Doctor-X S4 ep1 [review]

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Even though we know what Daimon is going to do in every episode, I still find myself captivated once the main theme starts in the background. There’s something very addictive about the music coupled with Daimon onscreen as she walks resolutely into the surgery room and show the doctors how it’s supposed to be done. I’m not familiar with medical terms and such, so I’m not sure how far should we believe whether her methods are doable or not. During those moments, I just have to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the show for what it is – Daimon. It’s the same reason why I like Iryu if I have to give a comparison.


The pilot kicks off pretty well in my opinion. Let’s push aside the fact that most of it is rehash. That’s something we all know and already acknowledge and I think even the screenwriters know but imo, nobody really watch this for the cases (except maybe if you’re interested or within the field). As someone who’s not in the field, if I have to state my reason for watching this, it’d be because of Daimon and nothing else (maybe the faction feud too, just a little). The character is strong, compelling, likeable and endearing. I think most viewers and fans love the way she goes against all the political bullshit depicted in most university hospitals and doesn’t care what others think of her. She gets into her scrubs and get the job done. Saving lives is all that matters for her. What else do you expect from someone who states surgery as her skill and hobby?


The beginning of the pilot is shot in New York which is fine but I thought it’s too little. Perhaps they don’t have the budget for longer shoot. Nevertheless, we get some scenery and as usual, she saves someone. There, she meets an old lady who tells her she’s just a cleaner but later turns out to be a doctor.


Back in Japan, a political shift is happening in Totei University Hospital when Director Kubo is eliminated by Hiruma when he brings in a famous surgeon, Kitano (Totei graduate). Kitano also happens to witness Daimon’s surgery in New York earlier.



Kubo then sends his younger sister, Touko to assume the role of Deputy Director in order to take revenge. As such, I think we’re bound to see factions separated again.


Touko also hires Daimon after seeing her potential in New York.


The pilot’s patient is an IT company president who has bone cancer. Kitano is in charge and introduces a new method, supposedly to be the first in Japan. So Totei’s reputation is at stake depending on this surgery’s success.

The patient demands to show his surgery live online because he doubts the doctors’ skills. When his tumor spreads faster that expected, Kitano refuses to perform the surgery because he’s not confident.


As usual, Daimon steps in and takes over. In the middle of the surgery, the cameras are shut down so nobody knows what happens until it’s over.


Daimon never fails so we all know the outcome. Not only does she save the patient’s life, Totei and Kitano’s reputation go up. Daimon doesn’t care who gets the appreciation as long as she’s paid accordingly (or rather, her manager would take care of it). She’s happy as long as she gets food stuffed in her face.

So overall, an enjoyable pilot and it’s nice to see Daimon back in action. Ebina is absent though, he’s stuck at another hospital as mentioned so maybe he’ll return soon.


Onto the next episode!



3 thoughts on “Doctor-X S4 ep1 [review]

  1. I have watched all 3 previous seasons and enjoyed them. There were times that I did wonder why I did enjoy this series as, like you’ve mentioned, it’s pretty repetitive. We pretty much know what’s going to happen, and someone is going to get a melon and a big bill. In the end, I also decided that it’s Daimon that brings me back. She’s a fun character to follow and her “I’m going to do what I need to do” attitude is fun to watch as everyone else is thrown into chaos.

    Medically speaking, it’s a bit iffy. There was at least one surgery in one of the earlier seasons that is impossible to do. Another had questionable efficacy for recovery. Even some of the things she does is not allowed. For example, in S4E1, she’s in New York and ends up operating in the US. Not possible. Every US physician needs to be credentialed by the hospital before they have privileges to work there. It is not imaginable that someone could walk in and say “Hey, I’m a doctor” and get allowed into the operating room. Also, there are no other doctors there that could do the surgery? Now, I don’t know how things work in Japan, so maybe they have a national database that allows doctors from one hospital to work at any other one, but it’s not like that in the US. Still I find it hard to believe that doctors in Japan can do that, as there would be all sorts of complications with documentation, billing, etc. The hospital would not want to be held legally liable if some unqualified doctor showed up and made a medical error.

    Still, I plan on watching season 4 and know that I will enjoy Daimon and her antics. I just have to turn off the medical side of the brain. Sometimes, I wonder what lawyers think of legal shows. I have to believe they’re violating protocol all the time there too.

  2. Lol yes! I was also thinking the same about her action in NY, can someone just waltz into a hospital and do that? This reminds me of something. I also read a similar interview from an author who was an ex-cop and she said things like forensics take time, even months and not like what most crime TV shows depict, everything done in a blink of an eye. I suppose that’s the same with most medical/legal shows too. Only certain things can be trusted while the rest, I just have to suspend my disbelief.

    And as always, it’s nice to hear your opinion about the medical side. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I agree with all of you. Madoka, thanks for the medical insight.
    Knowing how complicated things are in American hospitals, I seriously doubt indeed that she could operate there. In fact, a lot of doctors operate in clinics rather than hospitals nowadays to lower costs and red tape.
    Given all this, I still enjoy the series. She has definite appeal, and her off hours are entertaining.

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