Confidence Man JP [First Impression]

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I had time to check out new dramas and also to catch up on last season’s shows, Confidence Man JP happened to be one of those that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I watched without checking out the synopsis and thoroughly enjoyed the premier.

Before going further, this is a show filled with twists (granted I didn’t read the synopsis so I didn’t know what to expect). No, it’s not in the form of thriller or suspense, but the kind of twists that are always lurking around the corner to catch you off guard. I have to admit it’s quite clever, I didn’t see the reveal at the end of the pilot until they showed it. In fact, even in the opening sequence, the part where the three cast were walking on the street, Dako (Nagasawa Masami) blatantly welcomed us to a world where you don’t know what’s true or fake and they seem to stay by that rule.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.14.47_[2018.04.15_15.33.38]

Comedy is also surprisingly on point that I really laughed out loud quite a lot of times. Basically, there’s really only one thing you need to know – all 3 characters are cons. They make a living by tricking people. Not just anybody. They pick bad people like yakuza bosses who are filthy rich with dirty money. They’re professional to the point that they can hire a whole team of maybe 20-30 people to act as cops or fake passengers, anything to make the whole situation as surreal as possible with only one aim – to fool their target who unfortunately not only includes the bad guys but also us viewers.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.08.05_[2018.04.13_22.55.46]

You can say they go to great lengths to trick us and I got fooled hmm…twice? It’s also a show filled with exaggeration which I feel is necessary in this sense for comical purpose. The overly dramatic end with the villain for this first case was bit meh but overall, I still enjoyed this pilot. I think it’s a great start.

The Cast

Masami Nagasawa… when was the last time she was lead for a drama? I can’t recall (too lazy to check out anyway) but over the years, she seems to have been more focused on movies instead of doing serial dramas. I’ve probably mentioned this more than once in my blog. When she first came out, I thought she was just a pretty face with average acting skill. But the moment she ventured into movies, she has improved so much. For example, her character in Moteki was probably the first project I genuinely thought she has it in her. From then on, she continues to accept not-so-typical roles she used to do, which I think really did her good. She broke out of her shell and quit accepting stereotypical female roles and that’s the kind of result we see today.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.17.13_[2018.04.13_23.08.16]

She nails the character and completely immersed in the role I think she has a lot of fun doing it. Well, I think the entire cast/team are enjoying the hell out of it. It’s like a huge project where you get to be anyone (cons get to act as anybody and assume multiple identities) and fool people.

Dako is an expert when it comes to con business. You can say she’s a genius who can assume any identity and mostly get away with it except for one thing – she has no talent in being a honey trap. This was revealed by Bokuchan (Masahiro Higashide) who’s like a junior in the trio, taken under Richard’s wings. Richard (Fumiyo Kohinata) is also another con man who works with Dako.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.27.59_[2018.04.13_23.20.21]

Damn I got fooled by this scene but then again, so was Bokuchan.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.26.37_[2018.04.13_23.18.50]

It’s a show you don’t take seriously but just have fun with. It’s good to release any stress with this.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.37.28_[2018.04.13_23.35.53]

Dako’s character is amusing. We don’t know much about her yet. Not her past. She lives in a suite in a luxury hotel with a foreign waiter who comes and goes with food, sometimes, she can be childish, uncontrollable, acts out of whim and mostly, we don’t know which face is true, which is fake.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.37.30_[2018.04.13_23.36.10]

She doesn’t seem to fear for her life, I’m not even sure if she’s more amused than scared. Unlike Bokuchan who’s more inexperienced, it shows immediately whether he’s truly scared or just acting for the plan.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.37.40_[2018.04.14_00.15.15]

Masahiro… I never really paid much attention to him as an actor. But he’s good here. For some reason, Bokuchan fits him well and he’s convincing. He’s mostly here for comedic purpose but they’re on point most of the time so that’s all that matters lol

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.41.27_[2018.04.13_23.40.18]

Of course, Richard… oh how you fooled me! I’m going to refrain from spoiling it.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.56.33_[2018.04.13_23.55.45]

Remember how I said I like Eguchi in BG in my previous post? Well, I can’t say I do here but considering it’s a villain role, he played the part. The ending scene though was kinda over the top. I can however look past that, because I realized it didn’t matter because I had a great time watching the pilot.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.35.10_[2018.04.13_23.32.55]

First Impression

Looking for a comedy to laugh your ass off this season? This is it. I don’t have much hope for Getsu9 shows recently but this is a good change of pace. I’m not sure how they’re going to keep fooling us in the coming episodes – because obviously we’ll be on guard and question every single scene. I guess that’s the fun of it, to keep guessing.

Of course, there are plenty of moments where you can point out the plot holes or scenes you just have to suspend disbelief due to the nature of the show. My advice – look past that. Otherwise, you’ll probably not be able to enjoy it for what it is.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.43.10_[2018.04.13_23.42.10]

Onto next episode!


2 thoughts on “Confidence Man JP [First Impression]

  1. I think you meant Fumiyo Kohinata, not Fumiyo Kubinata. He has been in countless dramas and movies, of course, and is always good.
    I have never liked Nagasawa Masami very much, but will take your word that she has improved. I hope this gets subbed, it sounds entertaining.

    • Lol thanks for the correction, I gotta remind myself not to mess up artists’ names! Yeah, he’s a veteran so there’s nothing to complain about that. I do think she has improved over the years, surprisingly. I hope it gets subbed too and the subsequent episodes to be equally amusing.

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