[Subbing Announcement] A Life~Itoshiki Hito

I’ve decided to sub this drama next Winter 2017.


Title: A Life~Itoshiki Hito
Genre: Medical, romance
Cast: Kimura Takuya, Takeuchi Yuko, Matsuyama Kenichi, Kimura Fumino, Nanao, Asano Tadanobu, Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Screenwriter: Atsuko Hashibe
Station: TBS
Airing: 15 January 2017
Runtime: Sundays, 9pm

Synopsis courtesy of Jdrama Weblog:

When Okita Kazuaki (Kimura Takuya) was starting out as a doctor, he was forced to resign from the hospital. He left his girlfriend Danjo Mifuyu (Takeuchi Yuko) behind and went to the US alone. 10 years go by and he comes back as a surgeon with outstanding skills to save his former teacher (Emoto Akira) from illness. His teacher is none other than his ex-girlfriend’s father. In the time that Okita was away, Mifuyu had married his own good friend Masao (Asano Tadanobu), who is now the deputy director and the heir of the hospital. To make matters worse, this friend was the one who plotted to drive him out form the hospital 10 years ago. Okita has to face all sorts of ordeals to save his teacher. But he never gives up amid the swirl of love, desire, friendship, jealousy and pride. Okita may be awkward but deals with patients with all his heart. His way of life gets the people working at the hospital to start asking themselves what real healthcare is.

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20 thoughts on “[Subbing Announcement] A Life~Itoshiki Hito

  1. I do look forward to this, not because it is one more medical drama, but because of Kimutaku. He remains one of my favorite actors. He always does a good job, no matter what the part, and has aged very well.. I also look forward to seeing Takeuchi Yuko, another favorite. They were great together in Pride. Just hope and pray somebody subs it!

  2. Thanks for taking this on! I plan to watch this for Asano Tadanobu, and am already pissed that he is not the lead. Just about everyone else is a better actor than Kimutaku, ugh.

  3. Thanks for picking this up!! Kimura Takuya, Takeuchi Yuko, and Kimura Fumino in the cast greatly intrigues me. I am a bit worried about the medical aspect, but I’ll get over it. It’s been way too long since Takeuchi Yuko did a regular drama.

    • The rating for the pilot is 14.2% and currently 2nd highest (after Aibou). I don’t think it’ll reach the kind of rating Doctor X had last season though (average 21%).

      I’m working on the subs as we speak. Normally, it’ll take 4-5 days after the episode aired for me to finish subbing. Hopefully, I can maintain this speed for the whole show.

      • Avan, thanks, sounds great. I just figured maybe SMAP-dissolution-hangover had affected the first ep. viewership. Another quick note: Yuko’s character irritated me – Doctors don’t show flying-off-the-handle emotions around patients (even if patients are parents) – she literally ran from OR to father’s bedside crying breathless! She even slouches – body language is all wrong. Plus she went dizzy in the beginning – alarm bells should have rung for any other surgeon/doctor! I hope romantic interest between her and poor old flame remains limited. He left, you married, turn a page! Thanks again for subbing btw.

  4. Thank you very much for taking up this project. Heard a lot of praises for KimuTaku’s acting especially in a surgery scene. So, I’m really looking forward to it!

  5. Hi dear,
    Thank you for subbing this dorama.
    Actually i want retranslate your subs for this dorama and i wonder can i get your permission to do that.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    • You’re welcome! I had to google most of them just to make sure they’re correct (which I hope so lol). It may not be 100% accurate though, I just try my best ^^
      Luckily, it doesn’t have as much medical jargon as Kounodori (now there was A LOT there haha)

  6. 🙂 Read your first impression on the drama too – for now it looks like ending in one of 2 ways: 1) Kimura gets the old girlfriend, hospital management and respect of peers and stays in Japan. 2) Kimura changes the hospital and peers for the better, heals relationship / friendship wounds, and leaves for Seattle. The nurse is on the same flight. Would love to know what you make of that!

      • Thanks so much for subbing this, avanpiper87! I am hoping for the second option too. Really looking forward to the rest of the drama.

  7. Avan, just watched Ep.2. Solid drama. Has water-cooler moments. I think the reason why FK and KT have ‘chemistry’ is because they are focussed on work and doing their best and that’s cool to watch. Yuko is coming across like a 10-year old school girl, weak, vapid, irresponsible – I was mortified to see her operating on a child. And her father is screaming out his lungs after two experimental heart surgeries! Anyways, waiting to see it with subs – thanks again..

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