memory regarding that very incident because of trauma. Hence, the case was never really solved.


I thought this scene was really sweet though

Fast forward 15 years later, Junichi and Mariko were dating. One day, Yasutaka’s mother was murdered and this reignited the cops who worked on the case before, to start questioning Mariko. Junichi left the country abruptly just before the murder so obviously, there’s some suspicion there.


No spoilers as to what really happened 15 years ago so if you’re curious, you have to find out yourself. It’s not that hard to follow even without subs. As for my impression, I wanted more intensity I suppose from the acting. Also, the music is very distracting when it reaches the melodramatic scenes which I wish they would tone down a bit. As for the twists, they’re okay, I had my suspicions so they’re not far off.


In short, it’s a tale of friendship between 4 young people who got caught up in adult affairs and forced to bear heavy consequences. Well, at least I didn’t feel like I just wasted 1 hour 30 mins watching this lol.


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