Tokyo Tarareba Musume ep2-3 [review]

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Tarareba follows the usual premise of romance drama. In this show, the girls are desperate when they reach 30 to get hooked or married and have children. Understandable and maybe even relatable to some girls out there (if not, many). Personally, I can’t really relate to their desperation or woes. Maybe because love has never been my top priority lol. But I enjoy the comedy even though their wild fantasies are silly and over the top. The execution is surprisingly quite good.


I don’t usually watch romance drama because of the usual cringe-worthy tropes. And yes, this drama is filled with them. You have girls fantasizing about guys and lament about being single or how both career and love are not working for them. They whine endlessly and get drunk. They start a new day, meets someone, they get excited and let their imaginations run too wild only to be disappointed, they lament again and get drunk. Wash, rinse, repeat. However, oddly enough, I haven’t been turned off to the point of dropping this. Must be the humor. The way they execute it doesn’t feel shoehorned or forced. Even the cheesy special effects still make me smile. Anyway, I’m using that ‘3-episode rule’ for this and I’ve decided to continue (for now).


Thank goodness they never brought up that issue of being alone for Olympics anymore because I really can’t comprehend the worst that could happen even if they’re still single when Olympics come around.



Rinko lost to a younger coworker when her script gets dropped. Feeling frustrated, she gets drunk (again) at Koyuki’s shop. Lo and behold, who else is there? KEY (Kagitani Haruki) , the blonde model of course. Sometimes, his presence is a bit too convenient but one has to remember this is a romance drama and nothing can happen without the other person. I can relate to Rinko’s frustration with work. It really sucks when it’s getting nowhere. After listening to her complain about work and love, KEY decides to ‘help’ her. When KEY suggests to have sex with her, she didn’t say no (girl is drunk and probably just wanna have hot sex and forget all her misery).

KEY is quite mysterious and apparently, his former lover passed away. I’m not sure if that’s the reason for his brooding character but I’m fond of him being pragmatic and a realist. I was thinking the same when he chided the girls for being too excited over trivial things etc. He just doesn’t strike me as a bad guy.



In episode 2, Kaori meets her former musician boyfriend whom she dumped for not selling but is successful now. The boyfriend has a girlfriend but still tries to get back with her, or more like, taking advantage of her since he’s two-timing. Compared to Rinko’s situation with KEY, I’m more annoyed with Kaori and Ryo’s relationship. I’m not exactly sure what irks me, something just doesn’t feel right about it. Ryo is obviously a carefree musician living a rock n roll life. It’s nice of him to still remember his promise to Kaori regarding the Tokyo Tower view but I still don’t trust him enough.



She’s probably the most realistic among the 3, though I realize that doesn’t say much because she still fantasizes. However, her attitude towards love is more reserved and she doesn’t go all Kyaa! like the other two. But wow, that was fast between her and Marui, who just appeared in ep3. At first glance, Marui’s a quintessential salaryman. Then, he dropped the bomb – he’s married but separated. Seems nice enough of him to come clean about it with Koyuki but I can’t help but smell something fishy. I’ve not read the manga before so I don’t know what’s going to happen.


For now, it’s watchable and fun if you don’t mind the theme or genre. I’m just wondering how they’re going to stretch this for another… 7-8 episodes maybe? Because they’ve met their potential partners, could there be enough drama left?

Onto next episode!

Feel free to share your thoughts below!
Any favorite pairings?


Watch this if:

  1. You can relate to the girls
  2. You’re looking for rom-com to laugh at
  3. You want to see pretty girls and ikemen (with some good fashion tips)
  4. You’re a fan of the cast

Do not watch if:

  1. You can’t relate to the girls
  2. Rom-com is not your cup of tea

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Tarareba Musume ep2-3 [review]

  1. After reading your comments, I am sure this isn’t for me! I actually rather like romances, but these girls seem stupid. Getting drunk is the most retarded, immature way to react to things not going your way.
    Ryo, is, as you put it, a two-timer. The guy who cheats on his present girl/wife, will almost certainly cheat on you. And that goes for the third one: “married but separated” is a very old trick. It apparently works with those women willing to be deceived. And then reality rears its ugly head.

    • Yeah, it’s not for everybody. It caters mostly to josei and rom/com fans. Personally, I’m watching this for laughs. But if the relationship starts getting too unrealistic, I probably won’t continue.

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