Confidence Man JP [First Impression]

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I had time to check out new dramas and also to catch up on last season’s shows, Confidence Man JP happened to be one of those that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I watched without checking out the synopsis and thoroughly enjoyed the premier.

Before going further, this is a show filled with twists (granted I didn’t read the synopsis so I didn’t know what to expect). No, it’s not in the form of thriller or suspense, but the kind of twists that are always lurking around the corner to catch you off guard. I have to admit it’s quite clever, I didn’t see the reveal at the end of the pilot until they showed it. In fact, even in the opening sequence, the part where the three cast were walking on the street, Dako (Nagasawa Masami) blatantly welcomed us to a world where you don’t know what’s true or fake and they seem to stay by that rule.

Confidence Man JP EP01 720p x265 AOZ.mp4_snapshot_00.14.47_[2018.04.15_15.33.38]

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