Cold Case ep2-5 [review]

**Subtitle is available here.

Cold Case defies all the elements commonly found in Jdrama cop series. I suppose it’s largely because it’s based on a Western show by the same name and having collaborated with Warner Bros. they decided to make it different. Mostly, I like the overall atmosphere. As I’ve mentioned in my first impression, there’s no typical or stereotypical characters anywhere. No overacting, no useless rookie, no workplace harassment or politics, just a team of police doing their work.


People looking for any dramatic characters or plot, you’re not going to find it here. But if you like serious and grim cases without all the other fuss, this should be up your alley. I like what I see so far but the show is not without its flaws. While I enjoy how strangely Western-ish it feels, I wanted more. If you’ve noticed, most of their work process is dig up a cold case and then start questioning people involved. Sometimes I do wonder if that’s all they needed to do, why is the case unsolved in the first place? This is something that bothers me a bit.


From the current 5 episodes, I have to say, episode 4 is the best and most solid among all. I thoroughly enjoyed it, from beginning till end. The MO is really cruel and when I saw how many skeletons showed up at the killing site, I went ‘Wow’, it sends shivers down my spine. This shows how professional the killer is for murdering so many women but still uncaught. The team faces their most challenging case yet.


Although it’s predictable that Yusuke Santamaria is the culprit from the moment he appeared, no matter how briefly, because why else would an actor like him doing there. Still, he nailed the character and the interrogation scene is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. If you’ve watched Line of Duty, that’s how intense it is. SO GOOD. Coupled with the fact that in the end, they couldn’t get a confession out of him and he walks, I thought that is both frustrating but strangely satisfying. That’s reality and I’m glad they don’t stick to ‘We have to solve every single case in every episode’ rule.


Episode 5 is also pretty good. The young cast showed potential and believable. I like that there’s another interrogation scene. Although the case is kinda typical with an all boys’ dorm school and a manipulative male teacher setting, it’s still pretty good. Especially that last part, didn’t see that coming at all.


Episode 2 and 3 are alright, just not very memorable.




They feed us these little details and clues regarding the cast throughout the show. I empathize Takagi the most. He has a mentally unstable and fragile girlfriend. From the brief scenes they have together, it’s evident that he loves and cares a lot for her. At the end of ep3 when it’s revealed through a phone call from the Vice Chief, apparently she has committed suicide.


Then in episode 4, during the interrogation, the killer taunts each of them and only then I realized one of the guys also lost his wife. I thought that is nicely done to let us know more about the characters. As for Ishikawa, it seems she has an abusive mother and not close with her sister.

Onto the next episode!


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