Tokyo Tarareba Musume ep4-5 [review]

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Confession: It’s a miracle I haven’t dropped this show yet. To be honest, I thought for sure by episode 4 the girls are going to piss me off with their constant lamentations about horrible love lives but guess what, here I am, still hanging on ^^;; Barely after ep5 though.

Let’s talk about episode 4 first.


I quite liked ep4 because the girls aren’t going kyaa!!! as often as say, the pilot. This is probably the most subdued episode so far, with more contemplation and coming to senses. I see considerable character development for Rinko and her two friends as well. In fact, surprisingly, Rinko’s the one leading the pack. Bearing KEY’s lecture like a cross on her back from the end of ep3, Rinko does some very serious thinking and begins to reassess her girls’ night/talk and ‘what ifs’.

This is also the first time we see a fight between the girls, leading to a period of silence. The turn for a more serious tone makes me reconsider my plan of dropping the show. It’s true this drama reeks of generic rom-com tropes with the girls acting like high school teens despite being 30, hyped up whenever an ikemen appears, running wild fantasies in their heads and when reality strikes hard, they resort to girls’ night to sooth their broken souls.


What made me stay however are perhaps the cast and I shamefully admit, the comedy still makes me grin at time (but it gets tiring in ep5). Maybe the background music helps (especially the upbeat drumming) whenever the girls start getting excited over something. Maybe it’s also because I know they’re going to have their dreams crushed so bad that watching them so hyped up initially only to hit Earth hard is somehow hilarious.

Onto the girls’ individual dilemmas.


Kaori still frustrates me a lot. Knowing full well that Ryo has a model girlfriend and using her whenever the girlfriend is away, she still goes along with whatever he wants. Perhaps loneliness can drive a person to do irrational actions but I don’t see how she’s going to end up happy. Maybe Ryo would dump the girlfriend to be with her again but that part where he chases Kaori out of his apartment when his girlfriend calls to tell him she’s back earlier than expected, obviously shows that Ryo is not the right guy. To see Kaori still clinging to that hope is driving me nuts. NUTS!


As for Koyuki, it’s still bearable because she is led to believe that Marui is really separated from his wife. Albeit it’s also her fault for not checking in detail and trusts Marui completely like a fool. At the very least, she finds out before she does anything silly because apparently, Marui already has a kid and the second is underway with his wife heavily pregnant.


I wonder if Kentaro’s hair is high maintenance. It looks so flawlessly shiny, perfectly styled and stays in place all the time!

As for Rinko and KEY, nothing much happens between the two in this episode, which is surprising when things escalated pretty fast for them in previous episodes. A good change of pace though. It’s nice to see a more mature conversation between these two, mostly thanks to KEY. Rinko stands firm on protecting her friends and declares that she’ll continue to have girls’ night with them on the basis that it’s fun. It may seem like she’s going back to square one but at least she now has a clearer mindset and knows what she wants instead of a previous wavering Rinko. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with girls’ night because we all need to unwind, just so long as they don’t let their fantasies run too wild (but we all know that’s not going to happen right?).


The only two good men


Which brings us to episode 5.

Okay, I felt sorry for Rinko here. I really do. She’s been working her ass off in hopes of getting a steady job, sacrificing sleep only to be told she’s still not good enough. Among the three, Rinko’s situation is much dire (I still question her ability to purchase highly fashionable winter wear). It there’s one thing they don’t compromise in this drama, it’s the fashion but Kaori’s stylist should do better. At times, it’s as if Nana Eikura’s draped in a piece of loose cloth with no cutting whatsoever.


In the midst of her depression, Rinko finds comfort in a newfound friend! Mokomichi Hayami has joined the cast as a bar owner, Yuichi Okuda. That head to two evaluation is really hilarious.



Sometimes I’m wondering why the hell am I still watching this show. It’s so full of moronic fantasies high school students would have and not a 30 year old. But why…why do I still laugh whenever I see Rinko doing reactions like these?


and this


Alright, serious talk. It’s not all rosy for Rinko. Troubled by the interminable stroke of bad luck with her job and dull love life, he comforts her. We see a difference between him and how KEY reacts to Rinko’s depression. KEY decides to not approach her while Yuichi takes the initiative to bring her for a meal and unwind.


I’m sure KEY is worried but when Rinko first got the bad news, it’s probably more appropriate to leave her alone. Then again, there’s a love-hate relationship between these two so this may explain KEY’s reaction.


Of course he’s worried and being considerate



See, this is what you need to stop doing, Rinko! Just because a guy says he’s single and jokes with “Wanna marry me?” it doesn’t mean anything! And how long do you even know Yuichi? You’ve only met him several days ago! Yuichi sure has the gallantry any women would want but he’s still basically a stranger!

I can’t with these girls at times sigh


How many times are they going to do this?


Also there’s no brake in this show.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

Let’s see how long this will last lmao


KEY is like Rinko’s stern guardian angel. He’s constantly reminding her of what reality is and Rinko is not facing it. I think she’s always looking for a way to escape real world with love fantasies.

Well obviously they’re gonna end up together anyway we just have to wait till the end for it.


We got a glimpse of KEY’s past with his supposed deceased wife. Apparently, she’s actually his teacher and dying. They’re not in any relationship but because she was telling how her dream was to be a bride, KEY granted her wish.


As for the Koyuki ughhhh

Just because he apologizes for hiding the fact that he has a kid with a heavily pregnant wife, you forgave him and kissed him?! Even if he’s not in good terms with the wife, the second child is underway!!!


I really thought Koyuki’s the smartest among them all. But yeah…doesn’t look like it anymore. This is just about the dumbest thing ever!


Kaori used to be my least favorable character but at least she’s gaining more control over the situation with Ryo, refraining herself from entertaining him.


These girls make some of the worst decisions ever in their love life. I’m not dropping it yet but this episode nearly pushed me over the edge. Episode 4 was looking great and then to see both Rinko and Koyuki fall into the abyss is infuriating.



8 thoughts on “Tokyo Tarareba Musume ep4-5 [review]

  1. Hi,

    I really, really, really enjoy reading your review. It’s so spot on! Funny and entertaining and your winning captions? They’re awesome!!!

    This show has its flaws but it has its charms too. Surprisingly, I would wait every week to know how the characters will progress and whether Rinko will end up with Key.

    I hope you won’t drop the series cos reading your review is like cherry on top of Key’s “flawlessly shiny, perfectly styled” hair which “stays in place all the time.”

    P.S. I admit, I’m watching this show to see Rinko & Key’ ship sail to i-do-land…

    • Hi Ami, thank you for reading my blog and glad you’re enjoying it. I’m probably carried away when I was writing this and let my emotion got the better of me lol but if it’s fun to read then why not? XD

      I’m rooting for Rinko-KEY too from first episode, they’re basically the OTP and it’s pretty obvious they’re meant for each other, just waiting for them to sail like you. I’ll continue for now, I suppose I’m curious how the characters learn their lesson and grow by the end of the show.

      pondloso, yes I think I have this inexplicable love-hate relationnship with the show. Sometimes, it makes me wanna grab the girls and shake them hard, make them come to their senses and other times, certain parts are my guilty pleasure ^^;; Well rom-com seems to work to bring in the ratings for the station at this time slot so I understand why they’re continuing the trend.

  2. i’m can feel you they last drama in this time slot got great ratting with love work comedy
    so they push another love comedy but throw work out
    and it just pain to watch same old meme every ep really love the cast but overall it boring
    i keep watching because… i have a free time they still get good rating seem like
    around 30 woman (fantasy) love comedy a trend right now.

  3. I needed this right now (after finishing episode five) so I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog! I’ve read your reviews, and you’ve been pretty on point so far.

    I think I’m just staying for the cast tbh, since this has been sort of a train wreck for me. It does get cringe-worthy and the whole stereotype that you’re somewhat abnormal if you’re still single at thirty is kind of frustrating, but alas, I am biased towards yuriko and kentaro, so. *hangs head*

    Anyway, looking forward to your recaps for the rest of the show.

  4. The first manga volume was free on Amazon Japan so I downloaded it and I have to say, the story is not that great. The characters are unlikable and whiny, the women are so childish and unreasonable. Also, you’re right, there are so many cliches, it’s unbelievable.
    I cannot be bothered to watch the drama but I still enjoy your posts about it, lol.

  5. I don’t know f it’s me but I feel like in most romcoms, the lead female character often has a kawaii thing about her… no matter her age. Like, in this drama, 30 years old women are not firm nor strong enough… it feels like after a certain age (30) women in dramas get desperate and lack self-confidence. Don’t get me wrong, I can relate to them to an extent (I’ll turn 30 this year), feeling lost or like we’ve missed our last chance. But besides these moments, such women should be able not to take crappy remarks from any man, especially a stranger. I also think it’s a bit sad that their lives only revolves around their job and (non-existent) love lives. No hobby, no future plans, no other achievements… because when your job or romantic relationship is no longer secure, then you feel devastated and life becomes meaningless.

  6. Hi Ritsu, I don’t know why you’re not updating for almost a year (AND I REALLY WONDER WHY, JUST SO YOU KNOW???) but I really love reading your posts about J-dramas. Usually I read the one I’m watching or watched quite some time ago because I need some kind of friend to share my feelings about the show. Lol.

    I kinda like Tokyo Tarareba Musume, though. Sure the girls at times get too painful/annoying to watch but somehow I can totally understand their worries, or why they did what they did. And I’m only 23… but well. Anyway, this drama is quite on the good side.

    HAVE YOU???? It’s awesome. It’s kinda different with the drama and I’m always emotionally spent after reading a volume.

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