Suishou no Kodou ep4 [review]

** Subtitles are available here.

Despite some setbacks especially in ep2-3, things are finally looking bright for Kisaragi and the team. I’d say for viewers too. I’m sure some of us were a bit frustrated with how Kisaragi carries herself, making mistakes and getting not only herself, but her partner, Takano in trouble. It’s also partly due to Director Teshirogi’s pressure and as one of the selected female detectives in the development programme, Kisaragi is pushing herself over the limit to prove something in a male-dominated working environment. Luckily, she’s learned her lesson (the hard way) and confronted Toremi (not her victory but at least, she has voiced her own thoughts to him, a step forward nevertheless). The only thing now is her lingering trauma, dormant but ready to erupt anytime. I believe she would have to face her greatest fear in the finale (trailer gave some hints) so I can’t wait to see how she handles the situation.


After acquiring renewed encouragement from her fellow team members, she uses her desk job to the fullest. Within a night of perusing documents, she spots the common link between the bombings. Hence, she’s reunited again with Takano and nothing makes me happier than to see these two together again.

With new information, the team begins to move forward. When they gain more clues and even a potential suspect, Public Safety again seizes the opportunity and detains the potential suspect, keeping First Division out of the loop. Everyone thinks it’s an obvious slam dunk with all the incriminating evidence pointing at the suspect. However, things aren’t as simple when they realize they got the wrong person. The members immediately rush into action again.


There are two major points in this episode that I find rather satisfying because we finally get some answers to burning questions. Firstly: Why did the killer paint the crime scene in red? I believe everyone has been struggling with this from the beginning and when Takano figures out the reason, things start to make more sense. I never thought OX would actually have difficulty reading (presumed dyslexia) and that explains why he paints any wordings he can find, because he can’t differentiate what might be incriminating evidence. So his actions cause delay and confusion to the police, to us viewers too because I kept wondering why he’d look at the word ‘Cleaning’ in first episode lol.


Second, when Kisaragi ponders about the timeline between the murders and bombings. We see once again how Takano and Kisaragi’s minds come together like parts in a machine and work with brilliance. I thought this bit of revelation is indeed, very interesting. How the bombings are actually rewards for the murders. This kind of procedural investigation is what I wanted to see in a 5-episode crime drama. It gives a different vibe than those that are solved within an episode. By letting us see the timeline in each meeting, we get a sense of what a realistic investigation is like and feel the passage of time.


It’s also nice to see a brief flashback between Teshirogi and Kisaragi’s father. Apparently, Teshirogi feels he’s doing the right thing by going against the female detective development programme because of the advice he gets from Isao when he was younger. Well, I can’t say I agree with him 100% nor do I think he’s wrong completely in his beliefs. Safety is always the main priority and he’s just doing what he can to prevent anything bad to fall upon Toko, just like how her father has protected him before. Still, I suppose Takano hits the right spot when he comments that he has a different opinion about the programme. Way to go Takano!


Back to my favorite partners in this show, I’m glad Kisaragi finally feels more confident and takes the lead because Takano’s injured and he can’t hold a gun. This is the perfect situation for her to repent as well as for trust to build between the two.



While I have mixed feelings about Kisaragi’s personal development in episodes 2-3, which I’ve elaborated in detail in previous post, I’m okay with what they’re offering so far. In terms of the case, it’s obviously less predictable and more complicated than Toremi. Another thing that stands out is how the team comes together slightly more compared to first season. For example, Birukawa gets one or two scenes to shine with his computer expertise.


Also how the members get a lot more screentime, making ‘teamwork’ more observable this time.

The continuity is a nice touch, having Toremi appear again and also how Kisaragi’s fondness of her father never quite diminishes. Sure hope she gets the watch fixed in the finale. But most of all, I love how they continue to explore the partnership between Takano and Kisaragi, which I feel is one of the most important elements in the show. I truly think Takano shines a lot this season and he deserves it too. He’s more than just a sidekick, without him, it’d feel like something’s lacking.


The episode’s not without flaws though. For example, if security is strengthened already at ICU, why is there only one cop stationed there? Doesn’t make sense. Even if the culprit can lure the others away by wearing a police uniform, something feels off (I just thought that particular scene/logic could’ve been better.

Another thing is, I suppose some people might think why didn’t Kisaragi shoot the guy asap. Initially I had the same question, then I reconsidered and I guess it’s because they need him alive to tell them where the next bomb is.


Can’t wait for the finale!

So what do you think of this episode? Feel free to leave a comment below!


5 thoughts on “Suishou no Kodou ep4 [review]

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Like you, I especially like how they worked together to figure out the crime and how she took the lead with the gun. I still think she should have fired. She was close enough that she could have put a round in his shoulder. Her failure to shoot allowed him to kill N. But that’s just my take on it. I’m interested to see how this works out, but I didn’t like the exchange murder theory, only because it’s been used a lot recently in dramas. However, if the reason is compelling and satisfying, then I probably change my mind.

    • I was quite disappointed too when she didn’t fire. I’m starting to wonder if she would even have the chance to fire a gun in this series ^^;;

      I think there’s still more to the whole murder-bombing exchange thing, it kinda bugs me too because why go so far to do sth for somebody else in return? It’s probably because Fujisaki doesn’t have access to bombs, and the organization doesn’t want to be linked to the murders, so hire somebody totally unrelated), still, some stuffs need to be answered. Now that Fujisaki is OX (but in the trailer, there could be another OX, oh so complicated), how did he even get in touch with the organization? What kind of grudge did he have with Mamiya to bomb the buildings he designed? Hopefully they can wrap everything nicely in the finale, without much loophole.

  2. Hi,
    do you still have japanese subtitles for ep4 and 5 of Suishou no Kodou ?
    Looks like they remove them on jpsubbers 😦
    Thank a lot.

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