Innocent Days ep3 [review]

You may get subtitles here.

Episode 3 gave us insight into her more recent years. Shinichi talked to Keisuke’s friend, Satoshi. We then go back to the days of how Yukino became involved with Keisuke and the reason she was so attached to him.

Innocent Days ep03 (848x480 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_16.31_[2018.04.12_23.41.00]

Keisuke first introduced her to Satoshi at Yukino’s bar.

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hello Jdrama fans!

I decided to open a new blog for Jdrama reviews. My previous blog can be found here:

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I was on a hiatus since last year because my studies left me with not enough time to focus on reviewing dramas/anime. I wasn’t as active in watching them too for the past 2 seasons. However, I still want to express opinions for some that I enjoy watching. My personal blog may not be suitable for this, hence, a new blog. A fresh start!

It’s the start of Spring 2014 drama season so …

I will be reviewing these for now:

Alice no Toge



These three caught my attention from previews so I’ll focus on them. I might add a few more soon…but that also depends on how much time I have.

Well, I hope whoever happens to visit this site will enjoy the reviews.