Suishou no Kodou ep2 [review]

**Subtitle available here.

I actually wrote an earlier review right after watching this second episode. Instead of posting that, I decided to sit on it for a bit, let it sink in and reorganize what I like and if any, gripe at all so far. Hence, I hope this provides a better judgment of the show rather than something clouded by emotion. Since the first series is one of my favorite dramas of 2015, I have to admit, I may be biased but nothing is perfect so I’ll approach this from both sides. Sometimes I tend to nitpick when it comes to shows I like ^^;;



I can see that Director Uchikata is still doing what he does best in this genre, giving us enough suspense and thrilling moments. For example, episode 2 has two standout scenes – the bomb sequence and the undercover/chase scene at the end. The sequence leading to the explosion is well done. (The explosion looks fake as hell though, I guess they couldn’t afford a better CGI, what a shame. Tbh, I expected more from WOWOW). That aside, coupled with Morohashi Kuniyuki’s excellent OST, these sequences are further enhanced and keep the adrenaline rushing.


Suspense is a major part of the series that really enables me to enjoy the show, think Sicario (2015) film where shots linger with haunting music or muted silence in the background. Every shot and angle is calculated with well-crafted cinematography. When it comes to WOWOW crime-related dramas, this is to be expected so I’m glad they maintained what I like in Ishi no Mayu. Also just look at those color rendering. The night time scenes look especially aesthetic. They’re not at the MOZU level of pretty but almost there.


The search scenes in Ishi are probably one of the best sequences and it’s going to take more effort and creativity to surpass that. I have a hard time deciding which is better. In the end, I feel the search scenes are still slightly better. That doesn’t necessarily mean episode 2 doesn’t have good moments to bring up.


 Besides the usual team meetings, there are more interaction between the members and opportunity for growth. For example, when Toko recommends Birukawa to do the whole technical computer stuffs since he’s more suitable for the role.Would love to see more of these two.


The chemistry between Toko and Takano has always been strong since first series and it’s good to see more. Takano is still pretty much the same dour and indifferent senior but also the only one who notices Toko’s anxiety attacks. I thought it’s nice of him to cover for her during the meeting and afterwards, addresses the issue to her.



We get to see more team work too at the end of the episode. Even though they had a different purpose when they agreed to indulge Toko with her request to proceed with the undercover operation, I still like to see all of them working in the same location together.


As for the cases, they seem to be more complicated than in Ishi (where you pretty much can predict the culprit in the first 2 episodes). The simultaneous cases here involve more people and soon, Public Safety will come in, so a lot more is going on, adding to the confusion. I still don’t really have a clue who to suspect at this moment.


(hopefully not for long)

Who doesn’t like a strong and confident protagonist? Even I can’t help but love them (think Doctor-X, Hanzawa Naoki or Reiko Himekawa). People looking for these type of protagonists will be disappointed here. It’s a bit of a pity we’re not going to get that here because this particular protagonist is firstly, a timid rookie in series 1 and now a traumatized cop. (Story’s different if you’re looking for a slightly ‘damaged’ lead character). Oh by the way, the screenwriter for this season is actually Yatsu Hiroyuki who wrote Hanzawa Naoki and Shitamachi Rocket. Both featuring very resilient protagonists, I can only hope this screenwriter works his charm in the remaining 3 episodes. Give us a more confident and reliable Toko please!


I understand that character development is one of the major elements of the show and they need to show a weak, fragile and vulnerable Toko before turning for the better. It’s still a bit frustrating having to see those weaknesses amplified in the first two episodes.



One of her biggest weaknesses during first series is being timid. She gains self-confidence towards the end of Ishi. In Suisho, that fear regretfully, takes on another form now as post-traumatic stress disorder. She gets jumpy and anxiety attacks whenever she sees anything related to bomb/explosion.


I really hope she confronts her past and whatever issue she has left with Toremi and get over it. I think this is going to be shown in episode 3, judging from the trailer. Episode 3 in Ishi no Mayu is the turning point where she deals with her inner demons, so I suppose they’re going to duplicate that here. I’m not too fond of her weaknesses since she’s a cop, but if there’s anything better than that, at least she’s not 100% stuck in a ‘damsel in distress’ kind of role yet.

Just some stuffs I wanna mention.


This kid is so cute during the crying scene.


Good to see her father appearing in flashbacks again


I don’t know what’s her name but her Mandarin is really good, native-like I’m beginning to suspect whether she’s a Chinese Japanese. She also appeared in Shi no Zouki before, as a Chinese.

Onto the next episode!


5 thoughts on “Suishou no Kodou ep2 [review]

  1. Thank you for the subs and this beautiful review. I pity Toko in ep2, where she let herself clouded by emotions and lost her cool, and I really she will get better in ep 3 like you mention..

    Takano-shunin still makes me scream,haha..I like the way he comforts Toko..wonder if their relationship will ever turn into romance *secretly wishing yes* xD

    I also like how much Toko’s team, especially birukawa (bill rever 😆), care about her…
    but I’m kinda sad that the team keep it secret about kouan guy..

    So excited for next episodes 🙂

    • Takano is kakkoii in this episode right? The ‘speaking Mandarin’ scene, covering for her and of course, the final undercover scene, would’ve love for more action.
      About the possibility of a relationship, I doubt it but one can still hope haha Also, I wonder if we need to wait till final episode for him to smile XD

      The only thing I have mixed feelings about so far, is how they portray Toko. On one hand, ptsd is a complicated mental illness and I’m not trying to be insensitive about it. I’ve never had the disorder so I wouldn’t know how it feels like. I understand where she comes from and Toremi has always affected her so I do pity her sometimes. I even thought the ‘listening to her father’s watch ticking’ to calm herself is a nice addition. I just want her to do something about it before it consumes her entirely and make her unfit to be a cop.

      “Fingers crossing’ for episode 3 (^_^)

      • yes he is so kakkoiiiiiii! haha..he is such a capable cop,plus can speak foreign language too,how awesome! I fall in love,lol

        “Also, I wonder if we need to wait till final episode for him to smile😄” also wonder for the same thing, for the smile that only last like 3 seconds xD

        I find my self really want to cheer Toko, it must be hard having PTSD and pressure from the director comment at the same time.

        Next week she will meet her source of trauma…very much anticipating~

  2. Oh, I didn’t realize that they changed the writers. That’s why I felt a different vibe and character development. Still, I love the solidarity spirit among team members, especially the fact that Takano and Biru see and respect Toko as a capable policeman.

    • Yeah, that probably resulted in a slightly different tone and character development. Judging from Hanzawa Naoki and Shitamachi Rocket the screenwriter worked on, both of which I like and had really good ratings, I’m trying not to worry too much.

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