I’ll list all the dramas that I’ve subbed here.


I’ve watched Jdramas for the last 9 years or so. In the beginning, I relied heavily on english subtitles made by kind and dedicated subbers (so whoever they are, THANK YOU!) Without their subs, I would not have been able to enjoy the dramas as much and fallen in love with the culture. At the time, I didn’t realize how tough timing, translation and subbing are or how much time is needed, well…now I do ^^;;

During the past few years, I’ve finally begun watching Jdramas without subs (only when I’m really desperate and no subs are available for shows that I like). I took some lessons when I was in university but never really pursued it until about 2 years ago when I started learning for JLPT. My Japanese proficiency is obviously not perfect and to be honest, it’s currently at intermediate stage so I’m still learning. My listening has always been better than writing or reading due the fact that I’ve watched Jdramas for so long, you tend to pick up words or phrases.

The trigger that pushed me to start subbing is because of Ishi no Mayu which aired in August 2015 starring Kimura Fumino, one of my favorite actresses. Finding the show interesting and right up my alley, I decided to give it a shot. From there on, I pick shows that I find intriguing and affect me in some way or other (this is true for Kounodori and Kiseki no Hito which I never planned on subbing until I watched the first 2 episodes).

Thanks to jdramacity, doramax265, for providing the RAWS; jpsubbers for providing the Japanese captions.
Also not forgetting all the parties involved, directly or indirectly and for all the support.

So here they are and D-Addicts links are provided.

  1. Ishi no Mayu (Summer WOWOW 2015)
  2. Siren (Fall Fuji TV/KTV 2015)
  3. Kounodori (Fall TBS 2015)
  4. Boku no Yabai Tsuma (Spring Fuji TV/ KTV 2016)
  5. Kiseki no Hito (Spring NHK BS Premium 2016)
  6. Boukyou SP (Summer Tokyo TV 2016)
  7. Suishou no Kodou (Fall WOWOW 2016)
  8. A LIFE (Winter TBS 2017)

Future works will be added accordingly.




12 thoughts on “Fansubbing

    • Hi Miyuki,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. However, I’m sorry because I don’t take requests for fansubbing. I usually sub dramas that interest me. Tenshi no Knife being a wowow drama means it doesn’t have japanese caption too, which makes it even harder to sub (the station only began providing japanese captions in fall this year so older dramas are not included).

  1. Hi! I hope you sub Konoudori S. 2 too! I loved, loved S1, and it was all thanks to your subs that I was able to enjoy it (and recommend it to others). Please sub it (and review it, haha, it’s been a long time since you review anything. It is thanks to your review of Mother Game that I’ve watched it).

    • Hi! Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad my reviews actually encouraged people to watch shows that I loved, that’s really the main reason why I write reviews and go into fansubbing.

      I’m beyond delighted when they announced Kounodori S2 and look forward to subbing it. However, I can’t confirm anything at the moment because work is taking a lot of my time the past few months. But I’ll put it in my KIV list and see how it goes when the time comes. So stay tuned!

  2. Please could you share with me Boukyou raw file? I have downloaded your sub but the link for the raw has died. I would be very grateful if you could help with downloading the raw file. Thank you in advance!

  3. hello just found your site after looking around on d addicts about series A LIfe

    I did find torrents on nyaa but no one is seeding are you able to upload copy or seed if you have the files. I will be very great fall for any help

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