Tokyo Tarareba Musume ep4-5 [review]

You can get subtitles here.

Confession: It’s a miracle I haven’t dropped this show yet. To be honest, I thought for sure by episode 4 the girls are going to piss me off with their constant lamentations about horrible love lives but guess what, here I am, still hanging on ^^;; Barely after ep5 though.

Let’s talk about episode 4 first.


I quite liked ep4 because the girls aren’t going kyaa!!! as often as say, the pilot. This is probably the most subdued episode so far, with more contemplation and coming to senses. I see considerable character development for Rinko and her two friends as well. In fact, surprisingly, Rinko’s the one leading the pack. Bearing KEY’s lecture like a cross on her back from the end of ep3, Rinko does some very serious thinking and begins to reassess her girls’ night/talk and ‘what ifs’.

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Tokyo Tarareba Musume ep2-3 [review]

You can get subtitles here.

Tarareba follows the usual premise of romance drama. In this show, the girls are desperate when they reach 30 to get hooked or married and have children. Understandable and maybe even relatable to some girls out there (if not, many). Personally, I can’t really relate to their desperation or woes. Maybe because love has never been my top priority lol. But I enjoy the comedy even though their wild fantasies are silly and over the top. The execution is surprisingly quite good.


I don’t usually watch romance drama because of the usual cringe-worthy tropes. And yes, this drama is filled with them. You have girls fantasizing about guys and lament about being single or how both career and love are not working for them. They whine endlessly and get drunk. They start a new day, meets someone, they get excited and let their imaginations run too wild only to be disappointed, they lament again and get drunk. Wash, rinse, repeat. However, oddly enough, I haven’t been turned off to the point of dropping this. Must be the humor. The way they execute it doesn’t feel shoehorned or forced. Even the cheesy special effects still make me smile. Anyway, I’m using that ‘3-episode rule’ for this and I’ve decided to continue (for now).

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First Impressions – Winter 2017 Dramas

HAPPY belated NEW YEAR!!!

I didn’t whip up a Best of 2016 partly because I’m lazy (if you’ve read my Best of 2015, you’d know how much time I spent on that lmao) and also cos I don’t think I’ve watched enough to really judge or be thorough. So I’ll leave that behind and since it’s New Year, it means Winter 2017 drama season has started. There are still a few not aired yet, so I’ll just keep this brief for what I’ve watched so far.

Not in particular ranking/order:

(WOWOW – Nakama Yukie, Kobayashi Kaoru, Kaho)

One of the earliest dramas to air this season and also one of the best so far. I’ve only watched 1st episode to be honest but I’m sold by the end of the pilot. I thought the buildup is a bit slow but just stay with it because the end will definitely make you drop your jaw (or at least I did for a bit). I wouldn’t expect any less from WOWOW anyway and this already looks like a MUST WATCH of the season.


First impression: Grim, grim, grim. It’s bleak and dark with a tinge of supernatural. It also has a strong cast and I especially like seeing Nakama Yukie, Kobayashi Kaoru and Kaho. Even the brief scene with Ito Sairi is great. Good news is it’s already being subbed. Give it a shot if you like mystery suspense!

Grab the subtitle here and thanks to natka!

More first impressions after the break!

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