Career ep2-3 [review]

Subtitle available at jdramacity (click on Career page for the subs).

While the premise doesn’t look convincing – a hard-boiled senior detective picking fights with the superintendent and laced with overused jokes, Tamaki Hiroshi still makes me watch this. It’s been a while since his regular drama so if this is bearable, I’m gonna continue. Yes, I’m biased and hopeless.

At least it’s not as annoying as the pilot episode when every time that senior detective Yozo appears, I wanted to punch him in the face. He gets less detestable. Episode 2 shows a part of him turning softer and relents when he realizes his own mistakes. As for the plot, the cases so far are mediocre at best and predictable but due to its lighthearted nature, I’m not expecting any groundbreaking case. The team also seems to stop harassing the rookie. All in all, this is starting to become more bearable.


I thought the part where the kid cuffs both Yozo and Kinshiro is quite funny even though I wonder if it’s really impossible to unlock them without the key. They literally have to wait for the kid (who swallows the key) to poop. So there are moments when I have to suspend my disbelief.



Some bonding time

I know it’s just fashion but Aikawa’s tie still kinda bothers me a little ^^;;

In episode 2, the DV victim thinks it’s admirable of her to work in a male-oriented environment and that’s probably why Aikawa decides to add the tie. The sentiment is understandable. Aikawa has shown some growth in ep2 when she goes against Yozo’s orders and decides to help the DV victim, thanks to Kinshiro’s inconspicuous actions. A little advice and nudging can go a long way.


Like I said, I’m watching this solely for Tamaki Hiroshi because his character is really pleasant and likeable. I like how he’s always tagging along the team to crime scenes and make himself comfortable sitting at the back as he observes them working or questioning suspects. He has good hunch as a cop and still fulfills his duty as the superintendent, signing documents and such. He has great sense of justice and sincere about serving the society. His soft approach when catching criminals is also good.  What more can one ask for?


I also like his combination with Aikawa as one can see that their interaction provides lessons for her as a rookie. She learns a lot of new things, for example, the humane side of the job, instead of just suspecting people or catching criminals.


He does a lot of yoga poses too XD



Another reason why I’m watching is because of GreeeeN’s song at the end of the episodes lol. Every time the song starts, it just brightens my mood.

Onto the next episode!


2 thoughts on “Career ep2-3 [review]

  1. Hahaha, that yoga pose at the end. Tamaki does like to get into all sorts of silly things. I suspect one of the reasons why he chose this drama was cuz he could give into his inner nutty child. So wonderful to see him smiling in your screencaps.

    • I know! My heart just melts whenever he smiles! I keep pausing the video to capture his sweet smiles lol I think the pilot isn’t appealing because of the side characters being way over the top but ep2 and 3 are better.

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