Suishou no Kodou ep3 [review]

**Subtitle is available here.

Kisaragi makes a mistake resulting in an injured Takano.

He gets a new partner and she’s demoted to desk job.

This is a whole new level of low for Kisaragi but not without a glimmer of hope at the end.

 Either way, this is definitely Takano’s episode ^_^


This is the turning point that pushes Kisaragi to reflect on her mistakes. No longer is she able to depend 100% on her beloved shunin, Takano for always being there whenever she needs it. After an unfortunate encounter with the culprit aka. suspect OX at the third victim’s house, Takano sustained injuries on his arm while trying to save Kisaragi.

Of course, one can say it is due to Kisaragi’s lack of bravery and quick thinking that led to this mishap. Or should I say, the trauma’s fault? As such, feeling heavily responsible for the trouble she caused her partner, Takano who needs some sort of rehabilitation to for his arm to recover fully, she takes a step forward in the right direction, at last.


Takano really shines in this episode

 Also not forgetting how Takano takes all responsibility for Kisaragi, never once mentioning the details of the incident as to not put her in a disadvantageous spot. I really like Takano in this episode. He deserves the praise. Even his decision to move Kisaragi to desk job is a sound judgment as he is clearly thinking for her own good.


Before we move to Kisaragi’s personal development, there’s also the rivalry between First Division and Public Safety. Now that it has come to light that the two cases are connected, with the victims suspected of being members of the cult group who takes responsibility, First Division finds themselves being secluded by Public Safety.


Public Safety is being very secretive and only shares certain information with First Division and this causes difficulties for the members to proceed. It delays their work and creates a rather upsetting political atmosphere.


I like how the 3 of them look like they’re ready to pounce on Public Safety members and beat the shit out of them.


Given the useless censored list by Public Safety, they had to use their own method to identify the third person.


Just wondering if MPD really keeps lost items for a year? There must be thousands!

So back to Takano/Kisaragi…Watching Takano with that new partner is just so WRONG ON MANY LEVELS!
If you like this konbi as much as I do, then you’ll understand the pain of watching them being separated haha


You know, it’s also in episode 3 in first series when Takano ‘abandons’ Kisaragi. They work separately and she’s like a little lost puppy.


Another striking similarity is the scene where Hayase comforts her. Remember when she received similar advice from Chief Kamiya in ep3 of Ishi? It appears that the screenwriter feels the need to replicate certain scenes I’m not exactly sure is necessary or not. While I do think the screenwriter can just create new scenarios, perhaps they think such scenes are vital for her character development. Also the fact that each member by now actually has something to share in her progress. I do think this team spirit and fatherly care they have showered her is something unique for the series.


Even Tokushige finds a chance to stand up for Kisaragi.

In many ways, they seem to retain similar patterns in first series and duplicated them here. That aside, the case remains more complex, faster paced, more thrilling scenes (chasing, undercover, encounter, bomb), several updated OST and definitely, more interaction among the members. Whether or not this case is better than Toremi, I can’t say until it ends but at least, it’s not as predictable as the former, which a lot of viewers find a bit disappointing I know.


So back to Kisaragi, one of the many highlights of the show has got to be meeting Toremi again. If you’ve watched the first series, Ishi no Mayu, then you’d understand the kind of history they have.


Toremi is sarcastic as ever and I like that. It’s a pity however that Kisaragi’s hope to save his soul would probably never happen as he vowed to never forgive the cops and in particular, Kisaragi’s father.


We still don’t know whether Toremi has any connection at all with the bombings, other than the fact that they’re the same type he used in first series. But does he have anything to do with the current cases? He’s in prison so unless he has an accomplice or he isn’t connected at all.


Pretty sad too that her father’s watch can’t seem to be fixed…and yet, she’s still wearing it.


Can they solve it within a week, like what Director Teshirogi aimed for in first episode?


Kisaragi is no doubt clumsy in her own way, often times too hasty and mentally weak but her deductive skills have always been the one constant thing. Time and again, she showed good reasoning (though not always right) but her theories and ‘lucky’ observations have helped to move the investigation along. I suppose she just needs to work on her physical defense and gain more confidence.


Still not sure if her trauma is going to obstruct her job in the last two episodes, hope not!

At least she learned something valuable in this episode.


So what do you think of the show so far?
Feel free to leave your comments below!


4 thoughts on “Suishou no Kodou ep3 [review]

  1. Thank you thank you thank you very much for the subs.. I really want to give you a big hug if I meet you IRL 🤗😘😘

    I love this episode! I noticed the same pattern as ishi no mayu as you mentioned…ep 3 is where her heart breaking but she can get back on her feet at the end..

    And Shunin, ah I’m lost for words..he’s just so cool,so considerate, (kinda tsundere),capable,charming..haha what should I do, I love him so..that scene when he’s in the car with new partner and looks like thinking about Toko,made my heart doki-doki..

    Anyway, I still have no idea about OX ,unlike ishi no mayu where we can guess about Toremi right from the start..
    This is so thrilling and I’m getting more and more excited in every episodes 😁😁

    • Haha you’re welcome ^^
      I like this episode too and I’m glad they gave some focus on Takano. I would gladly watch his spin-off if they ever create one in the future.

  2. This was an excellent episode. Nice plot and character development. The relationship between the officers is really an refreshing change from the usual. I know I’ve enjoyed the show when it ends and I haven’t noticed the time.

    And I really would like her to get her watch fixed. I’ve had my watch for 20 years so I know how she feels.

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