Medical Team: Lady Davinci’s Diagnosis ep1 [review]

The Tuesday Fuji/KTV slot shifts to medical drama this season, breaking the usual police/suspense/thriller pattern. Yoshida Yo leads in this along with quite a number of other female casts (because her department is all-female). The number did seem a bit daunting at first as I tried to keep track of each character but not something you won’t get used to at the end of the episode. I quite like what I see in this pilot so far. At times, I feel they are sort of replicating Kounodori because I can’t help getting some vibe (except you won’t cry like a baby here lol). Another thing I like is the suspense regarding Yoshida Yo’s character which I’ll go into later.


Shiho Tachibana (Yoshida Yo) is quite a respected neurosurgeon (despite her humility), even revered among her peers as having God’s Hand. However, she decides to quit after experiencing hallucination during a surgery. She has had hallucinations before (so we know this is not uncommon for her) but that is the first time she experienced it during a surgery. Fearing this would harm her patients, she takes initiative to step down.


The hallucination scenes are nicely done

A friend, Kitabatake, a director at Toko University Hospital offers her a spot at their Diagnosis Department. Since he promises that she doesn’t need to operate, she agrees. There, she meets all the other women. Among them is Yukino Nitta (Aibu Saki) who likes nothing more than difficult surgeries so anything below that standard bores her to hell. I actually like Nitta, the way she just listens with minimal interaction among her colleagues, wandering off in her own world because the meeting is too banal for her to exert even an ounce of energy. The odd thing is, she finds Tachibana interesting and lowkey agrees to be of service to her requests.


Then there’s the rookie Ayaka who is forced to tag along Tachibana and help her do stuffs, including some investigating and questioning. I’m not sure if they’re pushing this actress because she appears a great deal in this pilot, even more than Aibu Saki (who I thought is second billed).


The women are kinda divided into two cliques. Tachibana’s team and Iwakura (Head of Diagnosis Department). Iwakura doesn’t really like the way Tachibana works and has voiced her opinions bluntly. Her minions are these two.


Initially I thought there would be a lot of investigating involved (especially first half) but fortunately, they compensate in the later half with a whole bunch of medical stuff.


Aibu Saki needs to appear more

So far, my only gripe is because of the number of cast, some of the characters get very little screentime and this could prove detrimental to their development but hopefully they dedicate some episodes to certain characters soon. Yoshida Yo’s character is intriguing because she shows two very polar sides. One is the friendly and empathetic side she shows to colleagues and patients.


The one that I’m most curious about at this point is the one that plagues her. She seems to have experienced a dark past, some kind of trauma that triggers the hallucinations involving a rainy day and someone on a stretcher. I’m glad the pilot didn’t give a lot of hints away because I’m in for more suspense.


I may have missed some important details about her daughter (since I watched this without subs past midnight so my brain isn’t functioning fully).

Here’s my crazy theory. I have a nagging inkling that her daughter who we’ve seen twice in the pilot is actually dead. Meaning, she’s been talking to her ghost/spirit. The person on the stretcher may be her daughter.


Whenever she’s with her daughter, it’s always during night time with mysterious atmosphere.Their interaction seems disconnected from the world, the way she talks to her daughter (without looking much at her). She did hug her in the first scene at her home so I’m not 100% sure. But I would really love for my guess to be correct, because if so, then they did a pretty good job with this twist.



7 thoughts on “Medical Team: Lady Davinci’s Diagnosis ep1 [review]

  1. Kinda apprehensive to watch this one, although Yo’s alone is already a magnet for me (not to mention this is the first time she is appointed as leading lady), but reading your review makes me waver to just take a deep plunge to this one lol ^^

    • Well don’t put too much hope into it is all I can say for now haha but at least Yoshida Yo’s character is interesting and there’s nobody that really annoys me yet (Iwakura is still bearable) XD
      I like the suspense surrounding Yoshida Yo’s character, that alone makes me wanna continue ^^

  2. her scenes with her daughter does seem eerie i didn’t think that far that she might actually be dead. i was thinking more that her daughter might have a social disorder- it does seem odd that she doesn’t seem like she’s attending school or something. yoshida yo’s such a good actress and i hope to see more of her.

    • I probably read too many thrillers with weird twists lol Something just feels off with the daughter. Your theory about social disorder could be right! Can’t wait for them to reveal the reason.

      • Yes but, with only one real interesting character. In House MD, every character has its own background story and motivation in joining Diagnostic Department. This feels like underdeveloped, the case itself is pretty interesting. Especially in episode 2.

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