Ouroboros ep 10 finale [review]

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.01_[2015.03.21_18.38.28]

Based on Twitter reactions last night, I have decided to brave myself to whatever this drama will offer me in the end. I knew it won’t be blissful but there was a tiny hope inside of me for a miracle. Well, let’s just get on with the finale.

Ikuo was at the stadium and Kitagawa revealed that he was his real father. Of course, Ikuo was shocked beyond words and ended up having a headache and recalled everything. He was too shaken to kill Kitagawa.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.12_[2015.03.21_18.38.57] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.09_[2015.03.21_18.38.43]

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang gathered to watch Yuiko’s tape recording. Remember Danno left it for Mishima and Chouno in the previous episode? Yuiko told everything she knew about Mahoroba and left messages to the kids, namely Sousuke and Ikuo. For Ikuo, she said he might be the most affected once he found out the truth about Mahoroba. But she was sure he would be fine. She hoped he would make another new family and have someone to make him his favorite omelette rice. We know Mizuki already made him so at least that’s one wish came true.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_05.33_[2015.03.21_18.42.39]

Danno was actually also at the stadium and planned to kill Kitagawa but Ikuo being there messed it up. Danno decided to let it go for now after he saw how shaken up Ikuo was. After that, Ikuo contacted Mizuki and they returned to his apartment.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_08.45_[2015.03.21_18.46.54] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_09.38_[2015.03.21_18.47.19]

Ikuo told her he remembered everything about Kitagawa. They played catch before he sent him to Mahoroba. Kitagawa also told him to keep this a secret (about him being his father) and that he would come fetch him someday. Obviously, he never did.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_10.22_[2015.03.21_18.48.13] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_11.02_[2015.03.21_18.49.02]

Ikuo also said his memory loss before wasn’t because he couldn’t recall, it was because he didn’t want to. To which Mizuki replied, it’s normal for people to not remember things like that.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_11.41_[2015.03.21_18.49.47]

 She then said she’ll always be by his side. She won’t disappear from his sight. Damn it, why can’t they just leave everything and go to some place nobody knows them and start over! I realized most of my OTP never ended up together, that hurts.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.14_[2015.03.21_18.50.24]

This is probably the only most intimate moment between these two for you guys out there who are shipping these two.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_13.34_[2015.03.21_18.51.59]

Later, Mizuki met Danno who asked how was Ikuo. As Danno expected, Ikuo was confused and it took him hard. Danno said he still has plans to continue. Mizuki told him she wouldn’t stop him and for Ikuo, she’ll protect him. Danno thanked her for that.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_14.30_[2015.03.21_18.53.06] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_14.52_[2015.03.21_18.53.32]

 Next day, Tachibana and Mizuki went through Kitagawa’s profile and past. Apparently, he was the sole survivor when he came home one day to find his whole family killed. When he grew up, somehow he ended up with the killer’s daughter, and that was how Ikuo happened. Tachibana said it was like God’s trick upon Kitagawa. When he separated with Ikuo’s mother, Ikuo took his mother’s family name, hence he had different surname. One day, Ikuo’s mother asked Kitagawa to look after Ikuo so that was how Ikuo ended up in Mahoroba. Kitagawa has gotten married again and built a new family.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_16.05_[2015.03.21_18.54.50] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_16.30_[2015.03.21_18.55.20]

Chouno went to find Kitagawa in fear of Danno targeting him. True enough, Danno was there and held his family hostage.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_17.57_[2015.03.21_18.57.25] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_18.34_[2015.03.21_18.58.09]

But he didn’t expect Ikuo to show up either. Ikuo told him after 20 years of chasing after the truth, there’s no way he would leave it just like that (meaning, he will be on Danno’s side till the end).

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_18.44_[2015.03.21_18.58.23]Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_18.49_[2015.03.21_18.58.31]

 Danno tied up Chouno, Kitagawa’s family upstairs. There was a lot of talking here. Basically Kitagawa told them the reason why he created Mahoroba. I just felt like whatever his reasons were, it was still a wrong decision to sacrifice innocent lives. He was just whitewashing his actions. I don’t really see how he was even repenting his wrongdoings, he didn’t seem to regret a bit.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_20.52_[2015.03.21_19.00.42] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_20.54_[2015.03.21_19.00.53]

He then narrated what went down 20 years ago. He found out that Yuiko and Hibino was working behind him to save the kids. So he was there that night to order Yuiko to stop working at Mahoroba. The kids will then be sent to another place, in another person’s hands. Yuiko resented that decision and took out her gun to stop Kitagawa. That was also when Ikuo saw her and followed her outside.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_23.31_[2015.03.21_19.04.13] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_24.45_[2015.03.21_19.10.53]

Kitagawa saw Ikuo and ordered Yuiko to kill Ikuo as farewell. What the hell? He’s such a scum I have no feelings for Kitagawa at this point. How could he ask someone to kill his own son? Yeah, I know the son was an accident, something he didn’t want to happen, what’s more, the mother was his family’s killer’s daughter. Ikuo probably brought unhappy memories to him, still…what the hell?

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.18_[2015.03.21_19.12.26] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.25_[2015.03.21_19.12.39]

 Yuiko then pointed her gun towards Ikuo and we’ve seen this scene, nothing new. But she turned around after that to shoot Kitagawa but she was too late. Kitagawa knew she would aim it at him and shot her first. Already injured, Yuiko managed to pull the trigger and shot one of the Public Safety guy.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_26.33_[2015.03.21_19.14.11] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_27.13_[2015.03.21_19.14.56]

 Mizuki went to find Ikuo only to find his apartment empty. He wrote her a note ‘Goodbye’. She rushed to Danno’s office and Fukamachi told her Danno was nowhere to be found too. She knew both of them were targeting Kitagawa.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.25_[2015.03.21_19.16.31] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.30_[2015.03.21_19.16.21]

Back at the police station, Tachibana and Mishima tried to ask their superiors to send people to Kitagawa’s place. But the bosses were reluctant to take action. (The whole Mahoroba case would only bring shame on the force and they probably wanted Kitagawa to be sacrificed and get it over with.) That pissed Mishima and he was going to punch the superior but Tachibana shoved him.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.31_[2015.03.21_19.16.50]Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.33_[2015.03.21_19.16.56]

She punched the superior instead haha That was great.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.36_[2015.03.21_19.17.04] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_32.52_[2015.03.21_19.21.25]

At Kitagawa’s house, Danno wanted to kill Kitagawa but Ikuo stopped him. He said it would only be appropriate for him to be finish him off.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_33.22_[2015.03.21_19.22.07]

However, Kitagawa’s son managed to free himself and found a hidden gun in their house. He aimed at Ikuo telling him to stop. Danno tried to persuade him to drop the gun but instead got himself shot.

Ikuo was pissed and fired at the son, Kitagawa blocked and his shoulder was shot.

I’m just gonna rant about the son here.


For someone who just appeared out of nowhere, he sure knows how to make me boil up with anger. Aside from Kitagawa, I hate this baka son as well. Yes, hate is a strong word, I just need to let it out somewhere.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_33.48_[2015.03.21_19.23.21]

 Ikuo wanted to fire again but Danno stopped him, telling him it’s enough.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_33.55_[2015.03.21_19.22.59] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_34.03_[2015.03.21_19.23.45]

Running out of time, Danno began to move away. This scene was touching. Oguri Shun really did an amazing job portraying Danno Tatsuya. He reminded me of his role in BORDER, that final episode.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_35.07_[2015.03.21_19.26.45] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_35.28_[2015.03.21_19.27.15]


Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_36.26_[2015.03.21_19.28.24]

When they went out, Mizuki and Fukamachi were there. They tried to stop them but Danno told Fukamachi not to and thanked him for everything. I never really mentioned Fukamachi much but he deserves some praise, since this is the end, I’ll do it. He’s such a loyal assistant, did everything for Danno without reasoning why, he’s great. He rocks!

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_37.48_[2015.03.21_19.30.19] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_37.50_[2015.03.21_19.30.25]

Mizuki then chased after Ikuo and stopped him.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_37.51_[2015.03.21_19.30.31] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_38.07_[2015.03.21_19.30.53]

 I’m sorry, Hibino-san. I’m glad to have met you. – Ikuo

Damn it Ikuo! That’s not how you say farewell with someone you cared so much ughhh

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_38.09_[2015.03.21_19.30.58] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_38.11_[2015.03.21_19.31.05]

They drove back to Mahoroba, the only place they can call home. On the way, Danno told Ikuo he watched Yuiko’s video. Yuiko was beautiful, as always. Yuiko said Danno is someone with bad mouth, doesn’t care about others etc but that part of him is actually the gentlest side. She understood that. She reminded him of her younger self too.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_38.31_[2015.03.21_19.31.32]

 Watching Danno cry is such a rare thing in this show that whenever he shed a tear for Yuiko, I was just so touched. His attachment to Yuiko was so deep that it hurts.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_39.53_[2015.03.21_19.32.58]

 By the time they reached Mahoroba, Danno was dead already. Ikuo carried him inside and sat down beside him. He then picked up his own gun and most probably committed suicide (thought it wasn’t shown).

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_42.01_[2015.03.21_19.35.10]

When he closed his eyes, we saw this imagination of where Yuiko greeted them ‘Okaeri’ and they said ‘Tadaima.’

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_42.10_[2015.03.21_19.35.22] Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_42.58_[2015.03.21_19.36.17]

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_43.15_[2015.03.21_19.36.38]

This is SO SAD~~~

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_43.31_[2015.03.21_19.36.58]

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_43.42_[2015.03.21_19.37.13]

Even sadder when the rest arrived the next morning to find them.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.25_[2015.03.21_19.38.04]

You know, the dead have it much easier. It’s the living that needs to figure out how to move on while carrying the heavy memories of the dead with them.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.29_[2015.03.21_21.08.54]

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.49_[2015.03.21_21.09.41]

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.43_[2015.03.21_21.10.04]

I love the way they shot this scene. They put the background music but silenced the real scenes. So not being able to hear Mizuki’s cries made it even sadder. I feel sorry for her. I really do.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.36_[2015.03.21_21.14.14]

This Fukamachi scene too as he ate Danno’s favorite omelette rice.

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.42_[2015.03.21_19.39.35]

In the end, Mizuki was seen wearing Ouroboros necklace, it was fitting. Afterall, that was probably the only thing closest to Ikuo she could keep as memento. (Somebody pointed out that this might be the reason why Ueno Juri was wearing V-neck shirts in this drama, I realized it was rare for her to wear V-necks too, so probably only to show the necklace lol)

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_46.47_[2015.03.21_19.41.25]

Some people might not like the ending since it’s not a happy one. I’m fine with it, I’ll just cry about it and feel depressed for a while. Then I’ll move on. Of course, Ikuo didn’t have to choose to die. He could very well stay alive and probably start a new life with Mizuki. However, in the flashbacks during the scene he was with Mizuki at the apartment, it was shown that he was the one who killed the policeman (first episode) and Danno’s rival gang leader. So he probably never thought of running away from his crime and decided to end his life from the start after their revenge. There was a glimpse of doubt after he met Mizuki of course but in the end, I think even if he did stay alive, he’ll be sent to prison (and maybe sentenced to death) so there’s not point, it won’t change much. I mean, I’m trying to think of alternatives for him to live but he probably would not be able to live with the guilt. Maybe this was for the best.

Well, overall, this is a dark intense drama and while the plot has holes, I still love this show. The cast did a great job, I think this was a pretty good adaptation from a manga. Thank you all for visiting this blog, spread the Ouroboros love ^^

Ouroboros EP10 END 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_46.13_[2015.03.21_19.40.08]


38 thoughts on “Ouroboros ep 10 finale [review]

  1. I cried my eyes out.. The feeling of loss and anger which she felt when Ikuo said his farewell and her crying over his death was so painful… I really wished for a lot of things…. But then it is over…. I really wish the cast can work again together in a happy-ending drama or a movie…. And I really wish Ikuo will meet his Mizuki then….

  2. Thanks for the reviews. They helped me to understand without the subs, that I couldn’t wait for.
    The end was something I was waiting for, since there was no “after” for them. I am still crying…
    It was a great drama to follow and to wait for week by week.

  3. i burst a tears only read your reviews..well of course i want a happy ending but right from the start we know it would be not..i just feel sad for mizuki..she has nobody..her mother..her father and her beloved ikuo..it was so close that they can be a lover..but mizuki is strong woman that can overcome her wound and sadness..aaarrghh..please pairing this trio in dorama again please..in a happy dorama ones..

  4. OMG what a final ep. I know we definitely not going to have happy ending but this is really tragic. None three of them deserved this. Everyone trying so hard to help Ikuo and Danno but seems it is too late. Too many damaged have been done. There is no way Ikuo and Danno can life happily after what happen. On the crying scene Ueno Juri really nailed it. I cried like an idiot during that scene. It is so heartbreaking. Standing ovation to all the cast. Such a great team of jdorama.

    • Yea, I agree that a happy ending would not be realistic considering all the crime both Danno and Ikuo had done. Ikuo had killed so his hands were stained, even if they lived, their lives would still be haunted. Even if Mizuki forgave Ikuo for the sins he did in the past, Ikuo would not be able to forgive himself. Both of them had lived 20 years of their lives with this sole purpose so the ending was not really a surprise. Still it was extremely sad. I cried too in the end.

  5. since its over..i dont know what show that i could waiting for..please give any review for the next season drama..im clueless..

    • I haven’t gone through the Spring list myself, but I’ll whip up a post about it soon. I’ll probably mention which will be on my must watch list. Hopefully Spring will give us good ones too ^^

  6. Thank you so muuuuch for the reviews. Waiting for the sub is such a pain kkk..I can’t handle my tears. But it ended really well and I love this show too 🙂

    • The manga is still ongoing so we’ll have to wait for the author. The screenwriter most probably created an ending they see fit for the characters. Manga version might not end the same ^^

  7. I really like the ending. I felt it was befitting. Their whole lives were dedicated in finding the killer of their beloved Yuiko.

    Kudos to the casts and staffs of Ouroboros for a fantastic drama. 🙂 I’m now sad that I don’t have anything to look forward to. 😦

    Thanks for the review. ^^

  8. tragic and sad..I used to watched a drama with ending like this..Secretly Greatly, with the main actor Kim Soo Hyun…..it was crazy to see some innocent people died for unreasonable things..they are good people,they have humanity more than other characters whom actually deserve dead..seems sometimes there is no justice in life..

  9. I have predicted those damn plot twists and anticipated the worst ending buuuuuuuut it is still different when the scenes confirmed itself. Like, although I knew, I cant help it but feeling heartbroken.

    Ot3 did very great job portraying their characters. I cant imagine other actors to play them. Touma, Shun, and Juri have reaaaallly nailed it.

    But again I am so saddened by the fact my ship sank down that I need someone to gimme hug… πoπ

  10. Thank you so much for your review, it’s helps me to understand more of ep 8-10. (Yesterday, i can’t find the eng sub in youtube. So, i watched without subtitle.. Only their acts made me crying so deep, such a great actors they are.)

    The story is good, screen writer also great, have many turns before end up. It’s my jackpot to selected Ouroboros after left J-drama for years.

  11. Thank u for the reviews. After Borders, i cant quite bring myself to watch the last episode of ouroboros if the ending is too sad. Have to admit, the script is excellent n the acting too. The 2 guys r just awesome

  12. hye and hello,

    This drama really interesting and awesome. The main point here it REVENGE. It remind me a lot of things. Firstly, the revenge, the complicated puzzle and connection between the characters and lastly, the ending of this drama and another drama by Ikuta Toma, which is Maou. I’m sorry for mentioning it but seriously and realisticly and logicly, I LOVE the ending this way. There is no way Ruuzaki and Danno can start a new life and move on after so much crime done for the revenge. For them to died at the end did the justice for them but not to the people left behind. For Mizuki also, she totally nailed it with her crying and getting matured through all the episode, from simple minded to a great woman with vision and understanding. I love this drama.
    For other character, their dedication in works as police officer really got me there. If i were one of them, I wonder how can I face the society where I the one who should protect them and be as honest as I can. Overall, this drama really give me anew impression about a whole new perception of the other side of the world where I never ever dream of it. Its kind of heave but this is only my bona fide impression.

  13. my first thought when I watch this drama, “ah, It will be great if Ikuo and Danna died together”
    Then my wish became true. They died. I cried. I know this gonna be happen, but some part of me just don’t want it ended like that because most of drama I’ve been watched ended in a happy way (either in realistic or unrealistic way).
    But after all, Ouboros is an enjoyable drama for me. I like the intensity, I like the story pace, I like the way they put jokes between intense part, and I also like how they ended this drama.

  14. Though this was a good show, i never even cried once (probably because i just finished watching 1 litre of tears!).
    I so wanted Ikuo and Mizuki to end up together as well; too bad it never happened.
    Though it did annoy me that there’s so many plot holes and undeveloped backgrounds. It would have been better as a 16-25 episode show (though that would probably cost a lot).
    Overall i would give it 7/10

    • Nothing can beat 1 litre of tears lol I cried like a baby too when I watched it many years ago and I don’t think I’ve cried that much for any other drama ever since xD

  15. I’m so glad that after taking a break from watching j-dramas Ouroboros was the one i returned to. I was reminiscing about Hana Kimi cuz that was one of my favorite dramas and after doing some research i was so excited to discover that the pair (Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun) had returned again, although it’s been a while since this drama ended so i’m a little late… but still i loved this drama so much! I was a little unclear on some things so this review really helped me understand the ending more, and also cry again… Also, for anyone who really loved this drama and wants to see more of Ikuta Toma, listen up, cuz you won’t have to wait long! He’s starring in a revenge thriller movie (kinda like how this one was…) and it’s being released on November 7 in Japan (so I guess us folks that don’t live in Japan will have to wait a little longer for this movie to come out with subs…). This is the plot:

    Movie contains the stories of three people: Suzuki, Kujira, and Semi .

    Suzuki (Toma Ikuta) is a former middle school teacher. His girlfriend was killed, which led him to quit his job and attempt to take revenge on her murderer. To do so, Suzuki has to infiltrate the underground world of criminals. Kujira (Tadanobu Asano) is a contract killer for hire. He makes his targets fall into confusion and eventually commit suicide. Semi (Ryosuke Yamada) is a contract killer who uses a knife to take out his targets.

  16. I watched this drama quite late…but reading your review kinda make me happy n depressed in the same time…thank you for the review…i enjoyed it and i totally feel you~

  17. when mizuki asked ikuo and tatsuya “what will you do”,none of them answer it. so I prepared myself for the worst ending. but,when I see the ending…IT’S GOOD AND SO TOUCHING. I CANT STOP CRYING T.T

  18. What a gem! I was a wreck after watching the final episode. Their brotherhood was just perfection! I don’t think I can hear the words “Okaeri” & “Tadaima” without being depressed now ='(. It’s that kind of show that sticks to your mind after watching. The actors were amazing! I’ve always been a fan of Ikuta Toma, Shun Oguri, & Ueno Juri, & they definitely showed everyone through this show why they are the best! Now, I think time to make another drama for these three with a happy ending eh? =D. I don’t care who Ueno Juri ends up with, as long as they all live at the end. Anyway, thank you for the wonderful episode reviews!

  19. I hated the ending. Not even because they died together–which shows them being happy in their afterlife, so there is a sort of closure. But because the damn bastard who was willing to let people cut up innocent children–including HIS OWN SON–for organ transplants didn’t get effing killed. He needed to die. And frankly, I’d have taken him to an organ transplant yakuza doc and had them remove his organs for sale. Let him die the way he let little kids die. Also, I think all the people involved should have been killed, one by one, by Tats-chan and Ikuo-kun. All the parents who bought organs should get shot, too. When they don’t give a damn where the organs come from, when they’re okay with kids dying–they should die.

    It’s the lack of justice or proper vengeance that left me unsatisfied. And that the boy would defend his piece of shit father after finding out what he did. You know, I adored my dad. I would have died for my dad. But if I found out my father was so vicious, so cold-hearted, that he could say to Tats and Ikuo what he did–that the kids were essentially trash and disposable and that his duty to have them be an organ bank was enough. I would hate my father. I would probably encourage them to shoot him, even. That would make him a monster. Not human anymore. I don’t care if he was willing to take a bullet for his son. He’s a monster who let 7 or more kids DIE for the sake of the rich and powerful. That is as evil as it gets. Mengele would be proud.

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