Career ep1 [first impression]

My eyes lit up when I saw Hiroshi Tamaki in the Fall drama list. I think the last drama of his that I watched was Asa ga Kita (I like his frivolous carefree character there). Since I’m also a hopeless fan of crime drama, naturally this makes it into my to-watch list.

The thing with a lot of Jdrama cop shows, is that they’re mostly misses than hits. I’m going to sit on the fence for this one at the moment, because while I like Tamaki’s character here, the script and other characters leave much to be desired unfortunately. I know they’re going for the slight comedy route with run-of-the-mill characters. So I probably can forgive it for lacking substance but even the comedy seems like they’re being shoehorned.


But like I said, I’m going to continue for now and hope the one-dimensional supporting characters show more depth and development because I seriously can’t stand annoying ones (also the reason why I dropped ON police drama last season).

Chief Superintendent Kinshiro Toyama (Hiroshi Tamaki) is an elite cop who is in the fast track up the rank and usually, there’s this love-hate situation between people like him and the ones who start from the bottom. The consensus is that elites or career police like him have less experience in the field compared to those who work their butts off running around the field to solve cases because the elites just sit in an air-conditioned offices and sign papers.


Hence, it’s no surprise that Kinshiro gets so much dislike when he arrived to head the station. Then this is where it gets a bit odd. There are quite a few moments (significant ones) that I had to suspend my disbelief for the sake of trying to enjoy this. There’s this one character, a senior officer, Yozo Minami who is a very serious and rigid cop and he seems to hate Kinshiro from the bottom of his heart. I get it, maybe Kinshiro’s attitude and approach is kinda unconventional, bit too carefree, BUT THE BLATANT DISRESPECT Yozo showed Kinshiro who is supposed to be the superintendent is a bit too much. I think Yozo would have gotten himself disciplinary action for all the remarks and the way he ordered Kinshiro (his boss). It’s way over the top.


One of the many scenes which I felt Yozo went over the line, is when Kinshiro was passing flyers about the serial killer in the neighborhood. Yozo told him to stop doing that and not get in their way. WTH? I mean, how is it that raising awareness among people about a serial killer would cause problem in their investigation? They obviously need as much information form the public. This is totally illogical for Yozo, a so-called veteran to make. Plain odd.


They look more like gangsters than cops

So that’s one part which prevented me from fully enjoying this drama. Then there’s the typical rookie cop which everybody in her team look down on. All the more when she’s female. They also complained about the fact that she hasn’t shown any result since joining the team for 6 months. HELLO??? What do you expect a rookie cop to accomplish in a mere 6 months?


Guess she would learn a lot more with Kinshiro than the bunch of useless teammates.


I won’t pass any judgment on this yet, though I do have mixed feelings mainly with the side characters. Sigh…why can’t they give Tamaki a good drama for once. I’m slightly disappointed but anyways, it’s always nice to see Tamaki on screen. I like the GreeeeN theme song at the end.


3 thoughts on “Career ep1 [first impression]

  1. Heh, I knew this would be silly the minute I saw the teaser. And yes, Tamaki seriously needs a good role even though he does comedy well. I think Asa ga Kita was a hit for him, but I’d still like him to have a prime-time drama hit… or at least a role that’s not too meh. Still, I’m grateful some kind soul is subbing Career. Maybe if I pray hard enough, someone will sub his Kyoaku SP too.

    • I know, he’s suffering from the syndrome many good actors are in atm, mediocre roles with lousy writing. I actually like his character here but it’s dragged down by the annoying and over the top characters. I also can’t stand it when cops act like clowns. So basically, he’s the only good thing in this drama (for me).

  2. me&my family like d drama. yes, theres some part thats doesnt exist in real life & it seem like watching an anime instead of a real life drama. but i start to like & admire him from this drama. i start google&download&watch all his previous work thanks to this character of him (working hard to find those that doesnt exist). ive watch him in Nodame years b4 but he didnt really get my attention even thou d story is funny. now im trying to find KOKORO drama(still havent found it) but didnt know if he appear every episode or not

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