Quartet ep4-5 [review]

You can get subtitles here.


Do not read unless you’ve watched the episode or you don’t mind being spoiled.

When you gather a motley crew of musicians each with their own agenda and a potential mystery as the backdrop, you get Quartet. I’d be first to admit that it’s not for everybody. It is dialogue heavy and may seem to beat around the bush for a while but there’s always a hidden, profound meaning in the rigmarole that packs a punch when you realize what they’re trying to convey. It is character driven sprinkled with clever humor and subtle performances at its best. Of course, it’s largely thanks to the brilliant Sakamoto Yuji and the wonderful cast for bringing this script to life.


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Quartet ep3 [review]

You can get subtitles here.

I’m compelled to dedicate a post just to discuss this episode because Mitsushima Hikari is a force to be reckoned with and one of the best actresses out there. If by any rare chance you don’t know her, then you’re missing a lot and probably have no idea of the standard she has set in Japan. I suggest watching Love Exposure and all of her collaboration with Sakamoto Yuji – Soredemo, Ikite Yuku, Woman, Wakamonotachi (my bad, this wasn’t by him ^^;;) and the currently airing Quartet. She has many works under her belt which I can’t possibly mention here but do check them out. Personally, I believe Sakamoto Yuji always brings the best out of her and she shines without fail in his works. I’m secretly wishing for a reunion with Eita.


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First Impressions – Winter 2017 Dramas

HAPPY belated NEW YEAR!!!

I didn’t whip up a Best of 2016 partly because I’m lazy (if you’ve read my Best of 2015, you’d know how much time I spent on that lmao) and also cos I don’t think I’ve watched enough to really judge or be thorough. So I’ll leave that behind and since it’s New Year, it means Winter 2017 drama season has started. There are still a few not aired yet, so I’ll just keep this brief for what I’ve watched so far.

Not in particular ranking/order:

(WOWOW – Nakama Yukie, Kobayashi Kaoru, Kaho)

One of the earliest dramas to air this season and also one of the best so far. I’ve only watched 1st episode to be honest but I’m sold by the end of the pilot. I thought the buildup is a bit slow but just stay with it because the end will definitely make you drop your jaw (or at least I did for a bit). I wouldn’t expect any less from WOWOW anyway and this already looks like a MUST WATCH of the season.


First impression: Grim, grim, grim. It’s bleak and dark with a tinge of supernatural. It also has a strong cast and I especially like seeing Nakama Yukie, Kobayashi Kaoru and Kaho. Even the brief scene with Ito Sairi is great. Good news is it’s already being subbed. Give it a shot if you like mystery suspense!

Grab the subtitle here and thanks to natka!

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