Unnatural [review]

Unnatural is a pretty good drama to binge-watch. It’s filled with likeable characters, none of whom really pisses me off, not even the sly wicked reporter. I’m not sure if there’s Season 2 in the plan, but I’d definitely look forward to it.

 Unnatural EP08 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_12.21_[2018.04.18_21.07.25]

I will try to avoid any major spoilers.


The story’s setting is mostly based in a department called UDI (Unnatural Death Investigation). Here, the lead character, Misumi is played by Ishihara Satomi, a young pathologist who has done 1500 autopsies so far. She’s assisted by a lab technician, Shoji (Ichikawa Mikako) and an intern, Kube (Kubota Masataka). Another team is led by Nakado Kei (Arata) who’s a hot-headed pathologist, swears every chance he has for the most trivial things and drives his lab technician mad and depressed to the point of quitting. The UDI team is headed by Kamikura.

Unnatural EP10 END 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_49.43_[2018.04.18_20.52.59]

Their job is basically to investigate any unnatural deaths, either by order of the government or private requests. I wish they let us know the price, but it wasn’t revealed (just curious on my part). Misumi has a tragic history but I shall not spoil it here. Watch it to find out.

Unnatural EP10 END 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_47.23_[2018.04.18_20.52.26]

She’s not the only one with a tragic past. Turns out Nakado also has something he kept secret. As for Kube, well I think this is not very spoiler-ish so I think it’s alright to say he’s also not exactly 100% honest about his other side job. But I think he never meant anything bad from that.

Unnatural EP02 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_39.30_[2018.04.18_21.01.20]

As for the plot, it’s quite straightforward, episodic format with one case each, slowly putting in some backstory for the characters, especially Misumi and Nakado. I personally thought the way they lured us into Nakado’s past and case, is quite well done. Like I mentioned, I literally binge-watched this and Nakado’s case really made me continue watching. Nakado himself is amusing and he may seem annoying initially, in the end, I just sincerely want him to find happiness in this world again. I’m quite surprised they didn’t linger too long on Misumi’s past, in hindsight, I think it’s for the best. There’s really nothing much to say and the parts they showed were adequate.

Unnatural EP10 END 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_51.31_[2018.04.18_20.53.20]

Which character is my favourite? This is easy. Shoji, hands down. Yeah, she’s just the lab technician, doesn’t get as much screen time (which is a waste tbh) but Shoji is such a wonderful character. She’s smart, quirky, almost typical-like woman who’s desperate to find a boyfriend but never loses her pride. I thought her case is one of the funniest. Secondly, Nakado. I liked his constantly pissed character as if the world and everybody owes him. Arata nailed it. Misumi and Kube are good too, well, there’s really none that I didn’t enjoy.

Unnatural EP02 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_44.09_[2018.04.18_21.01.49]

As for pairing, they didn’t push it unfortunately lol. I think we’re all hoping for Misumi and Kube to pair up, especially when Kube’s actually interested in her and even admitted that her boobs are huge lmao. Misumi however is too dense to think of Kube as anyone else other than a little brother. If there’s a season 2, I hope they get a chance to go on a date at least, a real date, not some onsen visit for the sake of investigation.


Unnatural EP09 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_17.58_[2018.04.18_20.51.54]

I just wanna add this because that’s just so cute!

Overall Impression

Very watchable. If you’re into mystery/investigation/medical genre, you’ll most likely enjoy this. If you’re thinking of trying, I’d recommend giving it a shot too. The comedy is nicely balanced with heavier scenes. I think the cast did a great job and I’d want to see all of them return for second season if there is one.


4 thoughts on “Unnatural [review]

  1. Poor Isihara Satomi, always dissecting bodies… I mean, she did it in Voice, almost 10 years ago, and then in Bull Doctor in 2011, and here again! But she has been one of my favorites since she played Shizuka Gozen in the taiga drama Yoshitsune. [one of the very best NHK productions, have you seen it?].
    For some reason I forgot about this. I am going to download it right sway. And maybe binge watch it! [lol]
    Thanks for your review!

    • Unnatural feels like a kind-of “sequel” to voice (but with Ishihara Satomi as protagonist instead of Eita) and I have no problem about it at all lmao.

      Surprisingly, I never really like Ishihara Satomi’s drama when it leans towards the romance genre, so I’m really happy every time she gets a role in any other genre.

  2. I actually don’t mind the lack of romance. Kube feels and looks like a little brother to Misumi, and if she’s going to have a relationship that ends happily, I think the drama hints that she needs to be open about her past, which she hasn’t been able to to anyone.

    Regarding the fee, they did mention it in the boyfriend’s episode. It is 350,000 yen 🙂

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