Female support despite shocking portrayal [news]

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I find this article interesting because it’s rare to get insight in WOWOW’s drama rating and this piece has some information (though it focuses on the drama).

Starting from highly popular Fall series Aibou (TV Asahi), alongside Last Cop (NTV), The Sniffer (NHK), Career (Fuji TV), ‘Detective Shows’ are booming.

On the other hand, it is WOWOW’s Suishou no Kodou: Murder Analysis Squad (starting 13th November, Sundays 10pm) that draws the line with terrestrial cop series.


It is the sequel of Ishi no Mayu that broadcasted in August last year. Led by Kimura Fumino, it also features similar cast from previous series such as Aoki Munetaka, Watanabe Ikkei and Koyanagi Yu.

According to News Data Company (Tokyo), from 1000 WOWOW subscribers, the previous work, Ishi no Mayu (August 15-October 16), garnered the highest number of average viewers and viewers who recorded the show. It gained the average satisfaction rating of 3.84 (highest is 5) and popular rating of 3.7.

“The type of crime that can’t be done in terrestrial TV” (55 year old woman), “A gentler touch of policewoman compared with other dramas brings comfort” (46 year old woman) are among the comments. Despite a shocking portrayal that is scarce with terrestrial station, one of the popular reasons why female viewers enjoy the series is due to the human side where the team members watch over a female detective, strictly yet gently.

Suisho no Kodou follows the footsteps of the previous work and draws the shocking truth of a cunning killer and bombing cases altogether in 5 episodes. The average satisfaction level for first episode is 3.87, second, compared to terrestrial drama Doctor-X (TV Asahi), which obtained 3.99.

“The previous series is also good, but this time, this series has powered up” (49 year old woman). It seems the series still manages to grasp the heart of female audience from the beginning.

“Compared to a 1-hour story, a continuing plot is better”, a 69 year old man commented, when talking about recent series where cases are solved within an episode. The 5-episode length is able to maintain the tension and enhances satisfaction for viewers. However there is no right answer since every story has a different aim and development. It is up to the viewers’ choice to choose which detective drama to watch and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Female support despite shocking portrayal [news]

    • Yup, I saw it. It was trending on Twitter the day she announced it. I was pretty shocked too lol because there wasn’t any rumor or news about it. Kudos to her for keeping it such a tight secret.

      Now that I think back, there was a show where she appeared for Siren’s promotion, and she mentioned she’d like to get married very soon. Should’ve seen it coming XD Either way, the part about her husband being in his late 30s isn’t a surprise, because she has mentioned several times she likes older men (luckily it’s not too old).

      • It was so out of the blue, I was like whoa when I saw it. I wonder who her acting coach/husband is. It’d be nice if she could share a photo, heh.

        As for the drama article, it’s nice to know that viewers are enjoying the series. I’m assuming the sequel is better since one said it’s “powered up”.

        • Seeing how she’s so secretive about the entire relationship, I don’t think she’s gonna share a pic, but that’d be real nice of course.

          I’ve just watched the 2nd episode, I do agree it has ‘powered up.’ The first series features heavy dialogue between Toko and Toremi (coz he likes to call and taunt them), so since that’s not what the criminal does here, I think they’re compensating with more action. Two simultaneous cases also mean the pacing is faster with more things going on. But nobody knows how the end result will be so I hope it won’t disappoint.

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