Medical Team: Lady Davinci’s Diagnosis ep2-6 [review]

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Yoshida Yo is in two dramas this season. Although I prefer Cold Case, which goes without saying, because duh crime drama, I’m still intrigued by this medical series. Instead of a full-fledged medical drama, it has some suspense/mystery which I’m drawn to.

I’m not sure if the medical side of the series can be trusted or not (if anyone can share their insight, please do so), I find some cases interesting while others not as much. But I appreciate that they’re providing a lot of diagnosis and symptoms, could probably learn something from them. Still, nothing intrigues me more than Yoshida’s character. I keep wanting to find out what happened to her daughter and the mysterious incident that triggers the hallucinations.



Also, I’m going to mention something I guessed in my first impression post. After watching ep5, I realized my theory was right! Her daughter is dead and she’s just hallucinating all those moments we saw previously. I knew something was odd and eerie about those scenes. Now that my guess is correct, I need to know more.

Here’s my crazy theory. I have a nagging inkling that her daughter who we’ve seen twice in the pilot is actually dead. Meaning, she’s been talking to her ghost/spirit. The person on the stretcher may be her daughter.


Apart from that, some of the comedy are quite entertaining, especially between Ayaka and the guy that’s super clingy. They serve some comic relief that makes the show more enjoyable instead of just dry medical focus. It’s also funny whenever Tachibana would trick her into doing all sorts of investigation to assist the diagnosis team or make her the scapegoat.



Character development is a bit slow in the first few episodes, as they focus a lot on the cases. Episode 5 reveals some truth about Tachibana’s daughter, with Nitta’s inquiry and the flashbacks, we now know her daughter is dead. In episode 6, Nitta finally gets an episode for herself. I think it’s time to get to know the other members of the team rather than focusing on Tachibana alone so this is good.


I’m glad she stays in the team despite wanting so much to return to surgery department.


This is not a must watch but if you’re into medical drama or like any of the cast, I think it’s worth a shot. Don’t expect any groundbreaking elements. Treat it as a usual medical series with a tinge of mystery. Personally, I’m going to continue just to find out what happened to Tachibana’s daughter.

Onto the next episode!



3 thoughts on “Medical Team: Lady Davinci’s Diagnosis ep2-6 [review]

  1. A very interesting and good post! I have been downloading this drama, but no time yet to watch it. Now I am encouraged.

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